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Daily Bleed for 6.13.10

Bleed in full:



Italian left communist, Prometheus Group leader.

MINERS' UNION DAY. Butte, Montana.




1381 -- Wat Tyler revolt: Jack Straw & 30,000 peasants
& poor city folk rebel, march on London.

1865 -- WB Channel? W. B. Yeats lives. Irish poet/dramatist. Snagged
the 1923 Nobel Prize for Literature. Early influences included William
Blake's poems, Emanuel Swedenborg's writings, & other visionaries.
Founded, with Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory, the Irish Literary
Theatre. Worked as a director & wrote numerous plays for it.

See Kenneth Rexroth articles in Classics Revisited
or More Classics Revisited.

1900 -- 3 Rounds & You're Out?: China's Boxer Rebellion
against foreigners & Christians.

1909 -- Spain: A congress of the labor federation Solidaridad
Obrera today votes overwhelmingly to accept the general strike
tactic, "depending upon circumstances."

The anarchists in Solidaridad Obrera (a regional federation
embracing 112 labor syndicates throughout Catalonia with a
membership of 25,000 workers) were anarcho-syndicalists
who believed in operating within large labor movements...

1910 -- Fernand Rude lives.
French social historian, sympathetic to libertarian movements.
For the Paris Commune Centenary Rude issued Bakunin materials,
"De la guerre à la Commune" & "Le socialisme libertaire".

1910 -- France: In Paris, confrontations take place at Faubourg
Saint-Anthony between cabinetmakers & police. The anarchist
Henri Cler is wounded & dies. Cler's funeral at the Pantin
cemetery draws tens of thousands of people, & is the scene of
new police violence, who apparently have no respect for anyone,
living or dead.

1914 -- US: Riot breaks out at Miner's Union Day parade
& spreads to union hall, Butte Montana.

During the riot, the hall is looted and safe is stolen
& dynamited. Acting mayor Frank Curran is pushed
out of a second-story window.

1920 -- US: Priority Mail?

Post Office Department rules children may not be
sent by parcel post.

1925 -- Canada: During continuing strike actions, angry miners
victimized by company-owned cops & goons, burn three company
stores in Nova Scotia to the ground.

A company president had wrongly sneered,

"We hold the cards,
they will crawl back to work..."

The company stores never open again.

1935 -- Rap Artists?: Wrapper Christo & Jeanne-Claude,
wrap artist, both live.

1960 -- Safety First? Sidney Cohen's survey of 5,000 individuals
who had taken LSD 25,000 times concludes it is safe. Now you
can throw away those pesky life preservers...

1961 -- France: 27 people deported after swimming ashore in
protest of a ban of San Francisco-to-Moscow disarmament march.

1966 -- Holland: Provo riots in Amsterdam. (Provos elect first
representative to Amsterdam Municipal Council this month).

1968 -- Friendly Fire: Crew of a US helicopter,
"misunderstanding" radio instructions of a Vietnamese Ranger
officer, fires a rocket & a blast of machine gun fire at a South
Vietnamese command post in Saigon, killing, among others,
the Saigon Chief of Police.

Gives meaning to the phrase "good
police work."

1968 -- Hull of a Day?: Hull of the World Glory fails off South
Africa, resulting in a 13,524,000 gallon oil spill.

1971 -- Publication of classified Pentagon papers on U.S.
involvement in Vietnam begins in "The New York Times".

"The NY Times" had finally tired of being
mouth-piece for the government line/lies on the war,
& Daniel Ellsberg had the dirt...

During this month American vets start admitting to US atrocities
in Vietnam.

1980 -- Guyanese historian, activist, head of Working People's
Party, Walter Rodney assassinated, Georgetown, Guyana.

1981 -- Teenager fires six blanks at Queen Elizabeth II.

1982 -- André Claudot (1892-1982), French anarchiste, artist,
teacher, dies. The libertarian filmmaker Bernard Baissat did a
film of his life, "Ecoutez Claudot" (1979).

1988 -- Palestinian nonviolent activist Mubarek Awad deported from
Israel. Later settles in Washington, D.C. & founds Nonviolence

1993 -- Somalia: US "peacekeeper" shoots 14 unarmed
demonstrators, Mogadishu. Protecting US "interests".

1996 -- Canada: Four women block a convention center gate & are
arrested at a protest of the SUBCON VIII arms trade exhibition in

1996 -- US: Valerio Isca (b.1900) dies, age 95 (a quitter!). Italian-
American anarchist, co-founder of the Libertarian Book Club in NY.


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