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Daily Bleed for December 31st

People always ask what
am i going to be
when i grow
up & i always
just think
i'd like to grow

— Nikki Giovanni

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Excerpts, short & sweet, December 31:

Leader of the dangerous Lollards,
13th-century English spiritual revolutionaries.


Japan: NAMAHAGE. Men dressed as devils
go door-to-door screaming,

"Any good-for-nothings here about?"


-46 -- The last day of the Year of Confusion,
a 445-day Roman year(OS).

Ahhhhhh, the Good Ol' Days!

1320 -- John Wycliffe lives. Here...

1384 -- John Wycliffe dies. Dead & gone there...

1846 -- Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis lives.
Pioneer of Dutch anarchism & the International
Anti-Militarist Association. Born in Amsterdam, a
preacher in Harlingen in 1870. Leader of a socialist
union & first socialist senator (1891) in The Netherlands.
He then abandoned politics for the anarchism of Bakunin
in 1897.

1777 -- Gross Out?: P.D.Q. Bach completes his "Gross Concerto".

1793 -- England: Three-day week introduced in Britain.

Revolutionaries! — one more push to be

1869 -- Henri Matisse lives — Jazz, odalisques,
goldfish, a wealth of choices...

1877 -- Gustave Courbet (1809-1877) dies. French painter,
revolutionary socialist, man of independent character.
Leader of the realist school. Influenced the anarchistes
around Camille Pissarro's circle. Courbet is the Daily Bleed
Saint for June 10.

1887 -- US: Frances Steloff lives. Founded the Gotham Book Mart
on January 1, 1920. She died in 1989, ripe at the age of 101.

Stories about the shop & Steloff's dedication to it &
to writers grew over the years till they assumed
the quality of legend.

She championed the experimental & challenged the
censors resulting in landmark decisions on censorship...

1918 -- Dr. Marie Equi (1872-1952) is found guilty of
sedition (as were countless others opposing American
involvement in one of Europe's bloodiest wars) under
a newly amended Espionage Act. She was a lesbian
anarchist & labor organizer & birth control advocate
despised & hounded by the US government.

1919 -- Italy: Huge crowds turn out in Milan to greet &
honor Errico Malatesta, touring the country following his
return from exile on the 24th. Animation par Armando Borghi.

1930 -- Nicaragua: Troops lead by the Sandinista Miguel
Angel Ortez ambushes a Marine patrol in the muddy
ravines of Achuapa.

In vain the invaders seek
victory through hunger, by burning huts & crops.
Families are forced to flee & wander unprotected in
the mountains, leaving behind pillars of smoke &
bayoneted animals.

The campesinos believe Sandino knows how to lure
the rainbow to him; & as it comes it shrinks until he
can pick it up with just two fingers.

1931 -- US: 60,000 unemployed workers rally at Pitt Stadium
in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh near Father Cox's

1958 -- Cuba: The guerrilla columns of Camilo Cienfuegos &
Che Guevara take Yaguajay & the city of Santa Clara.

The feat Cienfuegos is most proud of is that time
up in the mountains when he fooled a light military
plane by painting himself red with iodine & lying
still with his arms crossed.

1959 -- First projection of Guy Debord's film "On the Passage
of a Few Persons through a Rather Brief Period of Time," Paris.

1967 -- Paulette Brupbacher dies. Born in Raygrodski,
Russia, an opponent of all conformisms & partisan
disciplines. Partner & collaborator of Fritz Brupbacher
(1874-1945), doctor in Zurich, friend of James Guillaume,
Kropotkin, et al. Translated "The Confession" of Michael Bakunin.

1967 -- Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner,
Dick Gregory, & friends pronounce
themselves "Yuppies". "Yuppie!!"

1969 -- Over 100,000 Americans have died in Vietnam.

1970 -- US: Congress repeals the Gulf of Tonkin resolution.
Congress finally fesses up to having been hoodwinked by a
pack of lies the US military, NSA & the government had
produced to test their knee-jerk reaction. Good knees meant
heavy bombing & dramatically increased US military
involvement in Vietnam.

1970 -- US: Elvis tours FBI headquarters.
Great gathering place for cross-dressers, drug addicts
& rock-n-roll has-beens.

1997 - "Pop. 1280"?: More Swedes died than were born
in 1997, first time since 1809.

Clean Slate
It is 1938 in the French West Africa village of
Bourkassa & the police force is tired of being a
doormat. In this dark comic adaptation of Jim
Thompson's 'POP 1280,' the hapless officer
decides to take the law into his own hands &
rid the town of its human waste.
Foreign Films, English , 1981, Color, 128 min.
NTSC, Rating: Not Rated

[...]"but then you start to think about starving kids,
little girls sold into slavery, women whose sex is
sewn up.

"God created murder out of pure kindness. Murder's
nothing compared to those horrors."

1999 -- New Year Resolution:

Follow not too closely on the
heels of the truth, lest it
dash thy teeth in.

— HemoMeister

1999 -- Criswell predicts a black rainbow will suck oxygen from
face of earth. "Black Rainbow" is clearly a codeword for politicians.

2005 --

If we have learned well to recognize ignorance & dependence
in ourselves & the world at large, & if we have learned to
draw on the inexhaustible well of humor within which laughs
aside our fears & pretensions, cheering us in our search for a
true humanity, then we shall be the shining citizens of the
Great Dismal City of Refuge, brothers & sisters in the global
swamp-rat communion.

— Jim Koehnline,
"The Legend of the Great Dismal Maroons"

2008 -- BleedMeister, under duress, is forced to confess,
in addition to name, rank & cereal nummer:


2010 --
It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it

I feel fine...

— Rem

All things eventually fade & are no more. As
impermanent beings ourselves, we know &
ungracefully accept this fact. One day, the
end will come for our friends, our family, our
neighbors, our IRS auditors, & even for
ourselves. Yes, even the world, itself will one
day stop spinning on its familiar axis & its
property value on the open market will

2010 -- Daily Bleed suspends further publication
until next year. Thanks for the ride!

More or less....

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