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Daily Bleed for January 22nd

Januaries, Nature greets our eyes
exactly as she must have greeted theirs:
every square inch filling in with foliage —

— Elizabeth Bishop, "Brazil, January 1, 1502"

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Wit, dandy, into incest & man-boy love.
Died fighting for Greek freedom
& romantic ideals. Good poet, too.



ST. VINCENT'S DAY. Patron saint of both
winemakers & drunkards ... inspires Thrift Stores.



1778 -- US: Board of War induces Congress to approve
an invasion of Canada.

1788 -- Romantic poet George Gordon, Lord Byron, lives.

1821 Through life's road so dim & dirty
I have dragged to three & thirty.
What have these years left to me?
Nothing except thirty-three."

— Lord Byron, 1821, his 33rd birthday

1824 'Tis time this heart should be unmoved,
Since others it hath ceased to move:
Yes, though I cannot be beloved,
Still let me love!

— Lord Byron, On This Day I Complete My
Thirty-Sixth Year

1871 -- France: Louise Michel,
armed with a rifle, takes her first shot at the
Breton mobiles of Trochu in front of the Town hall.

1879 -- Francis Picabia, surrealist, lives.

"La plus belle invention de l'homme
est le bicarbonate de soude"

— Francis Picabia

1888 -- France: An attempt to kill Louise Michel
results in her being wounded. The budding anarchist later
testifies in behalf of her attacker, arguing for his acquittal.

1905 -- Russia: Bloody Sunday, massacre of demonstrators
in St. Petersburg: Troops open fire on 100,000 workers,
women & children, leaving over 1,000 demonstrators dead
& 3,000 wounded.

1905 -- France: Burial of Louise Michel.

A procession of over 100,000 people accompany
her coffin to the Levallois cemetery where she is
buried. The Lepine prefect, who tried to follow
the procession, is driven off ...

The little girl who used to sit by the fire & listen to
her grandfather's stories of the heroes of old,
had now herself become a legend.

— Jayacintha Danaswamy

1924 --
is being
watched, much like you, we
[Agent Report In re:] Neie Geselshaft,
Free Workers Forum, Joseph Spivak —
Russian (Jewish) Anarchist Activities,
Los Angeles [19]24 Jan. 22; Reel 66:

1925 -- D. H. Lawrence writes:

"Whoever reads me will be in the thick of the scrimmage, &
if he doesn't like it — if he wants a safe seat in the audience —
let him read somebody else."

1932 -- El Salvador: Peasant uprising leading to the
"Matanza Massacre" of 30,000.

The El Salvador government crushes
the peasants like bugs.

Children die too, for Communists, like snakes,
need to be killed young....

1951 -- Beanie Baby?: Fidel Castro is ejected from a
Winter League baseball game after beaning a batter.

1964 -- US: World's largest cheese (15,723 kg) manufactured,
Wisconsin. Sorry, we don't know which President it was.

1971 -- John Lennon & Yoko Ono record "Power to the People"
which goes on to reach number 11 on the charts. Nice idea...

1991 -- US: 14 ACT-UP AIDS activists arrested while
simultaneously disrupting CBS, NBC & PBS
evening news broadcasts with "Fight AIDS, not
Arabs" banners. Members burst onto the CBS
Evening News with Dan Rather & the Public
Broadcasting System's MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour.

1993 -- Kobo Abe dies in Tokyo, Japan, after a successful
writing career that has seen most of his avant-gard works of
bizarre & allegorical situations, such as Woman in the Dunes,
& The Boxman, translated into English.

1997 -- South Korea: 150,000 workers walk off their jobs to
protest recent labor legislation. The wave of strikes over
the previous three weeks have already "cost" South Korean
corporations about $3 billion in lost production.

2004 -- International Billy Bragg Meetup Day. 16 hardcore Billy
Bragg Fans of the Bard from Barking worldwide gather at 8 pm to
discuss his music, the Blokes & upcoming shows.

2179 -- Hikaru Walter Sulu lives, Frisco, California.


"And the day came when
the risk it took to
remain tight inside the
bud was more painful
than the risk it took to

— Anais Nin

— anti-CopyRite 1997-2011

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