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Daily Bleed for January 18th

In fresh myrtle my blade I'll entwine,
Like Harmodious, the gallant & good,
When he made at the tutelar shrine
A libation of Tyranny's blood.

— Edgar Allan Poe
Hymn to Aristogeiton & Harmodius,
Translation from the Greek.

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Great French philosopher, theorist of 'horizontal' thought,
of anti-capitalism, schizo-culture.

Taxco, Mexico: FIESTA: Dance, mock battle of Moors &
Christians; Tiger Dance, acrobats, fireworks, etc.

"A nation that continues to spend more on military
defense than on programs of social uplift is
approaching spiritual death."

— Martin Luther King, Jr.



1671 -- Pirate Henry Morgan defeats Spanish defenders,
captures Panamá.

Drinking brackish water & rum
on shaky schooners
they lost their teeth.
Only their names are still rampant
like the rushes by the seashore, haunting us
for a century or two,
until they too will vanish
like all those who came before them
& left no trace,
not even their names in copperplate
on old sea-charts,
or their collarbones in the dunes.

H a n s M a g n u s
E n z e n s b e r g e r

1867 -- Nicaraguan symbolist poet & short-story writer
Rubén Darío lives.

Now they fear the bullying of their northern
neighbor, which outrages even nonpolitical
poets such as Rubén Darío...

You think that life is fire,
that progress is eruption,
that wherever you shoot
you hit the future.


— Rubén Darío, excerpt "To Roosevelt"

1888 -- France: Louise Michel sent to prison for 15 days
for insulting authorities (outrages à agents).

1911 -- The cry of "Museifu Shugi Banzai!" (Long Live Anarchy!)
resounds in a Japanese court room, shouted by Kanno Suga, one of
26 defendants in the "High Treason Case" (Taigyaku Jiken). This is in
response to a death by hanging verdict for 24 of them, & jail
terms of 8 & 11 years for the others.

They are charged with conspiring to assassinate the
God Emperor.

She is the first woman political prisoner to be executed
in modern Japanese history.

1921 -- Antonio Téllez lives (d.2005); anarqusita, guerrilla, historian.

1921 -- Spain: In a series of reprisals between the CNT &
Barcelona police, police murder ("Ley de Fugas") cenetistas
currently being held in jail.

Police announce all are killed in an attempted jailbreak. In
fact, however, Antonio Parra is only wounded, buried
beneath the dead bodies of his companions. (Parra survived,
dying in exile in Venezuela, 1970).

1922 -- Irish author Liam O'Flaherty & several Republican
comrades take over the Rotunda in Dublin; they hold the
building for several days.

1925 -- Left libertarian anti-capitalist philosopher Gilles
Deleuze lives, Paris, France.

1927 -- Brazil: Roberto Freire lives, São Paulo.

Brazilian intellectual life is marked by the intense multiplicity
of his work. Anarchist, writer, dramaturg, journalist, doctor,
psychiatrist, ex-psychoanalyst, he also worked with theatre,
television & cinema. His long & rich trajectory was always
characterized by his effort in combining the ideology of
pleasure ('tesão') with his scientific & artistic work.

He created SOMA, an anarchist therapy based on the ideas
of Wilhelm Reich & the art of Capoeira Angola.

1932 -- Robert Anton Wilson, novelist, illuminated.

"If voting could change the
system it would be illegal."


— Reality Is What You Can Get Away With


1937 -- England: Emma Goldman speaks on "The Spanish Revolution
& the CNT-FAI" at a large meeting chaired by novelist Ethel Mannin
in London.

1965 -- US: Malcolm X says,

"You have to have someone else's blood
to suck
to be a Capitalist."

1966 -- France: Eleuterio Quintanilla dies. Influential in
the Asturian CNT. A founder of "Acción Libertaria" & "El


1972 -- Australia: Anarchist Germaine Greer
launches her book The Female Eunuch; recently rated
as the second most important book of non-fiction ever
written in Australia.

1978 -- Ending of the last show of the Sex Pistols' US tour,
Johnny Rotten sneers at his Frisco audience,

"How does it feel to be swindled?"

2002 -- US flies six "terror suspects" from Bosnia to custody
in Cuba after the Bosnian Supreme Court orders them released
for lack of evidence. Justice, Texass style.

2003 -- Demonstrations worldwide against Bush's
long-contemplated war on Iraq.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Bush &
his rightwingnut Bully Boys had the invasion of Iraq
on their agenda from Day One in the White House &
have concocted a series of concerted lies for
public consumption.


2004 -- US: New York Times reports Wal-Mart Stores & Sams Clubs lock
in their night shift workers with no key. Injured, heart attack, fire, hurricane,
other emergency? Too-too bad for you...


I regret living in a world where sorcerers & soothsayers
must live in hiding, & where in any case there are so few
genuine soothsayers . . .

as far as I'm concerned, I find it astounding
that fortune-tellers, tarot-readers, wizards, sorcerers,
necromancers & other REINCARNATED ONES have
for so long been relegated to the role of mere characters
in fables & novels, & that, through one of the most
superficial aspects of modern thinking, naivete is defined
as having faith in charlatans.

I believe whole-heartedly in charlatans, bonesetters,
visionaries, sorcerers & chiromancers, because all these
things have being, because, for me, there are no limits, no
fixed form to appearances.



— anti-Sooth 1997-43666 or thereabouts

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