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Daily Bleed for March 12th

The law, cold & aloof by its very nature, has
no access to the passions that might justify
the cruel act of murder.

— Sade

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British anarchist, sexologist, poet, radical psychologist. Oh, Joy!

The worm thinks it strange & foolish
that man does not eat his books.

— Tagore


1650 -- England: Diggers at Wellingborough issue their declaration:

"Then Clubs & Diamonds cast away
For Hearts & Spades must win the day."

1912 -- IWW (I Will Win) union wins the
"Bread & Roses" Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912.

The preachers, cops & money-kings were working hand in hand,
The boys in blue, with stars & stripes were sent by Uncle Sam;
Still things were looking blue 'cause every striker knew
That weaving cloth with bayonets is hard to do.

— Joe Hill, from the song,
"John Golden & the Lawrence Strike."

1922 -- Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) lives, Lowell, Massachusetts.
Novelist/poet, leading figure & a spokesman of the Beat Generation.
Pals with kooks like Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory
Corso, & Ted Joans.
Ted Joans page maintained by Recollection Books:

1947 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
Truman asks Congress for "anticommunist" aid to Greece &
Turkey. The speech is dubbed as the Truman Doctrine & officially
ushers in the Cold War era.

American schools still teach that the Truman Doctrine
advanced the spread of democracy ...

American military support, government
money, & corporate capital flows into Greece to prop up
what Richard Barnet (Intervention & Revolution) calls "a
particularly brutal & backward military dictatorship."

1955 -- Jazz musician Charlie "Bird" Parker dies, 34. "Bird Lives!"
Likely to remain the most brilliant jazz artist ever.

1958 -- Bulgaria: Manol Vassev (1898-1958), dies. Poisoned
by prison guards one day before his scheduled release. A popular
militant anarcho-trade unionist & a living symbol of resistance
of both fascism & Bolshevism.

1976 -- The American Way? CIA plants false story of Cubans
raping Angolan women & the victims shooting the rapists.

1977... Il Movimento

Italy: Massive demonstrations nationwide against the police
for the killing of a militant. In Bologna, Radio Alice is
today suppressed by the government after one year of
broadcasting. In Rome & Bologna armories
are looted & pistols
& ammunition are passed out to protesters.

1992 -- Guatemala: Efrain Bamaca, husband of US activist Jennifer
Harbury, is seized by military in the employ of the CIA; he is later
tortured & killed.

1996 -- Irian Jaya (Indonesia): Rioting erupts again in Timika
disrupting Freeport mine operations.


March 12, 2003, MOUNT RUSHMORE - Thousands of cheering
veterans, anarchists, & anti-war protesters gathered here on
Thursday to listen to Captain America set the record straight.

"I am tired of being called anti-American every time I criticize
the President & his Administration of Evil," the star-spangled
superhero told the crowd.

"George W. Bush is not America. I'm America. I've been
serving this country since before he was born."


"My aim is to agitate &
disturb people.

I'm not selling bread, I'm
selling yeast."

— Unamuno, wall grafitti from Paris, May 1968


— anti-Soup, 1997-2666 or thereabouts

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