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Daily Bleed for 6.23.2010

I've come this far to freedom
And I won't turn back.
I'm changing to the highway
From my old dirt track.
I'm coming and I'm going
And I'm stretching and I'm growing
And I'll reap what I've been sowing
Or my skin's not black;
I've prayed and slaved and waited
And I've sung my song.
You've slashed me and you've treed me
And you've everything but freed me,
But in time you'll know you need me
And it won't be long.

— a student in the Mississippi Freedom Schools, 1964

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Martyred Freedom Riders, early youth culture heroes.

MIDSUMMER'S EVE: Everyone into the woods at night; stay
up all night, sing, dance, make love, worship the sun god in fire
symbols, greet the rising sun.

Fairies speak in human tongues on this night; the flower of
happiness blooms. Gather flowers & boughs. Large wheels
bound with straw are set burning & rolled down hills, etc.

celebrated until a soldier displayed the finger of John the
Baptist in the 16th century. Bonfires & romancing continues,
& a "dragon" still lights fires.

New Orleans: Major Annual VOODOO CEREMONIES, since 1820, with
ceremonies since the 1850's held at Lake Pontchartrain.


1848 -- Beginning of Paris Uprising, known as the "June Days".
Lasts until the 26th.

1883 -- France: Louise Michel gets six years for plundering the
donut shops.

1884 -- José Martins Fontes lives. Brazilian doctor, lecturer,
poet, anarchist, militant activist in São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro.

1889 - Anna Akhmatova lives (1889-1966), Ukraine.
One of the greatest Russian poets, member of the
Acmeist group.

Entered a period of silence when her ex-husband,
poet Nikolay Gumilyov, was executed. After
Uncle Joe's death she was slowly rehabilitated.

1914 -- US: Charles Moyer wishes he had stayed
home...during a contentious meeting in Butte, Montana,
the Miner's Union Hall is demolished with dynamite.

1916 - Cabaret Voltaire shut down by public outcry.

In the same narrow alley, where the Cabaret Voltaire played,
lived a certain Mister Uljanow aka Lenin. Authorities were much
more suspicious about the chaotic dadaists
than of the reserved Russian scholar ...

1925 -- China: British warship fires on Hong Kong harbor strikers.

1937 -- Following the Communist suppression of the anarchists &
the P.O.U.M., in which he served during the Spanish Civil War &
Revolution, George Orwell flees Spain with his wife.

The end of the war on April 1, 1939, did not end the
killings. Franco systematically slaughtered some 200,000
of his opponents ... in a carnage of genocidal proportions
that was meant to physically uproot the living source of
the revolution...

[I]t was a vindictive counterrevolution that had its only
parallel, given the population & size of Spain, in Stalin's one-
sided civil war against the Soviet people.

1947 - US: Anti-worker Taft-Hartley Act passed by the Senate,
overriding Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
Truman's veto. The Act greatly weakened the power of labor
unions in collective bargaining.

1958 -- Boris Vian (1920-1958) dies of a heart attack while
at a preview screening of a film version of his 1947 novel,
J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (I'll spit on your graves).

His last words were "what is this shit..."

(Bleedster Mantra!!)

Vehemently anti-militarist & pacifist, an extremely gifted writer
& jazz musician, & author of the song "Le déserteur"
(a classic French chanson).

1963 -- Nicaragua: Sandinista Colonel Santos Lopez attacks
& occupies the towns of Raiti & Walaquistán on the Coco river.

There is no moment but the fall of the sun.
The day is day & the night, night, but the dusk is
hour of agony & frightful solitude; & the Sandinistas
are not nothing still, or almost nothing.

1964 -- US: Freedom Riders Chaney, Goodman & Schwerner murdered,
by KKK near Philadelphia, Mississippi. No liberty bell here.

1967 -- US: Police battle with 10,000 anti-war protesters greeting
the Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President in Los Angeles.

1970 -- Japan: On the 11th day of protests against a new U.S.-Japan
defense treaty, more than 750,000 protesters take to the streets in
numerous cities.

1970 -- US: 100 women invade Conference on "Profit Possibilities
in Childcare".

1970 -- US: KnowYourABCs? FBI cuts off liaison with NSA,
DIA, SS, IRS & US military "intelligence". Next up CNN?

1971 -- Louis Lecoin dies. French antimilitarist, pacifist,
anarchist. Signatory to the "Manifesto Against the War", signed
by 35 anarchists, including Errico Malatesta, Domela Nieuwenhuis,
Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, Alexander Schapiro, etc.,
opposing WWI.

"One does not create human society on
mounds of corpses."

— Louis Lecoin

1972 -- US: Life magazine publishes photos of South Vietnamese
children running from napalm. (How to Win Friends & Influence People?)

1972 -- New Zealand yacht Grant Davidson, attempting to enter
a nuclear test site, is rammed by French Navy, Mururoa, South Pacific.

1984 -- Bad Kitty?: 2,000 protest against arrival of nuclear
warship USS Kittyhawk in Fremantle, Australia.

1990 -- Fly in the Ointment?: Fly-fisher Norman Maclean dies.
Firefighter, fly-fisher, scholar, storyteller.

A storyteller, unlike the historian, must follow compassion
wherever it leads him. He must be able to accompany his
characters, even into smoke & fire, & bear witness to what
they thought & felt even when they themselves no longer knew.

1995 - CBS News anchor, Dan Rather, joins R.E.M. onstage during a
soundcheck to perform "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" referring
to a bizarre incident years before when Rather was beaten up by
thugs demanding the answer to the question. Asked to join the
tour, Dan demurred; "I'd rather not".

2001 -- Mexico: In the Hen House? Demonstrators take to the streets
in Mexico City wearing only towels & sheets. They are protesting the
government purchases of towels costing $433 apiece & $4,000 sheets
for the mansion of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Presidente
Vincente Fox.

2003 -- Canada: Three Grannies blockade against the Working
Forest — Weyerhaeuser's logging halted yet again in the Upper
Walbran Valley. Protesting the company's liquidation of
ancient rainforests...ancient Grandmothers next??


"When will I learn? The answers to life's problems
aren't at the bottom of a bottle — they're on TV!"

— Homer Simpson.


— @nti-copyRite 1099 or thereabouts

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