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Daily Bleed for 6.3.1020

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June 3

ALLEN GINSBERG Great Beat poet, pot liberator,
counter-cultural icon, OMnipresent radical, 3-foot HIGH
FBI file, gay. His old pal Jack Kerouac broke with
Allen for being too "political".


Girls attend Buddhist funeral ceremonies, bury old dolls.


1651 -- Free Verse?: Ireton lays siege to Limerick.

1657 -- Vote With Your Feat?: The Parliamentarian Army
kidnaps Charles I.

Note: This would have been a rather gruesome affair since they
had beheaded him in 1649. The correct date is probably 1647.
Incidentally, there are several good books on the English
Revolution & related topics by Christopher Hill.

See "The World Turned Upside Down" at

1761 -- Henry Shrapnel, English inventor (shrapnel shell), lives.
His annual birthday festivities will be held in Afghanistan this year.
Occupying Nation is supplying.

1820 -- US: Quakers open an apprentices' library,
Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia.

1888 -- Jim Tully lives, in a log cabin near St. Mary's, Ohio.

Who Was Jim Tully? Once one of America's best-read &
most-admired authors. Today his name is forgotten by
contemporary readers, & his books are out of print. With
Dashiell Hammett, a founder of the hard-boiled school of
writing. Charles Willeford, a kindred spirit, has an essay
("Jim Tully: Holistic Barbarian") which provides an excellent
social & literary context for Tully's work.

1900 -- International Ladies Garment Workers Union
(ILGWU) founded.

And we gave new courage to the men
Who carried on in nineteen-ten
And shoulder to shoulder we'll win through
Led by the ILGWU
hail the waistmakers of nineteen-nine
making their stand on the picket line,
Breaking the power of those who reign
Pointing the way, smashing the chain

The Uprising of the 20,000,
dedicated to the Waistmakers of 1909

1906 -- Jazz dancer, actress, stripper, civil rights
activist Josephine Baker lives.

1917 -- First All-Russia Congress of Workers & Soldiers Soviets opens.
See The Bolsheviks & Workers Control 1917-1921: The State &

1924 -- Dystopian allegorist & anarchist sympathizer Franz Kafka
dies, Kierling, Austria, leaving a plea to his friend Max Brod to
destroy all his unpublished manuscripts — including The Trial,
The Castle, & Amerika.

1926 -- Allen Ginsberg lives (1926-1997), Newark, New Jersey.

Beat poet, auntie-authoritarian activist, pedophile &,
according to the FBI, god forbid (!),

an "Internal Subversive-Cuba" risk.

Branded by FBI, in his 3-foot high file, as a displayer of
auntie-American sympathies.

Kicked out of Cuba & Czechoslovakia for chanting to
Commie Cops.

1926 -- Date of the riot in George Orwell's novel Burmese Days.

1936 -- American author & used book seller Larry McMurtry
lives, Wichita Falls, Texass. In 1970, he bought a rare-book
store in Washington D.C., named it Booked Up, & relocated
to run the store. A second Booked Up was opened in Archer
City, Texass, in 1988:

1940 -- US: Supreme Court rules citizens can be forced to
salute the flag (later reversed).

1948 -- US: Korczak Ziolkowski begins sculpture
of Crazy Horse near Mt Rushmore.

"I will return to you in stone."

1968 -- Valerie Solanas makes art, air conditions
Andy Warhol, illustrator of the 1954 edition of
The Joy of Cooking.

Momentarily punctures his ego & pokes a hole in his shoulder.
Author of SCUM Manifesto.
excerpt from "The Importance of Being Andy":

"The death of art spells the death of artists ..."

1968 -- SciFi authors Robert Bloch & Harlan Ellison
appear on Les Crane TV show.

1980 -- Computer malfunction — specifically, failure of a 46 cent
computer chip — signals a Soviet nuclear attack on US. US forces
are called back in the nick of time. Just to prove how good it is,
it happens again on the 6th.

Gentlemen! You can't fight in here,
this is the War Room!

— Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader US President Merkin Muffley

1987 -- US Rep. Jack Brooks tells Iran-Contra lackey Elliot Abrams
he takes "more pride in not knowing anything than anybody I ever saw."

Replies Abrams,

"I never said I had no idea about most of the things
you said I said I had no idea about."

1998 -- US: Hold the Mustard? In New York City hundreds of sidewalk
food vendors hold a 1-day strike & parade through lower Manhattan.

1999 -- US: Animal-rights protesters stage a sit-in
at the University of Washington, Seattle.

1999 -- Jerome Rosen opera "Emperor Norton of the USA"
premiers, Davis, Calif.

2000 -- US: 23 out-of-service cop cars in Portland, Oregon,
just waiting to be torched, get torched, causing $200,000 damage.

2005 -- Mary Frohman dies while waiting for a bus. Anarchist,
druggie, singer & guitarist, part of the DeHorn Crew (the Chicago
IWW's house band & a filk outfit — "Run, Cthulhu, Run"), perhaps
the character Mama Sutra in the comic cult novel Illuminatus!.

2009 -- Poet William Witherup (1935-2009) barks no more. Author of Down
Wind, Down River
; Black Ash, Orange Fire: Collected Poems 1959-1985;
Men at Work. Anti-prison activist, founder of the Gene Debs Labor Ensemble.

2009 -- Honduras: Organization of American States (OAS) lifts 47-year-old
suspension of Cuba. Formerly a rubber-stamp organization for US imperial
policies, Latin leaders overwhelmingly signal a new-found independence.


— anti-wARrOOM 1997-3000, more or less

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