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Daily Bleed for 7.29

... & the samara goes wingèd, Oh wild Angelica!
Oh quickbeam! oh quake & sway into waking,
With aspergill enter Into the future.

— Edward Dorn, Gunslinger

Daily Bleed, full glory:

Half glory, being mere excerpts:

French cultural theorist, media philosopher, art critic.



1839 -- 3 Day Loan & You're Out?: Going with a mob to loot the
Tuileries, Alexandre Dumas, Pere, is flattered to find a copy of
one of his own books (Christine) in the royal apartments & absconds
with it. Violates copyright?

1871 -- Roberto Elia lives, (1871-??). Italian militant anarchist.
Abducted by US authorities (without a warrant or arrest) in 1920,
during Mitchell Palmer's terrorist reign to rid America of "Red
Satans." Held in secret, interrogated & beaten for eight weeks;
co-abductee Andrea Salsedo mysteriously "fell" from the 14th
floor of the Department of Justice offices (May 3, 1920).

1890 -- Vincent Van Gogh dies in Auvers, France.
His last words:

"You can't stop me . . . I have to gogh . . ."

1895 -- England: Famed geographer Elisée Reclus (1830-1905)
delivers the lecture, "On Anarchism", at South Place Institute,
Only anarchist geographer I know of who has a wine
dedicated in his honor,

Cuvee Elisee

(vintage 2002 sampling is free if you're in Paris)

1900 -- Working-class novelist Eyvind Johnson lives.

Brings new themes & points of view to Swedish
literature while experimenting with new forms &
techniques. Shares the 1974 Nobel Prize with
fellow Swede Harry Edmund Martinson.

1900 -- King Umberto of Italy is killed by Gaetano Bresci, an
Italian anarchist in revenge for hundreds of workers killed
by his army in Milan in May of 1898.

1923 -- "No more war" demonstrations held in 23 countries.

1929 -- France: Jean Baudrillard appears (1929-2007),
looking for a simulacrum. Philosopher, sociologist,

Whiskey Pete's Casino...

«"Ouf! It's a game!"» "It is the task of radical thought,
since the world is given to us in unintelligibility, to
make it more unintelligible, more enigmatic, more fabulous."

"... it is not we, the messengers of the simulacrum, who have
plunged things into this discredit, it is the system itself
that has fomented this uncertainty that affects everything

1947 -- US: Gas leak explodes in a beauty parlor, 10 women die in
Harrisonburg, Virginia. They went up, getting done-up in that get-up...

1963 -- Spain: Bombs go off, destroying a pump in the
Main directorate of Seguridad (DGS) of Madrid
— "symbol of Franco torture" — & another in the
National Delegation of Unions.

Franco's fascist regime wrongly arrest, & execute within
two weeks, anarquistas Francisco Granados &
Joaquín Delgado.

1968 -- US: Riots rock Seattle's Central Area after a police raid
on the local Black Panther Party 69 are arrested in riots over the
following three days.

BleedMeister, a cab driver, gets trapped in late-night revelry
of stoning cars. Another cab gets turned over & set afire.

1970 -- US: After a five-year strike, United Farm Workers (UFW)
sign contract with grape growers, California.

BleedMeister has his picture took by Safeway grocery
store goons at various rallies & picket lines, later discovered
in his secret Washington State police files...

1979 -- US: New Left theorist / radical Herbert Marcuse dies.
Makes "The Communist Manifesto" sexier & gives Freud more class.

Daily Bleed Saint 2001-2008
Heterodox Marxist theorist who inspired much of the Sixties
rebellions & the birth of the New Left.

1983 -- Surrealist filmmaker/director Luis Buñuel (1900-1983) dies.

"When I am dead I hope they burn everything I ever made.
I share the feelings of the Marquis de Sade.
I want them to burn me & throw me to the four winds.
I want to disappear completely, without trace."

1990 -- American Ambassador April Glaspie infers to Saddam
Hussein that the US government would have no objections to an
Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The rest, as they say, is history. Well...

2000 -- Bookstore owner Goliardo Fiaschi (1930-2000) dies.
Italian anti-fascist & anarchist guerilla..

He was laid to rest beside Gino Lucetti & Steffano Vatteroni
(both would-be assassins of Mussolini), & Giuseppe Pinelli
(murdered by the police during an interrogation)...

Such was the esteem in which Goliardo Fiaschi was held
that even the ranks of Tuscany, in the person of the mayor
of Carrara, could scarce forbear to cheer with a
farewell notice, which ended with the words:

"Thanks, Goliardo!"

— from an obituary by Stuart Christie

2004 -- US: 400 clash with Boston police. The Boston-area
Bl(A)ck Tea Society, an ad hoc group of self-described
anarchists & anti-authority activists burn a two-faced
effigy depicting President Bush on one side & Sen. John
Kerry on the other & get into a shoving match with Boston's of whom complains,

"We have trained two years for this, & they showed us nothing....
I'm disappointed in the quality of anarchists we've got here."


"A world without string is chaos."

— Ernie Smuntz


—@ntiChaos 2001 or 1002 or 0201 or 0120 or 7-11 or boxcars or
snake-eyes (here's lookin at yuh in 2010)

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