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Daily Bleed for July the Twenty-Seventh

"The crows kep' flyin' up, boys!"
— Mary Gilmore

Bleed in full,


The Mother of Us All. American writer, lesbian, art patron.


1568 -- USFDA Warning?: Sir Walter Raleigh brings first
tobacco to England from Virginia.

1777 -- British poet Thomas Campbell lives, Glasgow. . .
Campbell gives this toast at an authors' dinner: "To Napoleon"
— murmurs of protest:

"But, gentlemen, he once shot a publisher!"


Rare, Out-of Print & Non-Existent Books

— bookstore sign in Jacksonville, Florida

1869 -- William Sylvis dies, head of the National Labor Union,
the first such organization in US history.

"Capital blights & withers all it touches. It is a new
aristocracy proud, imperious, dishonest, seeking only
profit & the exploitation of workers."

1880 -- Battle of Maiwand, where Dr. Watson was wounded,
breaks out.

1893 -- Australia: After telling Ernie Lane he was off to blow up
a non-union ship, Larry Petrie booked a passage on the S.S. 'Aramac'.
On board at midnight on 27 July near the entrance to Moreton Bay
there was a tremendous explosion in the forecabin.

"The funny thing was" said Petrie some years later,
"that the moment the bomb went off
my first & only thought was to save people's lives."

"(He) used to sing in a good, baritone voice "The Marseillaise"
to gather a good crowd around him .... Raising his only arm
when he sang 'to arms, my citizens' was always good for a laugh ..."

One day in March, 1901, Petrie jumped onto the line to push a
child out of the path of an on-coming train & was killed himself.

Petrie was well-known to both [poets] Henry Lawson & Mary
Gilmore was probably a good friend ... Dame Mary tells of writing
a poem about blowing up the 'Aramac'. This poem begins

"The crows kep' flyin' up, boys!"

1908 -- Writer Joseph Mitchell lives.

1918 -- Canada: United Mine Workers organizer Ginger Goodwin
is shot by a hired private cop outside Cumberland, British
Columbia. His murder sparked Canada's first General Strike .

"Ginger Goodwin led the first strike in Canada for an eight-hour

I'm trying to promote it as a Canadian holiday. I had never heard
anything about the guy, & then my brother — who works for the
Canadian Auto Workers — mentioned him, because they go to his
grave site every year for a memorial."

— Joe Keithley

"Ginger Goodwin" by Joe "Shithead" Keithley,
D.O.A., Sudden Death Records

1919 -- Chicago race riots.

The year after the Great War ended in 1918, 26 riots
exploded across the length & breadth of the country as
several forces joined to signal a growing crisis in race
relations in America.

1924 -- Holland: 20th anniversary of the creation of the A.I.A.
(Association Internationale Antimilitariste). In the Hague an
international meeting is held at the "House of the People".
Many well-known militants attend, such as Rudolf Rocker,
Emma Goldman, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, Barthélemy
de Ligt, & Pierre Ramus.


1936 -- Spain: In Catalonia, during the enthusiasm of the
revolution of the past few days, "Nouvelle Ecole Unifié" is founded,
based on the "Modern School" ideas of Francisco Ferrer.

1942 -- US: Toshiro Kobata, a California farmer, & San Pedro
fisherman Hirota Isomura are shot to death by camp guards at
Lourdsburg, New Mexico enemy alien "internment" camp.

The men were allegedly trying to escape. It is later reported,
however, that upon their arrival to the camp, the men had been
too ill to walk from the train station to the camp gate.

1946 -- US: Susan Glaspell dies, Provincetown. Co-founder
of the influential Provincetown Players.

1949 -- Jean Roumilhac dies in car accident. Fought with the
Spanish Republicans. President of S.I.A. (International Solidarity
Antifascist). In the 1940s, in the Rhone delta, he created an
agricultural company, enabling Spanish anarchist refugees
to obtain legal residence permits.

1953 -- Korean War ends after 575 meetings. MASH 4077 keeps
operating for another 8 years, then goes into re-runs. Like the Cold
War itself & US global interventions to make the world safe for
US corporations democracy.

1957 -- Jimmy Wilson, a black farmhand from Marion, Alabama is
sentenced to death for stealing $1.95 from a white woman.

1974 -- House Judiciary Committee votes 27-11 recommends
Nixon impeachment. Make room for some other sleaze bag.

1979 -- Alice Cooper's Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona
is firebombed.

1979 -- US: Bottomless Pit?: 13 banks in NY City are robbed today.

1999 -- "Only someone completely distrustful of all government
would be opposed to what we are doing with surveillance cameras."

— NYC Police Commissioner Howard Safir, 27 July 1999

2002 -- Russia: Bakunin Celebration Readings, Priamukhino.
Held at the estate of the Bakunin family, July 27-28, for the cause
& also as tribute to Natalya Pirumova, the well-known Russian historian.


"Disabled Vehicles Use Right Lane"

— Lincoln Tunnel sign


— @nti-RightLane 1997-9000, more or less

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