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Daily Bleed for 7.25

"You are not to board this train which has
only stopped to let you know that it does
not stop here on Sundays."

— announcement from a train
stopping at a British station on a Sunday
(You can't there from here?)

Daily Bleed in full, 86 entries, & some pictures & links...

July 25, excerpts,

Italian theoretician, poet, radical feminist.

Just ask Michael John, Canadian used book seller,


1850 -- India: Rain of Frogs at Rajkote.

What's green & dangerous?
A frog with a hand-grenade.

& possibly this handsome creature:

1856 -- George Bernard Shaw lives.

1867 -- Karl Marx's Das Kapital first appears in

1869 -- He Supports a Pioneer Aviator:
Decree from Norton I, to advance money
to Frederick Marriott for his airship

1890 -- US: NY garment workers win the right to unionize
& the firing of all scabs after a seven month strike.

1897 -- Jack London, novelist/socialist, bitten by gold fever,
heads for the Klondike.

1898 -- Terrorists BENEVOLENT Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Uncle Sam invades & colonizes
Puerto Rico...the sun soon wanes over the British Empire
& rises on the American.

The soldiers enter singing, with gun in brigand &
toothbrush crossed in the hat, marching before
the impassible glance of the farmers of the cane
& the coffee.

1904 -- US: 25,000 textile workers strike in

1905 -- Elias Canetti lives, Bulgaria. Wrote
Crowds & Power.

1907 -- France: The trial of the anarchist Ravachol begins.

"Who is it — throughout this endless procession of
tortures which has been the history of the human race —
who is it that sheds the blood, always the same,
relentlessly, without any pause for the sake of mercy?

Governments, religions, industries, forced labor camps,
all of these are drenched in blood.

— Octave Mirbeau, "Ravachol"

1908 -- Luce Fabbri lives (1908-2000). Life-long
anarchist intellectual, teacher, poet, & activist (&
daughter of famed Italian anarchist Luigi Fabbri).

1920 -- Will Rogers silent movie "Cupid, the Cowpuncher" is released.
The sheep over ta the next ranch be gettin' a bit very nervous.

1928 -- Snuff Flick? Robert Benchley movie short "The Sex
Life of a Polyp" is released.

1934 -- Austria: Engelbert Dollfuss, Austrian chancellor, is
assassinated by the Nazis. They missed Humperdink.

1936 -- Spain: Camillo Berneri arrives in Catalonia with a
cargo of rifles & ammunition.

1946 -- The Crime... Two young black couples — Roger &
Dorothy Malcom, George & Mae Murray Dorsey — are
killed by a lynch mob. The killers remain free.

The Coverup... "The best people in town won't talk,"
said Georgia State Patrol Major William E. Spence.

1946 -- First underwater atomic explosion. Bikini Atoll, South Pacific.
Worthy attempt to destroy commie "Red Tide" before it reaches America.
(see also Domino Theory; Uncle "Tail" Gunner Joe McCarthy)

1956 -- US: HUAC asks the House to cite dramatist Arthur Miller &
songster Pete Seeger for contempt.

1966 -- Wet Look? Mao Tse-tung swims the Yangtze River.
(Because it was dialectically there.)

1967 -- US: Race riots in Detroit force postponement of a Tigers-Orioles

1969 -- German social critic, painter Otto Dix dies.

1970 -- Cloak & Dagger? The Vatican confirms its condemnation of
homosexuality, calling it "a moral aberration that cannot be approved
by human conscience". Meanwhile it winks winks winks as Catholic priests
around the world bugger the kiddies. Human conscience, indeed.

1981 -- Juiced?: Jeff Barker spits tobacco juice 10.2 m, Raleigh, Miss.

1983 -- State of Washington Public Power Supply System
defaults $2.25 billion. Boondoggle, lovingly referred to as
WHOOPS! (It's only money...)

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

— William Carlos Williams,
The Red Wheelbarrow

1990 -- American Ambassador tells Iraq US won't take sides in
Iraq-Kuwait dispute. We're as good as our word, yup, yup, yup...

1993 -- Lebanon: Israel blasts targets in southern Lebanon; 130 die
by the end of the month. 500,000 flee the bombardment. Tune-in
again today in 2006 as Israel & Hezbollah go at it.

1994 -- Israel & Michael Jordan sign end-of-hostility
declaration. Yep.

1996 -- US begins increased airline anti-terrorism precautions. Yep.

2001 -- France: In Dijon, 40 anarchists occupy the Italian consulate to
protest police violence at the G8 Summit in Genoa, Italy. A streamer
proclaiming "G8 kills to bury the anger of the street" is hung above
the entry.

2001 -- Listen Up Saddam?! Bush administration, high on image, short
on principal, rejects a draft treaty on enforcement of a biological
weapons ban. Yup.

& so forth......

—anti-copyRite 1997-666999

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