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Daily Bleed for February 14th

The State is the organization
Of the evil instincts of mankind.
History is the penalty
We pay for original sin.
In the conflict of appetite
And desire, the person finally
Loses; either the technology
Of the choice of the lesser evil
Overwhelms him; or a universe
Where the stars in their courses move
To ends that justify their means
Dissolves him in its elements.

— Kenneth Rexroth

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Romantic Bulgarian anarchist theorist, orator.
He of the wonderful slouch hat.

Portland, Dorset: BINDING DAY (more or less; this ain't horseshoes)

Moveable holiday, probably not today if you're keeping up
with the rest of the human race, but this will have to do:

the 7th Wednesday after Christmas, according to a fine
tradition, you burgle your neighbours' house & ransom
the stuff back.

This commemorates a successful counter-attack by locals
who manage to remain hidden whilst raiders slew
local men & carried off the women.

St. Valentine is the patron saint of prisoners.
The day birds & animals choose their mates.


1819 -- England: Joshua Norton I, Dei Gratia Emperor of the
United States & Protector of Mexico lives, London, England.

Greatest Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader the US has ever had.

"Everybody understands Mickey Mouse. Few understand
Hermann Hesse. Hardly anybody understands Einstein.

& nobody understands Emperor Norton."

— Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C.

1895 -- Oscar Wilde's comedy "The Importance of Being
Earnest" opens in London at the St. James's Theatre.

"Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history,
is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that
progress has been made, through disobedience & through

"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy
of being called an idea at all."

1896 -- Bulgaria: George Cheitanov lives. Writer,
speaker, theorist of the Bulgarian anarchist movement.

1910 -- US: Bern Porter lives, just south of Houlton, Maine,
a human child, & works on the atomic bomb as a human adult,
(freely creating however, yes). So be it. &, the question now
is, where would Porter suggest we go on this website?

When war came, Bern was drafted for uranium
separation work on the Manhattan Project, a job he quit after
the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in August of 1945.

From 1944-1948, Porter & George Leite published the literary
magazine "Circle 10". Bern also published Henry Miller's
anti-war tract, "Murder the Murderers", becoming the first US
publisher of Miller.

He actively promoted & published other writers under the
Bern Porter Books imprint while developing his own art,
which included found poetry...

1919 -- Colombia: Fabric workers' strike, in Medellín, with the
worker Betsabé Espinoza as director & negotiator.

Women's "swarms" are formed to protect strikers from police attacks.

1921 -- US: In New York, Jane Heap & Margaret Anderson
face obscenity charges for publishing a portion of James Joyce's
Ulysses in the Little Review. Fined 50 buckaroonies.

1923 -- US: American-Italian anarchist Nicola Sacco goes
on prison hunger strike.

1925 -- A close-up of a lottery list shows the winning
numbers drawn in the Mexican National Lottery, dated

February 14, 1925.

The camera pulls back to the hands of a man holding a
lottery ticket.

The scraggly-looking bum, a dirty, ragged scrounger [later
identified as Fred C. Dobbs "Dobbsie" (Humphrey Bogart)],
tears his losing ticket to pieces.

— From John Huston's film script of B. Traven's book,
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

1937 -- Spain: 14 y 15 de febrero, "Congreso Extraordinario de
Colectividades de Aragón donde se funda la Federación de Colectividades
de Aragón." 456 delegates represent 150,000 to 300,000 colectivistas,
& some 275 to 500 active collectives.

1942 -- Jamake Highwater lives. Native American novelist / writer.
Co-founder of the San Francisco Contemporary Dancers.

1945 -- Germany: Allied fire-bombing of Dresden, killing
more than 200,000 German citizens, enters into its second day.

Many die of suffocation as fire storms, unleashed by
the raids, consume all the oxygen over large areas of the city.

To the victor goes more than the spoils, but also the cover-up
of its own crimes & atrocities. The US & other Allies & its
media divert attention from these by focusing on German atrocities,
& especially the Holocaust.

& "so it goes"

1968 --
Ideas improve. The meaning of words takes part in it.




Let it be said ! ! !


— Special printing-shop of the Enraged,
Nanterre, [France], 2/14/1968

1990 -- Universal Commie Plot?: Space probe Voyager 1 takes
photograph of entire solar system. Scientists are shocked to discover
"it's not a system, it's a collective."

1991 -- Iraq: With the military & American press agog with their
proclamations of "precision" bombing, US war planes bomb a civilian
shelter, killing at least 500, in Baghdad.

1996 -- Huck?: Eva Hart, Titanic survivor, dies at 90, river rafting.

1997 -- Palestine: Last remaining Jahalin Bedouin families, living in
the Abu-Dis area for over 40 years, forcibly removed to make way
for new Jewish settlements (illegal under the Oslo accords & Israeli law).

2009 -- Luís Andrés Edo dies. Anarquista who fought the repressions
of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Franco's Spain. An untiring
militant & author of two books (2002 & 2006).


Sheltered in an underground meat storage
locker, the Hoosier soldier managed to survive a
combined American/British firebombing raid that
devastated the city & killed an estimated 135,000
people -- more than the number of deaths in the
atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

After the bombing, the soldier wrote his father,

"We were put to work carrying corpses from Air-Raid
shelters; women, children, old men; dead from concussion,
fire or suffocation. Civilians cursed us & threw rocks as we
carried bodies to huge funeral pyres in the city."

Re: Slaughterhouse Five


— Anti-Slew 2011 + last year too, more or less

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