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Daily Bleed for February 16th

If we feel the least degradation in being amorous,
or merry or hungry, or sleepy, we are so far
bad animals & miserable men.

— William Morris

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Dean of American anarchist historians.

1848 -- Octave Mirbeau (1848-1917) lives. Prolific short story
writer (1,200!), novelist, anarchiste, antimilitarist, dramatist. A
founding member of the Académie Goncourt.

1916 -- US: In the Land of the Free, the Emma Goldman is
arrested in New York City for lecturing on birth control.

When a law has outgrown time &
necessity, it must go
& the only way to get
rid of the law is to
awaken the public to
the fact that it has
outlived its purpose
& that is precisely
what I have been doing
& mean to do in the

— Emma Goldman to the Press, a
few days after her arrest

1916 -- US: On or about this day in Chicago
Chef Jean Crones (pseudonym for Nestor Dondoglio)
discovers he needs to refine one of the recipes
in his cookbook.

A chef by profession, Crones poisoned some 200
guests at a banquet to honor Archbishop Mundelein
by lacing the soup with arsenic.

None of the guests died — Chef Crones had used
too much poison, which prompted the victims to
vomit it back up.

After leaving a series of taunts for police, he skedaddled to
the East Coast, where he was hidden by other anarchist
"Galleanists" until his death in 1932.

Chef Crones-Dondoglio was never apprehended...

[& thus his goose was never cooked!!]

1934 -- US: Thousands of Socialists battle Communists
at a rally in New York's Madison Square Garden.

1952 -- Jan Kerouac lives. Beatster Jack Kerouac's
daughter with Joan Haverty. Meanwhile, during
this month, Jack K. & Carolyn Cassady get intimate. Also during
this period Kerouac has first psychedelic experience when
anarcho-surrealist poet Philip Lamantia gives him peyote.

1970 -- Mexico: Pedro Vallina Martinez (1879-1970) dies.
Outstanding figure of Andalusian anarchism. Medical doctor,
labor movement militant, imprisoned & exiled for his opposition
to Spanish fascism.

1977 -- "Italian Spring," thousands reject authority, universities
occupied throughout Italy. Students eject Communist union bosses
from Rome campus. Started as a protest against university reform,
evolved into generalized criticism of all forms of alienation —
especially bureaucrats, unionists, & political parties.

1996 -- Brownie McGhee dies at 80. Blues Performer,
Singer/Guitarist, Pianist, Kazoo, Songwriter, of Brownie & Sonny.

2001 -- US:

NY City's #1 art critic is at it again. Mayor Rudolph
Giuliani, a noted adulterer who married his cousin,
& dumped his second wife on live television, parades
about town with his mistress at taxpayer expense &
violates the US Constitution — as if doing so was a form
of yoga — now wants to create a decency task force to
police the Big Apple's art museums.

From his first days as Mayor Giuliani has engaged in
a relentless attack on artists & free speech. This creep
should run for President. (He did in 2008.)

2006 -- US: Paul Avrich (1931-2006) dies this evening.
Devoted & sympathetic biographer & historian of anarchism.
Among many notable books, Anarchist Voices gathered 200
interviews over a 30-year period, allowing "anonymous" militants
to avoid oblivion, opening the way for innumerable works of
research & reflection. Avrich was a trusted friend to many of the
older members of the movement, putting them in touch with each
other, following their reunions, & visiting them regularly.


If you dream alone, it's just
a dream.
If you dream together, it's

— Brazilian folk song


— anti-copyRite 1997-2011 more or less

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