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Daily Bleed for January 14th

"Those are my principles.

If you don't like them

I have others."

— Groucho Marx(ist)

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Last American commander of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Suffolk, England: CAKES & ALE DAY, food to the poor.

All Souls College, Oxford: MALLARD DAY, celebrating the
discovery of an unusually large & tasty duck on this day in 1437.

Hindu World: PONGOL OF THE COWS. Sacred animals are
sprinkled with water, saffron, flowers & leaves of sacred
plants; their horns are painted, garlands hung about their
necks. With drums & cymbals they are driven through town
with much festivity.

FEAST OF ST. FELIX. Or Felix the Cat?


1699 -- "New World": Witch One? Massachusetts holds
a day of fasting for wrongly persecuting "witches".

In a cold world woolly thinking is comfortable
when worn next to
the skin.

1850 -- While held in the Königstein fortress, Russian
Michael Bakunin is today condemned to death.

1858 -- France: Italian Nationalists led by Felice Orsini
bowls three bombs under Napoleon III's carriage
– but only slightly wounding the Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader Empress Eugenie.

As she stepped completely uninjured from the
wreckage, the Empress was heard to comment,

' C'est le metier' – 'It's all part of the job.'

1866 -- US: Art Young, "Masses" cartoonist, lives.
Daily Bleed Saint December 29.

1912 --
American author /
socialist / feminist
Tillie Olsen lives,
about this time
(1912 or 1913; she is
not sure of the
date because it
was never

"& when is there time to remember, to
sift, to weigh, to estimate, to total?"

— Tillie Olsen (d.2007 )

1918 -- US: Emma Goldman fined & sentenced
to 2 years prison for obstruction of justice (opposing the
draft). She is soon deported from the "Land of the Free".

1919 -- Russia: Voline, Russian revolutionary & anarchist
historian, arrested & dragged from one prison to another.

Trotsky, pretender to the throne, has ordered his execution,
& Voline escaped death only by sheer accident...

1921 -- Murray Bookchin, American anarchist, lives. Prolific
author, philosopher, advocate of Libertarian Municipalism,
head of the Institute for Social Ecology.

Daily Bleed Saint 2007-2009

1927 -- US: Henry Ford's Old Fashioned Dance
Orchestra records "Hungarian Varsovienne",
reflecting the immigrant population of Ford's plants.

"A man checks 'is brains & 'is freedom
at the door when he goes to work at Ford's."

— anonymous worker,
as related to Edmund Wilson

1938 -- England: Author/novelist Ethel Mannin & Emma
Goldman speak on "The Betrayal of the Spanish People"
in London; the audience turns against the Communists
when they attempt to break up the meeting.

I am purely evil;
Hear the thrum
of my evil engine;
Evilly I come.
The stars are thick as flowers
In the meadows of July;
A fine night for murder
Winging through the sky.

— Ethel Mannin, 'Song of the Bomber'
in response to the fascist bombing
raids during the Spanish Revolution

1945 -- France: Jean Ajalbert lives. Avocat, poète
impressionniste, écrivain naturaliste & anarchiste. Active
in the decadent movement with Tailhade, et al., transposing
the effects of impressionist painting into poetry.

1957 -- Humphrey Bogart (Whiskey Straight) dies at 57;
arguably America's most famous film actor, news programs
treated his funeral as a national event.

"The glittering treasure you are hunting for
day & night lies buried on the other side of
that hill yonder."

— B. Traven, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

1967 -- US: Gathering of the Tribes for the First Human
Be-In (first hippie "be-in") at Golden Gate Park in Frisco,
California. Probably 20,000 come to play, though Emmett
Grogan says as many as 300,000 in Ringolevio. Familiar
names include Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, & Lenore
Kandel. Among the performers are The Grateful Dead &
The Jefferson Airplane. Speakers include Jerry Rubin,
Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Timothy Leary.

1970 -- US: Ammon Hennacy dies. "Christian-anarchist-
pacifist" who never paid taxes nor went to war.

1976 -- Spain: Wildcat strike wave spreads across the
nation to Barcelona, resulting in the formation of workers'
general assemblies & defiance of the unions & government.

"Each of them [parties, unions, groupuscles] organizes
repression against those who are not organized, or who
are not organized according to their particular methods.

The difference between these organizations is measured by
the amount of repression they are prepared to exercise."

— Jacques Camatte, Against Domestication

1977 -- Amorous novelist Anais Nin is amorous nomour.

1989 -- England: 1,000 enlightened Muslims burn Salmon Rushdies'
Satanic Verses in Bradford England. Probly some religious thing.

1990 -- The Simpsons live. Homer makes one of the great
parental statements to Lisa, when she says he does not
understand something:

"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."

1994 -- Spanish anarquista, feminist, educator Federica Montseny
(1905-1994) dies.

2003: Human Rights Watch annual report criticizes Burma,
China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Russia, the US & Vietnam.
Don't know how the US came to be on this Family Values list.

2005 -- US: Army Specialist Charles Graner Jr., ringleader
of a band of rogue guards at the Abu Ghraib prison, convicted
of abusing Iraqi detainees. Probly scapegoated, sentenced to
10 years in prison (not, however, in Abu Ghraib).

2008 -- US: Milton Wolff, the last surviving Abraham Lincoln
Brigade leader from the Spanish Civil War, & a prominent social
activist dies, Berkeley, California, at age 92. Author of Another
Hill: An Autobiographical Novel
& A Member of the Working Class.

2009 -- US: Prosecutors charge Olympia mixed-martial-arts
champion & avowed anarchist Jeff Monson with first-degree
malicious mischief for spray-painting an anarchist symbol on
the state Capitol building.

A warrant for Monson’s arrest was filed today. Monson, 37,
is charged with first-degree malicious mischief, a Class B felony
carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison & a $20,000 fine.

The graffiti cost $19,000 to clean up.

At that cost they could rebuild the Capitol building...


"The white man knows how to make everything,
but he does not know how to distribute it."

— Sitting Bull


— anti-CopyRite 1997-7812, mour or less, non-attenuated

"We keep de pot a-boilin"

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