Stephen King’s Christine made for one hell of a terrifying book and movie, but what if there really is a car so haunted, so possessed, that its known for killing dozens and dozens of people? Meet the 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition dubbed the “GoldenEagle,” the most evil car in America.
The Dodge was originally purchased as a police car for Old Orchard Beach, ME, but was sold to an elderly local man after the car began generating a creepy reputation. 
All three officers to ever drive the car died in bizarre murder-suicides, killing their families and themselves.
The car later became the everyday driver for current owner Wendy Allen’s family, but this proved to be problematic as the car would randomly fling open its doors while going down the highway. Oddly enough, the GoldenEagle never turned on the Allens as violently as it did so many others… Wendy Allen reports the car has killed 14 people, but it seems the number is actually much higher...
In the 1980s and 1990s members of different local churches vandalized the car, and apparently each of the lead vandalizers died in horrific car crashes from 18-wheelers decapitating them. The car’s current owner even claims all 32 people from the two groups died under strange circumstances, 4 of them being hit by lightning.
Of all the strange stories related to this car, the deaths involving children are by far the creepiest. Two children, one in the 60s and one in the 80s, were hit by cars and flung across the street to land either under the bumper or on the hood of the GoldenEagle. Both died before paramedics could reach the scene.