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Daily Bleed for This 1st of June

The wind blows hard among the pines
toward the beginning
of an endless past.

Listen: you've heard everything.

— Shinkichi Takahashi

Today's Bleed, in full, 'bout 120 thumpin' entries,
50 some links,



American anti-war activist, radical peace worker, cleric.


Dancing, singing, feasting, spinning & weaving contests.

Keep in mind, this is:

Gay Pride Month, Fight the Filthy Fly Month, National
Accordion Awareness Month, Gay & Lesbian Book Month.

The first week is: National Bathroom Reading Week,
Brain Tumor Awareness Week.

2nd week is: Graffiti Week

3rd week is: National Fink Week

Movable Holidays include:

3rd Saturday: National Hollerin' Contest (Spivey's
Corner, North Carolina)
Saturday before Whitsunday: Lazybones Day (Luilak)
Last Sunday: Gay/Lesbian Pride Parade (Frisco)
Last Thursday: Watermelon Thump & World Champion Seed Spitting Contest

June Indeterminate Holidays include:
Chicken Clucking Contest


1586 - New World: Ralph Lane & English garrison murder
Pemisapan, behead & mutilate his corpse, announcing
"Christ our Victory" as they lay siege to Dasemunkepeac.

Other patriot chiefs such as King
Phillip, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Sitting Bull, et al,
suffer similar fates, as the pattern is set. Such acts
are defended by creeps like cultist/novelist Ayn Rand
for their "civilizing" qualities.

1771 - England: When a crowd of women is arrested while
destroying the fences around Rewhay Common, another mob
rises to march on Burton-on-Trent where they free their
comrades & carry them away in triumph.

1802 - The 1st US book fair, Beaver St. Coffee House, NYC.

Probly not the anti-union Starbucks.

1833 - No RVs?: A treaty officially banishes the Winnebago
Indians from southern Wisconsin.

Some Winnebagos lead a fugitive existence in the
Madison area for decades. Toward the end of the
century, their favorite campsites are Fullers Woods,
Frost Woods, the Arboretum, & Mills Woods, what will
become the Elmside Boulevard area.

There the Winnebagos live in wigwams & eat boiled
lily bulbs, muskrats & fish. To make money they trap
mink & spear muskrats in local marshes. When they've
collected enough pelts, they sell them on the
Capitol Square for 10 cents apiece.

Done been Civilized good.

1867 - Jules Valles, French novelist, journalist,
anarchist propagandist, launches the weekly magazine
"The Street," involving artists & writers such as
Emile Zola & Gustave Courbet, before being suppressed.

1873 - Albert Laisant lives (1873-1928). Son of
Charles Ange Laisant (1841-1920). Introduced to
anarchist ideas by Sébastien Faure & turns the whole
family into anarchists, including his father & his
two sons, Maurice & Charles.

1880 - First public phone booth installed, New Haven,
Connecticut. Gives Superman a place to change clothes
so he'll quit exposing himself in public.

1890 -- There are 106,485 insane people & 95,609
feeble-minded in the US.

(How they all got elected is beyond us.)

1907 -- US: In Los Angeles, Ricardo Flores Magon,
Librado Rivera & Antonio I. Villarreal, all on the
run with bounties on their heads, clandestinely
publish the premier issue of "Revolución".

1910 -- Japan: Writer Mori Ogai (Saiki Koi & Other Stories, The Wild Geese,
Vita Sexualis, & other classics) & 26 others are arrested for plotting to assassinate
Japanese Emperor Meiji.

1917 - US: At a peace meeting in Madison Square
Garden, Morris Becker, Louis Kramer, & two others
are arrested for circulating leaflets advertising a
June 4 mass meeting of the No-Conscription League.

Although Emma Goldman & Alexander
Berkman claim full responsibility for the event,
Becker & Kramer are later found guilty of conspiracy
to advise people against military registration.

1929 -- China: At a meeting in Peking of the KAFC it is decided
to divert all resources outside Korea itself to Manchuria & most
KAFC members moved to the anarchist zone in northern

Over 2 million Koreans are living in Manchuria,
& the Korean Anarchist Federation is active &
influential among them.

1967 -- How Many Soldiers Does It Take To...?:

At Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, six soldiers
electrocuted while erecting a flagpole at a
Little League baseball game.

1968 -- Libertarian Socialist, triple-sense-deprived
Helen Keller dies.

HELEN KELLER, Daily Bleed Saint 2006-2008
Saw, heard, & spoke more wisdom than most people
ever will. Friend of many socialists & anarchists.

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist
in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole
experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than
outright exposure.

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

To keep our faces toward change & behave like free
spirits in the presence of fate is strength

1968 -- France '68: The Wild Days of May spills
into June. An internationalist spirit of "to hell with
borders" takes hold.

In opposition to government deportations of foreign
activists & the sealing of French borders to young
radicals from Germany & Italy who are attempting
to get to Paris an Action Committee in Paris urges
Europeans to spread the revolution throughout

2004 -- Songster Etienne Roda-Gil dies. Legendary French
songwriter & novelist responsible for dozens of chart hits for
everyone from Vanessa Paradis (Joe le Taxi) to Mort Shuman,
& Julio Iglesias, scoring hits through the most openly commercial
channels while avowing political ideas often bordering on the
anarchist side of leftwing.

Makhnovtchina, Makhnovtchina
black army of our partisans
Who battled in the Ukraine
against the Reds & the Whites

Makhnovtchina, Makhnovtchina
black army of our partisans
who wanted to drive away all tyrants
forever from the Ukraine.

La Makhnovtchina, excerpt,
hymn by Etienne Roda-Gil


We've got to protect all our citizens fair
So we'll send a battalion for everyone there

& maybe we'll leave in a couple of years
'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
We're the Cops of the World

— Phil Ochs


— anti-Flagpole 1997-6666

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