Friday, February 18, 2011

Daily Bleed for February 18th

Then came days of regret upholstered in grey silk. I
twisted my ring frantically around my finger. I drank
too much coffee. I was a bag of nerves & Mother,
driven by the craziest illusions, prowled around me
like a crow in the festooned vines. She was hoping
I'd leave. I didn't care to leave her alone. With my
head on her knees, I'd listen to time falling, drop
by drop, into the sink..

— Joyce Mansour, "Infinitely . . . on the Grass"

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Lesbian poet, gay emancipationist, jubilator.


1861 -- US: Arapaho & Cheyenne cede most of eastern Colorado —
land guaranteed to them "forever" in an 1851 treaty. Yup. Grand
American tradition.

1884 -- Russia: Moscow police seize all copies of anarchist Leo
Tolstoy's "What I Believe In" at the printers.

1895 -- England: Lord Queensberry leaves a card for Oscar Wilde
at the Albemarle Club calling him a "somdomite"
(the basis of Oscar's libel suit).

1896 -- André Breton (1896-1966) lives. Poet, essayist,
critic, editor, communist, surrealist, promoter.

Artaud: Does Surrealism still hold
the same importance in the
organization & disorganization
of our lives?

Breton: It is all mud, almost
entirely composed
of flowers.

1905 -- Frank Wedekind play "Hidada" premiers, Munchen.

1916 -- US: The brothers Enrique & Ricardo Flores Magón
arrested at their Community Farm near Los Angeles.

Enrique is beaten by the Officer Friendlies & hospitalized.
Both are charged with mailing articles inciting "murder,
arson & treason," & hustled off to prison. Ricardo will die
in Leavenworth under mysterious circumstances.

1930 -- Poet Joel Oppenheimer lives (The Great American Desert).
Attended Black Mountain College where he was a student of Charles
Olson & Paul Goodman. He lived among the poets & artists
of Greenwich Village, & was a columnist for "The Village Voice"
from 1969-1978.

1933 -- Yoko Ono, author (Grapefruit) / performance
artist / composer, lives.

1934 -- Audre Lorde lives. African-American
poet/essayist/autobiographer, passionate writer on lesbian feminism
& racial issues. Author of the highly praised poetry in The Black

1961 -- England: 20,000 — including 89-year-old Bertrand Russell —
march against nuclear weapons & 5,000 stage a sit-down at Ministry of
Defense in the Committee of 100's first public demonstration,
London. That desperado Russell is jailed for seven days.

"Don't you hear the H-bomb's thunder /
Echo like the crack of doom?"

— John Brunner, science fiction author,
wrote the CND's marching song

From 1940 to 1996, expenditures for nuclear weapons
exceeded the combined total federal spending on education,
training, employment, & social services; agriculture;
natural resources & the environment; general science
& space research; community & regional development
(including disaster relief); law enforcement; &
energy production & regulation.

"You ask for decent houses & they give you bombs instead,
A six-foot hole to house you in & a medal when you're dead."

— Songster Ewan McColl, "Join in the Line"

1970 -- US: Federal jury finds the "Chicago 7" innocent of conspiring
to incite riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.
However, five are convicted of crossing state lines with intent
to incite riots.

1972 -- Plastered...
Italy: Letters to an Editor, the collected correspondence between
the Situationist International & the Italian publishing house Feltrinelli,
is published during this month by Gianfranco Sanguinetti, in poster
form, & plastered around Milan.

1992 -- México City announces plans to build
giant antipollution fans.

¡Oh, crap! ¡¿De end of WWE wrestling smackdown!?!

2003 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader G.W. Bush
says he will ignore protests over war against Iraq.
Better believe it...for once (unfortunately) a truth
slips from the White House.

"All Hat & No Cattle" is no longer an operative
appellation for this TexassLongHorn.


"When we try to pick
out anything by
itself, we find it
hitched to everything
else in the universe."

— John Muir, 1869


— anticopyRite 1997-2782078 (more(dantly) or less)

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