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Daily Bleed for December 27th

... candidates for the Universal Republic are bound together
     by the fact that they work together on a whaling-ship. They
     are a world federation of modern industrial workers.

     They owe allegiance to no nationality. There are Americans
     among them, but it is the officers who are American. Among the
     crew nobody is anything. They owe no allegiance to anybody or
     anything except the work they have to do & the relations with
     one another on which that work depends. & we may add that they
     are not to be confused with any labour movement or what is
     today known as the solidarity of labour.

                                   — C.L.R.James,
                                  Mariners, Renegades & Castaways

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American social critic, activist, Stalinist sympathizer, realist novelist.

Goddess of Musical Happiness.


1512 -- Puerto Rico: The Burgos Law is issued, by
Ferdinand II, the Catholic, of Aragón, regulating
relations between Spaniards & the conquered Indians.

   The Spaniards & Taíno Indians had a falling out
   in 1510, & the following year the Taíno Indians
   revolt against the Spaniards. Ponce de León orders
   6,000 shot; survivors flee to mountains or
   leave the island.

       "The history of an oppressed people is hidden
        in the lies & the agreed-upon myth of its conquerors."

                          — Meridel Le Sueur

1815 -- US: Peace Society founded, Massachusetts.
& none too soon.

1821 -- France: Joseph Dejacque lives. French anarchist,
got two years in prison for a volume of poetry(!), Lazaréennes:
Socialist Fables & Poems
. First publisher of "Le Libertaire"
(while in exile in the US, in New York, 1858).

1850 -- Hawaiian Fire Department established.

1896 -- In Nackenheim, Germany, Carl Zuckmayer lives.

  Much of his work was affected by the World
  Wars; one of his best-known dramas, "Des Teufels
  General" (1946, The Devil's General), dramatizes the plight
  of men torn between loyalty to country & the demands
  of conscience.

1910 -- "Archaeologist of morning," Charles Olson
lives, Worcester, Massachusetts.

   This is poetry
   that fills the air as well as the page, that
   constitutes an extension of the living body of the
   poet, that celebrates the moment, the here & now in a
   non-hierarchical language in a special American space.

1913 -- Canada: Mass rebellion by IWW workers in
Edmonton, Alberta forces the city to house 400 unemployed
during winter.

   There are many in this old world of ours who hold
   that things break about even for all of us. I have
   observed for example that we all get the same
   amount of ice. The rich get it in the summertime &
   the poor get it in the winter.

        — Bat Masterson, Western philosopher

1927 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Uncle Joe Stalin's
faction wins All-Union Congress in USSR, Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader Leon Trotsky expelled. Stalin's complete control
of USSR nearly assured. The Show Trials will soon begin, but
not on CNN or Fox News just yet.

1947 -- US: First "Howdy Doody" television
show broadcast.

                   "Hey kids... What time is it?

                    It's Howdy Doody time!"

1958 -- Argentina: A reunion of old friends at a meeting
of the Argentinian Federación Libertaria today.

    The Italian Luce Fabbri, the German Augustin Souchy &
    the Spaniard Diego Abad de Santillan share memories of
    clandestinity & repression due to their anarchist ideas &
    activities during the Spanish Revolution.

1960 -- Broken Nose

    Asger Jorn records his first musical experiments with Jean
    Dubuffet (Nez cassé [Broken Nose])...

    Also during this month, "Internationale Situationniste" #5 is
    published, edited by Guy Debord & Editorial Committee.
    Includes a report on the Fourth SI Conference in London, its
    Resolution Concerning the Imprisonment of Alexander Trocchi,
    & Jorn's "Open Creation and Its Enemies."

    Spur #3, journal of the German section of the SI, appears in Munich.
    Includes 29 original lithographs by Jorn & the Spur group.

1979 -- Ian Dury & the Clash headline the second of
four concerts for the people of Kampuchea, in London.

1985 -- Uruguay: The Senate & the House of Representatives
grant the anarchist & antimilitarist Eugenio Relgis (1895-1987) a
«pensión graciable»; the decree (law 15,796) provides N$20,000
(pesos) monthly. Apparently even aging anarchists like to eat.


        The mansion was on a promontory,
        high over the Pacific.
        Money could see farther in the 1920s,
        & one could look out & see whales &
        the Hawaiian Islands  & the Kuomintang
        in China.

              — Richard Brautigan,
             Trout Fishing in America

— anti-ever so much more than twenty, 1997-2010 or thereabouts

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