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Daily Bleed for 6.5.2010

Out of burlap sacks, out of bearing butter,
Out of black bean & wet slate bread,
Out of the acids of rage, the candor of tar,
Out of creosote, gasoline, drive shafts, wooden
They Lion grow.

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Andalusian surrealist poet & dramatist, gay victim martyred by fascists.

(Who Needs Donuts When You've Got Love?)



754 - St. Boniface slain by Druids for chopping down a sacred
tree. Translation: Pagans off Christian missionary Saint
Boniface for whacking the ecology.

1455 - One Priest & You're Out?: Poet Francois Villon kills a
priest in a brawl, is banished from Paris.

"One thing about the music for sure, it rocks with
the rhythms of dance. The lyrics say the same thing
that poet singers in the student hangouts in the Paris
Latin Quarter say today ... Villon is the very archetype,
the poet laureate of 500 years of the counterculture. So
clearly does he speak for a way of life that his name
has become a common noun & adjective in European

— Kenneth Rexroth,
Subversive Aspects of Popular Songs

1832 - The poor of Paris, with their romantic allies, revolt
against the new monarchy, June 5-6. Society of the Friends
of the People raise the red flag, declaring "Liberty or Death".

1878 - Revolutionist Francisco "Pancho" Villa lives, San Juan del
Rio, Durango. On this day, in 1978, México issues 100th anniversary
Pancho Villa stamp series.

Daily Bleed Saint, 2003: PANCHO VILLA
Inspired hero of the Mexican Revolution, or "social bandit,"
depending on your point of view.

1878 - Karl Eduard Nobiling (1848-1878) dies. Doctor of
philosophy, anarchist. A month after Maximilian Hoëdel tries to
kill King Guillaume I in Berlin, Germany, Nobiling takes his
turn, & having failed, turns his gun upon himself.

1886 -- Poet Rubén Darío embarks from Nicaragua for Chile.

"...And the Muse divines the meaning of the
hieroglyphics. The strange life of a vanished
people emerges from the mist of time."

1898 - Federico García Lorca lives.
Andalusian poet/dramatist/artist. Murdered by Franco's fascists
in 1936. Accused of subversive activity, but evidence today
suggests a hate crime because of his homosexuality. His writings
remained censored until Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Franco died in 1975. Despite this, Lorca became one of the most
widely read writers in the world.

Gacela of the Dark Death

I want to sleep the dream of the apples,
to withdraw from the tumult of cemeteries,
I want to sleep the dream of that child
who wanted to cut his heart on the high seas.

I don't want to hear again that the dead do not lose their blood...

[...] For i want to sleep the dream of the apples,
to learn a lament that will cleanse me of the earth;
for i want to live with that dark child
who wanted to cut his heart on the high seas.

1900 - American author Stephen Crane, 28, dies in
Germany, of tuberculosis, compounded by
malarial fever caught while he was covering the
Spanish-American War in Cuba.

Who, squatting upon the
ground, held his heart in his
hands, & ate of it...

1911 - Ricardo Flores Magon's followers in Los Angeles
announce the formation of the Republic of Baja California.

1919 - US: 67 anarchists arrested & face deportation in the
wake of a bomb explosion marking the beginning of the infamous
"Palmer raids."

1934 - Christopher Morley convenes the first meeting of the
Baker Street Irregulars at 144 East 45th Street in New York;
eight Irregulars regularly attend.

1939 - Close Shave? Elijah Beardsworth, world quick shaving
champion, dies. [In Burma . . . right?]

1948 -- Brecht play "Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti"
premiers, Zurich.

1961 - Justice For All? US Supreme Court orders US Communist
Party to register with the Justice Department. Some people are more
Free than other free people in the Land of the Free.

1963 - John Profumo, British Secretary of War, resigns his post
following revelations he had sex with a prostitute who also had a
thing with a Soviet Naval officer.

You can have your Marilyn, your Carolyn, your Jacqueline.
Grace Kelly never meant that much to me—
Just give me:
Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies,
You're the gals for me. (I'll give you secrets.)
And you're the gals for me.

Oh, you get good defense from Robert McNamara—
Defends us all day long;
But when Lord Profumo takes off his mascara
You know he can't go wrong.

— Phil Ochs

1967 - Boxer Muhammad Ali is sentenced to five years in prison
for refusing the military draft during Vietnam War era.

"Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand.

I beat people up."

1967 - US: 40 Chicanos stage an armed raid on Tierra Armarilla, New
Mexico. The group claims 2,500 square miles of territory in New
Mexico, which they say Spain granted their ancestors.

1967 - Early June, Alpert goes to India for 3 months; the Diggers
attend & boggle the SDS meeting in Michigan; Steve Durkee founds
Lama (Foundation) 115 acres New Mexico.

1968 - Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator & presidential
candidate Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles after
winning the California Democratic party; dies tomorrow.

A former staff member for Beloved & Respected
Comrade Red-baiter Joseph McCarthy during the 50s Witch
Hunts, recast as a populist in his quest for the White House.

1977 - Shock rocker & perennial Presidential candidate Alice
Cooper's pet boa constrictor was bitten by a rat it was trying to
eat & dies. Cooper held a public audition to replace the snake,
which was featured in his act.

"If a bad actor can be President, why not a great rock star?"
I'm your top prime cut of meat, I'm your choice.
I wanna be elected!
I'm your yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce.
I wanna be elected!
Kids want a savior, don't need a fake.
I wanna be elected!
We're all gonna rock to the rules that I make!
I wanna be elected, elected, elected!

2004 -- Netherlands: Police in The Hague violently break up an
attempt by 350 anti-fascists to block a demonstration by a ragbag
of fascist Nederlandse Volks Unie (Dutch People's Union).
The violence by the Burly-Chested Wunderkind is 'deliberate
& unprovoked'.

2005 -- France: Pépita Carpeña (1919-2005) dies, Marseille.
Militant Spanish anarcho-syndicalist & feminist.


Out of the gray hills
Of industrial barns, out of rain, out of bus ride,
West Virginia to Kiss My Ass, out of buried aunties,
Mothers hardening like pounded stumps, out of stumps,
Out of the bones' need to sharpen and the muscles' to stretch,
They Lion grow.

— Philip Levine, excerpt, "They Feed They Lion"


— @untie-buried aunties, 1997, 2001, 2006, 2010 & a coupla days thereafter

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