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Daily Bleed for March 8th

Remember now there were others before;
            The sepulchres are full at ford & bridgehead.
            There will be children with flowers there,
            & lambs & golden-eyed lions there,
            & people remembering in the future.

                               — Kenneth Rexroth,

"From the Paris Commune to the Kronstadt Rebellion"

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"Atomic artist" who fashioned modern sculpture out of atomic
waste from the Los Alamos junk pile.




1872 --  US: NY Times calls baseball players
"worthless, dissipated gladiators; not much above
the professional pugilist in morality & respectability."

     Some things just never change, do they?

1885 -- Argentina: Juan de Dios Filiberto tangos (1885-1964),
in Buenos Aires, in the barrio of La Boca, a known haven for
prostitutes & anarchists...

    One of the most important figures in the history of tango.

    Worked as stevedore in the dock & became an anarchist.
    In his early 20s, while working as a machinist at a theater he
    heard Beethoven's Ninth ... & never tuned back...

    Among those he collaborated with was Augusto Berto, &
    Luis Teisseire, another anarquista of similar background.


1895 --  Colombia: US marines begin fighting in
Boca del Toro (-Mar. 9). To protect US interests.

1906 -- Philippines: US occupation troops massacre an "unruly"
band of hill Moros, mowing the stubborn tribespeople down
with a combination of artillery fire & infantry assaults.

  All these Moros — men, women &
  children — are slaughtered, whereupon
  Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
  President Theodore Roosevelt,
  congratulates these brave Americans for,

                            "A brilliant
                            feat of arms
                            the honor of
                            the American

   Asked to define the age limit for killing,
   General Smith replied, "Everything over ten."

  "The major [accused of killing 11 defenseless Filipinos]
  said that General Smith instructed him to kill &
  burn, & said that the more he killed &
  burned the better pleased he would be;
  that it was no time to take prisoners..."
  [See the Web page for more detail & many links]

Like most American military forays, the war in the Philippines
remains an obscure episode in American history textbooks, &
Manifest Destiny resurfaces in future years under a variety of
more "sophisticated" guises; following the disastrous Vietnam
War, for example, comes a "New World Order," "WTO,"
"War on Drugs", "War on Terrorism," "Democracy in Iraq," etc.

            Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.

1911 --  First International Women's Day is celebrated,
in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany & the US.

1920 -- US: Roberto Elia & Andrea Salsedo, anarchists who
worked for the "Cronaca Sovversiva," kidnapped by the Department
of Justice without a warrant or being arrested. They are
disappeared & beaten until they agree to inform on their comrades.

1921 -- Russia: The Bolsheviks, consolidating their party power over
the workers & peasants, begin an air raid on the peaceful population
of Kronstadt. The Provisional Revolutionary Committee of Kronstadt
appeals by radiotelegram to workers around the world to publicize
their plight.

1951 -- The Honeymoon Killers die in electric chair.

1962 -- Germany: Zenzl Mühsam dies, in East Berlin. Militant
anarchist, companion of poet Erich Mühsam, she wound up in
Stalin's Gulag.

1971 -- Vietnam: Radio Hanoi broadcasts Jimi Hendrix's
"Star Spangled Banner," which was sent by Abbie Hoffman.

1982 -- US: Little Deuce Coup? Two high school boys with
ambition to be mercenaries, arm themselves & attempt a military
"coup d'etat" at their high school.

1983 -- US: Reagan makes his "Evil Empire" speech
     while US employees carry out his policy of murder,
     rape & torture of Central Americans.

1988 -- US: Soap opera scriptwriters' strike.

1998 --  US: Lending a Hand? Daniel Rudolph, brother of
Olympic Games bombing & abortion clinic bombing suspect
Erik Rudolph, videotapes himself cutting off his own hand with
a power saw to "send a message to the FBI".

                          Not your average Pen Pal.

2007 -- US: Vermont Towns Call for Bush, Cheney Impeachment...

     Nearly 30 towns have passed a resolution calling for the
     impeachment of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leaders President
     Bush & Vice President Dick Cheney. The measure says the
     administration misled the country into the invasion of Iraq
     & violated the Constitution. The resolution comes on the heels
     of last month’s call by Vermont’s legislature for the immediate
     withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.


                         "Nunca nada cambia a menos
                         que lo hagamos cambiar"

                                              — Los Crudos

            ["Nothing never changes unless we make it change"]


   — anti-ToothpickIngestion, 1997-3666

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