Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daily Bleed for 6.17.2010

The day recounts itself backwards.
At the bus-stop this morning
I was thinking how simple it sometimes actually is
just to set things in motion

— Peter Didsbury, "The Seventeenth of June"

Web upheaval, in full:

Text excerpts:


Playwright, the original Nuyorican poet.


Iceland: REPUBLIC DAY. (Where the beer is always on ice)


"Every animal knows, & humans are no
exception, that when there is a
stampede you must join in or get out
of the way. Try to stop it, & you will
be crushed."

Rhizomatic Radio & the Great Stampede, by Ron Sakolsky
Seizing the Airwaves, edited by Sakolsky


1838 -- US: On or about today, the first Cherokee Indians begin Trail
of Tears — 1,200 mile forced march to Oklahoma.

Gold was discovered on their territory. 4000 Cherokees
die when 17,000 of them are forced west by Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader President Jackson's Indian
Removal bill, the culmination of his efforts to exterminate them.

(Jackson was also a notorious land speculator, slave trader
& bribe-artist.)

Evacuation was carried out, during the winter of 1838-9, by
federal troops commanded by General Winfield Scott (replacing
a commander who resigned, refusing to carry out Jackson's orders).
Along the way, 10% of the tribe was wiped out by disease, fatigue,
& exposure.

1867 -- Henry Lawson lives, Grenfell, Australia. Sheep
shearer. Wrote short stories & ballad-like verse. Noted for
realistic portrayals of bush life, based on his wanderings.

The ghost of a pause in the shed's rough heart,
& lower is bowed each head,
then nothing is heard save a whispered word,
& the roar of the shearing shed.

1876 -- US: Encampment of Lakota & Cheyenne led by Crazy Horse
attacked by, & subsequently routes, US army soldiers.

1876 -- Italy: Bologna trial ends, after three months' duration.

Endless months of preliminary arrest had been followed by a
series of monster trials, (Florence, Perguia, Leghorn, Massa
Carrara, etc). But the Marches & the Abruzzi (Aquila) prisoners
were tried with the Bolognese & Romagnols in the largest of all
trials, that of Bologna - March 15 to June 17, 1876 — where
Andrea Costa was the leading spirit.

1882 -- Igor Stravinsky, composer, lives, Oranienbaum, Russia.

1895 -- George MacLeod, pastor, pacifist & founder of Iona
Community in Scotland, lives.

1903 -- US: Mary Harris "Mother" Jones leads a rally in
Philadelphia to focus public attention on children mutilated
in the state's textile mills.

Mother Jones was called to assist a strike by 75,000 textile
workers in Kensington, Pennsylvania. The strikers include 10,000
small children, who Jones says (quote) "came into Union
Headquarters, some with their hands off, some with the thumb
missing, some with their little fingers off at the knuckle."

Reporters say they cannot publish the facts because the millowners
have stock in the papers.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Theodore
Roosevelt refuses to see her.

1907 -- US: Equality Colony in Washington State
(name changed to Freeland) closes.

This community was founded by Socialists who
hoped to "capture the state of Washington for socialism".
The company dissolved & the 40 remaining members
returned to the individualistic system.

1911 -- Mexico: Tijuana recaptured by Diaz's former Federal troops,
now lead by Madero, spelling the final dissolution of the anarchist
Magonista PLM forces by defeat & desertion.

1913 -- US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) sitdown strike
at Studebaker auto plant.

BleedMeister & No. 1 Son hope to soon put pictures
of our 1955 Studebaker pickup online before the city
of Seattle has it towed away again for the umpteenth time.

1914 -- John Hersey lives, Tientsin, China. Wrote Hiroshima;
The Wall & The Child Buyer.

1917 -- Gwendolyn Brooks lives, Topeka, Kansas. Poet/novelist &
the first AFrican American to win a Pulitzer Prize, in 1950 for Annie Allen.

1923 -- Argentina: Kurt Wilckens (1886-1923) dies after being
shot in his prison cell yesterday by a rightwing guard.

German anarchist, member of the Industrial Workers
of the World (IWW), pacifist, responsible for the attack
on Varela (known as the "Killer of Patagonia").

A miner by trade, Wilckens worked in Arizona, where he
led a strike in 1916. He was then interned in a US camp for
German prisoners, but escaped & made his way to

1929 -- Harry & Caresse Crosby publish The Black Sun Press edition
of the "Tales Told of Shem & Shaun" section of James Joyce's
Finnegans Wake (a work in progress).

The printer discovers the final page has but two lines & begs
Caresse for more, but she says she could never approach Joyce
with such a request.

The next day the printer had eight more lines:

"He had been wanting to add more, but was too frightened
of you, Madame, to do so."

Harry once sent a telegram to Boston:



1953 -- East Berlin, East Germany: Workers Uprising, strike
for democracy; oppose Russian imperialism; USSR invades
"to restore law & order."

"We are not slaves!"

G√ľnter Grass's play "The Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising"
is based on the workers' uprising in East Berlin in June, 1953.

1954 -- US-CIA supplies & directs forces in overthrow of
democracy in Guatemala, destroying the constitutionally elected
government of Jacabo Arbenz Guzman & murdering many of his
supporters. Decades of government-sponsored genocide against
Guatemalan Indians follow.

Oh the companies keep a sharp eye
And pay their respects to the army
To watch for the hot-blooded leaders
And be prepared for the junta to
crush them like flies.

So heavy the price that they pay
As daily the fruit it is stolen...

— Phil Ochs, "United Fruit"

1955 -- Disneyland opens, Anaheim, California. Resembles the rest
of California. Or America...

1960 -- US: First convention of Students for a Democratic Society
(SDS), New York City.

1963 -- US Supreme Court rules, 8-1, that laws requiring the
recitation of the Lord's Prayer or Bible verses in public schools
are unconstitutional. Amen!

1972 -- US: CREEP(y) break-in at the Watergate complex,
Washington DC. Five clowns, in this their fourth attempt to
get into Democratic Party headquarters, are rudely arrested.
This badly bungled burglary (BBB) was the beginning of the
end for the dreaded Tricky Dick 'I Am Not a Crook' Nixon gang.

There's much more, but this gives you the general drift...

1977 -- International Indian Treaty Council announces its
intention to provide Soviet Union with a list of US human
rights abuses against its indigenous peoples.

2006 -- France: Salon Livre Libertaire & Libr Media, sponsored
by Radio Libertaire & Librarie Publico, in Paris.

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank & file
has already earned my contempt.

He has been given a large brain by mistake,
since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice."

— Albert Einstein

— Auntie-Marches (to a Different Drum), 1997-6666
& every year prior & thereafter, more or less, including pre-history
& post-puberty, too...


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