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Daily Bleed for 6.21.2010

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Radical illustrator, socially committed visual artist.

AIMLESS WANDERING DAY. Just another day on the job?


1732 -- New World: Martha Washington lives. Minded the hemp
crops while George was away.

1783 -- Duck'n Cover?: US Congress, threatened by a mob
of disgruntled soldiers, flees from Philadelphia ...

1788 -- US: Constitution goes into effect. Gives liberal &
conservative politicians something to violate.

1877 -- US: Dance, Molly, Dance: "Pennsylvania's Day With the Rope,"
10 (or 11?) "Molly Maguire" coal miners hanged by the "state" for the
crime of attempting to organize workers.

A private police force arrested the alleged defenders,
& private attorneys for the coal companies
prosecuted them.

The state provided only the courtroom & the

1882 -- US: Socialist, anarchist
sympathizer, illustrator Rockwell Kent
lives, Tarrytown, New York.

1903 -- England: In London, anarchists organize a
massive demonstration to protest the Russian pogrom
in Kishineff.

Held on a Sunday, it was the largest demonstration
by Jewish workers London had ever seen.

See Rudolf Rocker, The London Years

1905 -- France: Jean-Paul Sartre lives (1905-1980). French
novelist, playwright, existentialist philosopher & literary critic.

1912 -- Mary McCarthy lives (1912-1989), Seattle, Washington.
American writer/theater critic.

1914 -- Anarchist, artist & bus conductor Arthur Moyse, lives.

1918 -- Edward Abramowski (1868-1918) dies. Polish
libertarian socialist & cooperativist, psychologist &
ethician, author, founder of Polish Socialist Party.

1920 -- Police shoot 14 Wobblies (IWW; Industrial
Workers of the World) during a clash in Butte, Montana.

1921 -- Judy Holliday lives, New York City.
"Dumb Blonde" makes idiots of the
Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.

1937 -- Spain: Andrés Nin, leader of the POUM,
is murdered by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Uncle Joe's Russian agents. Anyone left of the North Pole
is susceptible to his largess...

1937 -- US: Youngstown Riots & Poland Avenue Riot
(Ohio Steel Strike of 1937).

If you happened to have a Pennsylvania
license, you were particularly suspected
because, as every cop and official in
Youngstown will tell you, Pennsylvania has

1943 -- Federal troops put down race riot
in Detroit, 30 citizens die.

Government attempt to strip William Schneiderman, a
communist, of his citizenship is overturned by the
US Supreme Court.

1956 -- Playwright Arthur Miller, appearing before the House
Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), refuses to
betray his left-wing associates or his principles.

He will appear again in 1957 & be convicted for
contempt, which is overturned on appeal in 1958.
John Steinbeck eloquently defended Miller in the
June 1957 "Esquire."

1960 -- US: Nobel laureate Linus Pauling defies Congress by refusing
to name signers of petitions calling for total halt of nuclear weapons

1966 -- Summer Haight Ashbury: Shops opening, dances
every weekend, HIP merchants, Diggers.

Morning Star Ranch, owned by Lou Gottlieb of the Limelighters,
along with Ramon Sender, open the land (32 acres) to anyone who
wants to live there.

A Bleedster who seems to be in the know about the First Day of
Summer & New Buffalo writes us...

1967 -- Solstice party in Golden Gate Park: an estimated
30-50,000 boogie.

1989 -- Supreme Court rules it is @-ok to burn de US flag
as a political expression. Ironically the American Legion & Boy
Scouts have been burning thousands of them
every year.

1997 -- US: 100,000 march in solidarity with striking
newspaper labor workers in Detroit.

2001 -- Songster John Lee Hooker dies.

Blues man. Hooker was one of America's greats.
Among his best known works are "Boom Boom" &
"I'm in the Mood."


Finds tongues in trees,
books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones & good
in everything.

— @anti-copyRite, no Rites Reserved, 200, 300, 666, 2010

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