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Daily Bleed for March 7th

They shall rise up heroes, there will be many,
None will prevail against them at last.
They go saying each: "I am one of many";
Their hands empty save for history.
They die at bridges, bridge gates, and
drawbridges . . .

— Kenneth Rexroth,
"From the Paris Commune to the Kronstadt
Rebellion" (1936)

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From her probable slave origins through her leadership of mass
demonstrations in the 1920's, "Dark Lucy" was — in the words of
Chicago cops — "more dangerous than a thousand rioters."

Wife of Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons.

Ancient Greece: End of ANTHESTERIA, with elaborate
representations of the death & resurrection of Dionysus.


1860 -- US: Last Things First? 6,000 shoemakers joined by
20,000 other New England workers in Lynn, Massachusetts strike.

1921 -- Russia: Specially selected forces of the Red Army
(commanded by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Field
Marshal Leon Trotsky) opens fire on the forts of Kronstadt.

Trotsky: "One can't make an omelette
without breaking eggs"

Voline: "I see the broken eggs — now
where's this omelette of yours?"

1921 -- US: Man Ray (1890-1976), artist, chess
player/designer, anarchist & photographer, between
today & the 26th, while in Philadelphia, wins $10 for
Portrait of a Sculptor Berenice Abbott in John
Wanamaker's competition "15th Annual Exhibition of
Photographs". Man Ray also makes a movie with Marcel
Duchamp; Elsa, Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven,
shaves her pubic hair.

1924 -- Kobe Abe (1924-1993) lives, Tokyo, Japan.
Avant-garde author of such bizarre & allegorical situations
as Suna no onna (The Woman in the Dunes, 1963) & Hako
otoko (The Boxman, 1973) Graduated from medical school
but wrote instead.

1932 -- US: River Rouge Massacre when workers
demonstrate at Ford's plant demanding jobs.

They start out peacefully, but are met at the gates by
Dearborn police who order them back & open tear-gas
bombs. Members of the crowd begin to throw rocks &
pieces of ice.

In response the Ford Company fire department now
unleashes tons of high-pressure icy cold water on the
marchers from fire hoses. The police open fire from pistols,
rifles & machine guns. Four are killed, 25 wounded.

Henry Ford fortifies his home with machine gun emplacements
& stockpiles tear gas & ammunition at the Rouge.

1933 -- US: MONOPOLY is invented, appearing at the height
of the Great Depression & is a big hit because each player gets
$1,500 & tries to bankrupt the others by buying, selling, & trading
properties & by charging exorbitant rent — just like real businesses &
land owners. Only one company is allowed to make the game.

Charles Darrow claims he invents the game of "Monopoly," —
this is probably the date on his patent or patent application.
— Bleedster & archivist Robert Braunwart

Both wrong.

Bring back "Poverty Place", "Easy Street" and "Lord Blueblood's


— Bleedster Scott W. Langill, March 2009

1936 -- Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland in direct
contravention of the Treaty of Versailles.

Ernst Friedrich (1894-1967) founded the first
international anti-war museum in Berlin (1923). Best-known
for his book "War Against War!"

When the Nazis took power, they seized the Museum, burned
the exhibits & books & transformed the place into an SA-Heim
(storm troopers' barracks).

1942 -- US: IWW founder, anarchist labor organizer
Lucy Parsons dies, Chicago, Illinois.

1974 -- US: Commenting on the on the SLA's ransom demand
of free food for the poor, California's Acting Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Acting Governor & Humanitarian
Ronnie Reagan (no terrorist he!) says,

"It's just too bad we can't have an epidemic of botulism."

1975 -- Russia: Mikhail Bakhtin dies in Moscow. Cultural
theorist of carnival & rebellion.

1981 -- US: Disneyland's first homicide: an 18-year-old is
stabbed to death in Tomorrowland — today.

1996 -- A crowd of 3000 destroy Freeport copper mine
facilities in Tamika, Irian Jaya / West Papua, after a Dani
clansman is run over by company security. The mine is closed
as community organizations prepare a list of demands protesting
human rights violations, eco-terrorism & cultural genocide.
Overnight, the world price of copper jumps from US$15
to US$2580 a ton.

2000 -- England: Nicolas Walter (1924-2000), dies. British
journalist, philosopher, atheist, anarchist.
See the Tribute by Donald Rooum

2005 -- American Surrealist poet Philip Lamantia dies.


"A world without
string is chaos."

— Ernie Smuntz


Bit of duct tape ain't bad either,

— anti-Chaos 1997-6666 or thereabouts

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