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Daily Bleed for March 14th

The storm-wind is howling, the thunder is roaring; with flame blue and
lambent the cloud-masses glow
o'er the fathomless ocean; it catches the lightnings, and quenches them
deep in its whirlpool below.

Like serpents of fire in the dark ocean writhing, the lightnings
reflected there quiver and shake as into the
blackness they vanish forever. The tempest! Now quickly the tempest
will break!

The storm-finch soars fearless and proud 'mid the lightnings, above the
wild waves that the roaring winds
fret; and what is the prophet of victory saying? "Oh, let the storm
burst! Fiercer yet-fiercer yet!"

Maxim Gorky, from "Songs of Russia," rendered into English
by Alice Stone Blackwell (Appeared in "Mother Earth",
Vol.1 No. 1, March, 1906)

Poem in full,
in the Stan Iverson Memorial Library

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New York free-radio ethnomusicologist, Wretched Refuser.

to wash the dust from the thousand Buddhas within.

1851 -- Czechoslovakia: Mikhail Bakunin, after first being
jailed in Prague, is sent today to the Olmütz fortress
in Austria, where he is sentenced in May to hang.

1879 -- Relativity theorist, peace activist Albert Einstein
probably lives, more or less, Ulm, Germany. Charter member
of the American Federation of Teachers local 552 at Princeton
University in 1938.

1883 -- Karl Marx dies, in genteel poverty, worked to death,
London, age 64.

1887 -- The founder of the bookstore Shakespeare & Company,
Sylvia Beach, lives, in her father's parsonage in Baltimore.

1897 -- Italy: Malatesta clandestinely re-enters the country,
at Ancône, & begins publishing the anarchist newspaper "L'agitazione".

1904 -- Armas Äikiä (1904-1965) lives. Finnish writer,
poet, Communist & journalist.

1907 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
BullTooth Roosevelt excludes Japanese laborers from the
continental US.

1912 -- US: IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) agrees to
terms granting wage increases as 10,000 strikers gather & vote,
successfully ending the "Bread & Roses" Lawrence Textile
Strike of 32,000-people against wool mills. The strike was
precipitated by wage cuts & horrendous working

"They are always marching & singing.

"The tired, gray crowds ebbing & flowing perpetually
into the mills had waked & opened their mouths to sing."

— Mary Heaton Vorse

1962 -- Giovanna Caleffi Berneri dies. Married to
Camillo Berneri (murdered by the Communists in Spain), mother
of Marie Louise Berneri, Giliana Berneri. (Anarchists all!)

1969 -- Graphic artist & social conscience Ben Shahn
dies, New York City.

1977 -- US: Mississippi's angriest woman, Fannie Lou Hamer,
dies in Ruleville, Mississippi, at age 69.

"I'm sick & tired of
being sick & tired."

1989 -- No More Monkeying Around: American naturalist novelist,
anarchist, xenophobe, Cactus Ed Abbey Lives! Died, more or less, today.

"It's a fools life, a rogue's life, & a good life if
you keep laughing all the way to the grave."

1993 -- "Gay Talese raised the
question, "Where are the Italian
American Novelists?" on the front
page of the March 14, 1993 "New
York Times Book Review" ...
hindered by his lack of familiarity
with the vast body of literature
created by American writers of
Italian descent, Talese reduced
the experience of
Italian-American writers to his

In John Fante I found the
Italian-American Hemingway. He wanted
to be a writer so badly that he sent
stories, accompanied by long letters to
H. L. Mencken, then one of the leading
voices of American literature.

Mencken rejected the stories & published
the letters.

By 1940, Fante had already published
half of his lifetime production of short
stories in national magazines ... & had
also published two novels & a collection
of his stories (Dago Red, 1940). ...

All of Fante's work spoke to me with a
voice that drowned out all the American
literature I had read in school."

1998 -- Pi in the Sky?: At the Exploratorium in San Francisco,
mathematicians assemble, as usual, to celebrate pi (3.14159 etc.).

Moe: "When the roll is called up yonder I'll
eat pie."
Curly: "Pi r²?"
Moe: "No, pie are round; cake are square."
Curly: "Oh."
Moe: "No, O are round, also."

2007 -- Germany: A mass refusal to pay water charges in the city
of Bremen quickly escalates into a series of bitter & widening
conflicts with authorities.

After two demonstrators are killed by police, city workers
go on strike, followed within a few days by most of the rest
of the country.

Deployment of UN troops triggers all-out revolt, which spreads
into France & Italy. 10 days later & Western Europe is in
insurrectionist hands, though it will take more than 3 years &
no little bloodshed before the last of the global capitalist
economy is dismantled, & the period of universal harmony
is inaugurated.

2009 -- Ethnomusicologist "Citizen Kafka" Shulberg dies, Brooklyn, NY.


"Too many of our poets novelists essayists seem to be
taking the side of the State in that ancient & inevitable
conflict between the State & the independent individual.

This is wrong; that is not the natural place for a writer. If it
weren't for all these fools & fanatics running around trying
to make things better, then most certainly things would get
worse. We need this constant pressure against the barriers
to change in order simply to prevent a collapse into total
evil. The tension against wrong. To keep things from
getting worse."

— Ed Abbey


— anti-Wrong 1997-3666, as you may have surmised, more or less

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