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Daily Bleed for January 2nd, 2011

So long had life together been that now
The second of January fell again
On Tuesday...

— Joseph Brodsky, "Six Years Later"

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Dutch astronomer, libertarian council communist.

BleedMeister, OutBack playing, he has tooken to heart
two entries from today's Bleed:

ANOTHER DAY OF ZEROWORK: A day which the Saxons
considered it extremely bad luck to work on.

NEW YEAR FESTIVITIES: Parties continue in Scotland. A
first-footing recipe: mix beer, whiskey, sugar & eggs,
bearing in mind that a Scots' pint used to be the equivalent
of three English ones.

1788 -- Etienne Cabet lives, French utopian socialist & influence
on the socialist Robert Owen. Utopian colonies based on his ideas
were founded in Illinois, Iowa & Texass. Wrote the highly popular
utopian novel, Voyage en Icarie (1839), of an ideal communist city.

On Robert Owen, see Kenneth Rexroth's chapter in Communalism.

1873 -- US: Decree from Norton I, Emperor of these United States
& Protector of Mexico, that a worldwide Bible Convention be held
in Frisco, California on this day.

"I could argue all day about the
significance of facing east in religious
rituals, but a clean table is a clean table."

— Norton I, Greatest Ruler & Emperor of these
United States & Protector of Mexico


1873 -- Anton Pannekoek lives (1873-1960). Dutch astronomer,
mathematician &, with the likes of Herman Gorter & Karl Korsch,
a radical infantile left-communist (according to Lenin).

See Paul Mattick's "On Anton Pannekoek",
Numerous other articles at Collective Action Notes
(cooperates informally with the Echanges et Mouvement),
Anton Pannekoek Archive,
Astronomical Institute "Anton Pannekoek",

1890 -- US: Johann Most arranges Emma Goldman's first public
lecture tour to speak on the limitations of the eight-hour movement.
In the course of her tour, Emma demonstrates her talents as an orator.

US: Conference of Industrial Unionists in Chicago forms the I.W.W.
(Industrial Workers of the World), fondly known as The Wobblies
(or I Wobble Wobble, or I Won't Work, & so on...).

1914 -- US: Emma Goldman's Mother Earth essay "Self-Defense
for Labor" responds to a series of violent labor violations...
Emma continues to work on the manuscript of her book, The Social
Significance of the Modern Drama

1919 -- Charles Willeford lives, Little Rock, Arkansas. Novelist, poet.

1947, Five poems published in "Outcast Poets," published by
Alicat Bookshop Press; 1947-49, Kyushu, Japan. Runs Army
of Occupation radio station WLKH; 1948, Proletarian
published by Alicat Bookshop Press; 1974, Film
version of Cockfighter produced & released; Willeford writes
the screenplay & plays the role of Ed Middleton.

"He was born with a gift of
laughter & a sense that the world
is mad."

— Rafael Sabatini

1920 -- US: The Red Scare goes into full swing, until the 6th.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Attorney General
A. Mitchell Palmer, who has Presidential ambitions, unleashes
a nationwide reign of terrorism, raids on suspected anarchist,
communist, unionist & radical Americans, arresting at least
2,700 (possibly as many as 8,000) after issuing orders for the
arrest (without warrants), & illegal detention of 10,000 Americans,
many of them trade union members & officials.

Federal agents seized labor leaders & literature in the hopes of
discouraging labor activity. A number of citizens were turned over
to state officials for prosecution under various anti-anarchy

Thugs with badges break down doors, destroy personal property,
printing presses, books, etc. Palmer orders Justice Department raids
on meeting halls & homes in 30 cities nationwide.

None of the 2,700 people arrested are charged with any explicit

Zoom forward to 2003-8. Hope you aren't Arab or Muslim.
Thankfully Republicans & other rightwingers are
opposed to big government & government intrusion in
the lives of the American people. Yup.

1936 -- US: Burma Shave puts up roadside signs offering "Free! Free!
A Trip to Mars for 900 Empty Jars."

1939 -- US: "Time" magazine names Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader German Chancellor Adolf Hitler its "Man of the Year."

1946 -- Jean Bernard Pouy lives, Paris. Writer, author of many
detective novels. La belle de Fontenay (prix mystère de la critique
en 1993) features an old Spanish anarquista.

Pouy Began the "Le poulpe" (The Octopus) series, featuring
Gabriel Lecouvreur, libertarian investigator & destroyer of
injustice. After having written La petite écuyère a cafté (1995),
he began finding different, & often new, authors to continue
the now popular series in the same vein.

1959 -- US: Filming of "Pull My Daisy," based on part of a play
Beatster Jack Kerouac wrote, begins in New York.

1965 -- Italy: Bomb explodes in Naples at the Spanish Consulate.
The attack is claimed by the Spanish anarchists of the CNT, FAI
& FIJL which declare:

"As long as the Iberian people continue to be oppressed by
the fascist dictatorship, dynamite will recall that the voice
of freedom cannot be choked. Long live anarchy".

1967 -- US: 69 armed men, plus three CBS cameramen, arrested in
Florida Keys as they complete preparations for an invasion of Haiti.
It is later revealed that CBS had paid the prospective invaders for
exclusive rights to film the landing.

In Haiti, Alejo Carpentier learns that there is no magic more
prodigious & delightful than the voyage that leads through
experience, through the body, to the depths of America.

In Europe, magicians have become bureaucrats, & wonder,
exhausted, has dwindled to a conjuring trick. But in America,
surrealism is as natural as rain or madness.

— Eduardo Galeano, Century of the Wind

1973 -- US: Carolyn Cassidy tosses Tim Bowden out of the house
at 2:00 AM in a reprise of a scene from Kerouac's On the Road.

1974 -- Belgium: Jean de Boe dies. Anarchist militant,
trade unionist & cooperativist.

1991 -- Salvadoran rebels shoot down a US helicopter & shoot two
US military terrorists "advisers".

1993 -- Mexico: The EZLN issues the first "Declaracion de la
Selva Lacondona," Chiapas.

1996 -- Bangladesh: An estimated 100,000 Bangladeshi women
traveled from the countryside to attend a rally in Dacca, the capital,
to protest Islamic clerics' attacks on women's education &

2006 -- US: Shoplifters of the World Unite!! White House domestic
policy adviser Claude Allen, one of the more surreal players in
the Bush White House & one-time Bush nominee to be a federal judge,
arrested for shoplifting, a fraud scheme he used at least 25 times
over the past year. Whatta Clod! (Clod got Cot).

2008 -- Novelist George MacDonald Fraser (1925-2008) dies. Creator
of Sir Harry Paget Flashman, a dyed-in-the-wool rogue who'd sooner
die than face danger.

He rode, farting with terror, in the charge of the Light Brigade...


Not the seizure of
power, but the
destruction of


— AntiDave, Anti-CopyRite 1997-2011 or thereabouts

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