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Daily Bleed for June 15th, 2010

They said we were lost, mad & immoral,
& interfered with the plans of the management.
& today, millions & millions, shut alive
In the coffins of circumstance,
Beat on the buried lids,
Huddle in the cellars of ruins, & quarrel
Over their own fragmented flesh.

— Kenneth Rexroth, excerpt,
"Between Two Wars" (1944)

Daily Bleed in full,

Text excerpts/updates:


"The People's Artist." Egyptian composer, activist.

LANTERN FESTIVAL: The dead revisit homes.

ST. VITUS DAY: Traditional day of revels for welcoming Spring in
old Europe.



1844 - Thomas Campbell dies. Scottish poet who first said,
supposedly inspired by a view of Edinburgh,

"'Tis distance lends enchantment to the view."

1859 -- US: An American shoots a British hog, beginning the
Pig War, San Juan Islands, (Washington state).

1913 -- US troops finally end the Moro Uprising in the
Philippines (exterminating 600 men, women & children in an
assault on the same crater where an entire community was
similarly liquidated in 1906).

". . . To Protect American Interests . . ."

1916 -- First & only edition of the magazine "Cabaret Voltaire" is
published, containing work by Hugo Ball (Daily Bleed Saint), Kandinsky,
Jean (Hans) Arp, Modigliani, & the first printing of the word Dada.

"DaDa is beautiful like the night, who cradles the young day in
her arms." — Hans Arp

"DADA speaks with you, it is everything, it envelopes everything,
it belongs to every religion, can be neither victory or defeat,
it lives in space and not in time." — Francis Picabia

"Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the

— Richard Huelsenbeck

1917 -- US: Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman arrested &
charged with conspiring to "induce persons not to register" for
World War I military service. Both were sent to prison, then
deported & banned from the land of the free.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Liberal President
Wilson signed an Espionage Act, setting penalties of up
to 20 years imprisonment & fines of up to $10,000 for
persons aiding the enemy, interfering with the draft, or
encouraging disloyalty of military members; also declares
nonmailable all written material advocating treason,
insurrection, or forcible resistance to the law.

1918 -- France: The anarchist Jules Durand, sentenced to death
in November 1910, is found innocent in a new trial, a victim of
corrupt witnesses & vilification by the local press for a crime
he did not commit.

1927 - Hugo Pratt lives. Italian artist, cartoonist, whose
graphic novels have been translated into several languages. Best
known character is existentialist adventurer Captain Corto
Maltese, whose world travels follows him from his youth to the
1930s, when he disappears during the Spanish Revolution.
Fictional characters intermingle with real historical persons.

1933 -- Outer Space: Asteroids Kenya & Uganda (#1,278-79)
are discovered. Obviously two countries taking to heart
William S. Burroughs' lament:

"We gotta find a way off this goddamn
cop-ridden planet!"

1934 - Hitler & Mussolini meet for the first time, Venice, Italy.

"While public school history courses in the United States stress
the horrors of the German Nazi murder of 6 million Jews & Josef
Stalin's pogroms against racial minorities & political dissidents
in the Soviet Union, the facts that the U.S. Army's solution to
the 'Indian Problem' was the prototype for the Nazi 'Final
Solution' to the 'Jewish Problem' & that the North American
Indian Reservation was the model for the 20th century gulag &
concentration camp, are conveniently overlooked."

— Jonathan Ott

1950 -- Cold War hysteria: US Senate opens investigation of
3,500 alleged "sex perverts" (homosexuals) in the federal
government. Wait til they get an Internet account.

1950 -- General strike against apartheid in South Africa.

Beware that policeman,
He'll want to see your pass,
He'll say it's not in order,
That day may be your last!

— Beverly Naidoo, Journey to Jo'burg

1954 -- US: Wash & Spin? Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Tail Hunter Joe McCarthy declares physicist Robert Oppenheimer
a security risk.

"I have here in my hand," he states, "the names of 205 men that
were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the
Communist party & who nevertheless are still working & shaping
the policy of the state department."

Some years later, he confides the paper was actually
an old laundry list.

1955 -- 3 Ignores & You're Out?: 28 arrested for ignoring
compulsory civil defense drills, New York.

1963 -- "Bob's" face & "999" miraculously appear on a tortilla
being prepared by a woman in Plano, Texass.

1966 -- End of three days of Dutch Provo rioting,
Amsterdam, Holland.

1967 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting Governor
Ronnie Reagan signs liberalized California abortion bill.

"Facts are stupid things." — Ronnie Reagan, 1988
(misquote of John Adams: 'Facts are stubborn things.')

1968 -- John Lennon & Yoko Ono plant an acorn at Conventry
Cathedral. Reporters insinuate: "They've gone nuts."

1982 -- 450 occupy uranium mine for three days in anti-nuclear
protest, Honeymoon, South Australia.

1986 -- Russia: Pravda announces high-level Chernobyl
staff fired for stupidity.

1989 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Bush's drug
czar William Bennett proposes beheading drug dealers. This
will make them easy to spot in the future, no doubt.

1994 -- Switzerland: Government prohibits those
under 15 from seeing the film "Schindler's List".

2000 -- Ecuador: Police tear gas protesting teachers & health
workers trying to march on government palace during the first day
of a 48-hour General Strike in the Andean nation.

2001 -- Street clashes greet the 'Toxic Texan' (Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader President Little Bush) — Swedish
police on high alert as thousands protest against US stance on
defense & climate change.

2003 -- Italy: Enrico Baj — controversial anarchist Italian painter
& sculptor, best known for his collages of ridiculous-looking generals
made from medals, shards of glass, scraps of flowery material & shells
— dies, in Vergiate, at age 79.


"Men fight & lose the battle, & the thing they fought for comes
about in spite of their defeat; & when it comes, turns out to be
not what they meant; & other men have to fight for what they
meant under another name."

— William Morris


— @nti-copyRite 7026 or thereabouts

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