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Daily Bleed for March 6th

Shall we hang thus by taut navel strings
To this corrupt placenta till we're flyblown;
Till our skulls are cracked by crow and kite
And our members become the business of ants,
Our teeth the collection of magpies?

— Kenneth Rexroth,
"From the Paris Commune to the
Kronstadt Rebellion" (1936),
(To be continued . . .)

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Irish-American Wobbly organizer, 22-year political prisoner.

Eve of Jewish FEAST OF PURIM, with delicious cakes & freely
flowing wine, costumed children, men masquerading as women,
boisterous behavior, & saturnalian ribaldry.


1836 -- US: Phoenix Next?: Battle of the Alamo is fought (it falls).
Among the casualties is Davy Crockett. Mexican troops defend their
country's abolitionist constitution, & defeat foreign (US) slaveholders
in San Antonio, Texass. Remember the Alamo?

We don't have no luggage in El Paso
We don't go to PornoPicture shows
We don't swap our wives with our neighbors
And we keep our kids away from Mexico

And I'm proud to be an Asshole from El Paso...

— Kinky Friedman & the Texass Jewboys (sung to the tune of
"Okie From Muskogee")

1900 -- France: Henri Jeanson lives (d.1970). Journaliste,
pamphlétaire, dialoguiste de cinéma et pacifiste libertaire. Part
of a young group of an anarchist bent, drawn together by their
passion for art & literature, which includes Robert Desnos, Rirette
Maitrejean, Armand Salacrou, & George Limbour.

1913 -- US: Joe Hill's song "There is Power in a Union"
first appears in the IWW's Little Red Song Book.

Many sing his songs as well as praises.

1921 -- Russia: Kamenev & Snowball (aka, Leon Trotsky) issue
an ultimatum to rebelling soldiers & sailors in Kronstadt.

1925 -- Canada: Cape Breton mine workers strike the British Empire
Steel Corporation (BESCO).

"We hold the cards, they will crawl back to work..."

Drunken company police on horseback ride through the school
yards, knocking down innocent children while joking that the
miners are at home hiding under their beds.

1928 -- Gabriel García Márquez, Latin-American journalist,
novelist & short story writer, lives, Colombia. A central figure
in the Magical Realism movement.

1930 -- US: 100,000 demonstrate for jobs in New York City.

No Welfare Bums them.
(The Welfare BumSystem doesn't exist just yet.)

1930 -- US: Police kill four workers in Detroit who demand jobs.

35,000 jobless workers marched down Woodward during a
national protest against unemployment & hunger.

In the early 1930s thousands joined together & walked to the
Ford Motor Co.'s employment office in Dearborn. Henry Ford,
whose plants had laid off more than one-third of his employees,
had declared that anyone "who wanted a job could find one."

The marchers intended to take old Henry up on his statement.

Violence erupted between the unemployed & police who joined
Ford security forces. Shots were fired into the crowd,
killing four.

1942 -- Irish-American Wobbly organizer Tom Mooney dies, Frisco, California.

1961 -- England: Premier issue of the monthly "Anarchy." Long-running
review of contemporary concerns & issues, published by Freedom Press.
Its hundreds of contributors include Paul Goodman, Nicolas Walter,
Albert Meltzer, Colin Ward, et al.

1969 -- US: 9,000 march at University of Washington to protest
Vietnam War. BleedMeister, a Vietnam vet, is there.

1972 -- US: Wildcat strike at Lordstown, Ohio GM plant where
workers were not expected to resist work discipline (according to
company calculations). The company & the union got a big surprise.

"Each of them [parties, unions, groupscles] organizes repression
against those who are not organized, or who are not organized
according to their particular methods. The difference between
these organizations is measured by the amount of repression they
are prepared to exercise."

— Jacques Camatte, Against Domestication

1982 -- Cultist Ayn Rand, 77, author of The Fountainhead, dies.
Also wrote I, the Jury, low-brow pot-boiler introducing
vigilante Mike Hammer.

1992 -- Léo Campion (b.1905) dies. French libertarian, free thinker,
Freemason, bookseller. Used the occasion of his arrest for pacifist
activities to ridicule the legal & military authorities in court.
Wrote works of humor, as well as works on freemasonry.

1996 -- Palestine: Hundreds demonstrate for an end to all violence. Yup.

2000 -- US: Miriam Patchen 86, a longtime Palo Alto resident &
peace activist, dies, peacefully, at her home in Palo Alto, California.
Her life was dedicated to peace & justice & to the writing & art of
her husband, fellow anarchist & poet, Kenneth Patchen.

Thou art clothed in robes of music
Thy voice awakens wings....
What does not perish
Lives in Thee.

— Kenneth Patchen

2002 -- Artist Ralph Rumney dies. Rumney was a founding
member of the Situationist International, & the first to be
expelled by Guy Debord.


Today in 1974, at West Point, Ayn Rand [an intellectual poser...
Mickey Spillane in drag] is asked how she reconciles her view of
America with "the cultural genocide of native Americans."

Her answer, in part:

As to the Indians, "[t]hey didn't have any rights to the land & there
was no reason for anyone to grant them rights which they had not
conceived & were not using . . .

What was it they were fighting for, if they opposed white men on
this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence,
their "right" to keep part of the earth untouched, unused & not
even as property, just keep everybody out so that you will live
practically like an animal, or maybe a few caves above it.

Any white person who brought the element of civilization
had the right to take over this continent."


Fredy Perlman:

"Central Africa," "Australia," "America" are not the
names of places where free human beings ever lived.
They are names of unprecedented holocausts, of
gigantic colonies, of monstrous Leviathanic
trophies. They are Leviathan's "empty continents."

From the vantage point of Death, all Life is an
aberration. The languages of the two protagonists
are mutually unintelligible. The very vocabularies are
untranslatable. Leviathan's world is a Wilderness to
free living beings. The freedom of living beings is a
Wilderness to Leviathan.

Against His-story, Against Leviathan!


— anti-copyRite 1997-666-2011

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