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Daily Bleed for 6.19.2010

"Dear Miss Lonelyhearts,

I am in such pain I don't know what to do
sometimes I think I will kill myself my kidneys
hurt so much...."

— Nathaniel West, Miss Lonelyhearts




Iranian theorist of the interface of Marxism & Islam.

Berkshire, England: Election of the "MORRIS MAYOR".

Residents elect a Morris dancer who is carried through
town on a flower-trimmed rocking chair, preceded by an
ox-head on a long pole, with stops at every tavern to
refill the Mayor's chalice.





1816 -- Staying up all night to tell ghost stories with his wife &
Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley suddenly becomes hysterical & runs
shrieking from the room.

1865 -- US: Slaves declared free in state of Texass. Now
celebrated each year nationally, mostly by people of color,
as the holiday "Juneteenth."

1886 -- US: Kangaroo trial of eight anarchists for the Haymarket
bombing begins, Chicago.

1888 -- Korea: US Marines begin fighting in Seoul, Korea (-June 30).
Got to "protect" them pesky "US interests".

1891 -- Anti-fascist collage artist Helmut Herzfeld (John
Heartfield) lives, Berlin.
Daily Bleed Saint 2006-2008

1898 -- Shell Game?: Guam is shelled by the U.S.S. Charleston.

The Island's Spanish governor, unaware his country
is now at war with the US, apologizes that a lack of
ammunition renders him unable to return the salute.

1902 -- USA: Paterson, New Jersey labor strike.

1909 -- Osamu Dazai lives (1909-1948). Japanese novelist, literary
voice of his generation after WWII. Joined the communist movement
briefly. Friends with writer Masuji Ibuse. The tone of his postwar
works reflect emotional crisis & suicidal thoughts. In 1948 Dazai
drowned himself & left behind the unfinished novel Goodbye.

1912 -- Alleged eight-hour work-day adopted for US government workers.
By the end of the 20th century American workers are putting in more hours
at work than most other countries in the world.

1914 -- Mexico: Anarchist Zapatistas ratify the Plan de Ayala against
Beloved & Respected comrade Leader Pres. Huerta; meanwhile Pancho
Villa & his forces arrive at Calera to begin the siege of Zacatecas.

1914 -- Portugal: Luísa Adão lives (1914-1999). Nurse & an anarchist,
& life-long companion (from the age of 16) of Acácio Tomás de Aquino,
a militant anarcho-trade unionist.

1923 -- The "Seattle Times" fires reporter E.B. White, 24; White
goes on to gain fame as an essayist & children's book author.

1934 -- A Cool Million by Nathanael West is published.

"I was very very very influenced by Nathaniel
West for a while..."

— Philip K. Dick

1938 -- Canada: Bloody Sunday; RCMP & Vancouver police attack
unemployed workers at post office in Vancouver, brutally ejecting them.

1947 -- Salman Rushdie lives. Anglo-Indian novelist. Described as a
magic realist like such authors as Peter Carey, Angela Carter, E.L.
Doctorow, John Fowles, Mark Helprin or Emma Tennant.

Condemned to death by Iranian Ayatollah
Ruhollah Khomeini on February 14, 1989 after
publishing Satanic Verses. This "fatwa" has
not been canceled. Continues to write, but keeps
a low profile to avoid assassins.

1953 -- Despite widespread international protest & compelling
evidence of their innocence, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg
electrocuted for alleged sale of atomic secrets to Russians,
Sing-Sing Prison, Ossining, NY. The first native-born Americans
to die for supposedly committing espionage in peacetime.

1953 -- US: Bodies of aliens are reportedly recovered from a UFO,
Laredo, Texass. Perhaps one of the Little Grey Guys can be resuscitated,
given the name "George" & made President of the US by the Supreme Court?

1963 -- Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space returns to
Earth. Declares zero-g sex is

"socialism at it's purest, with no one on top."

1963 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader JFK orders
NSC to proceed with top-secret sabotage program in Cuba.

1964 -- Carol Doda dances in a Rudi Gernreich topless bathing suit
in The Condor nightclub, North Beach, San Francisco.

1965 -- Australia: Hundreds respond to newspaper advertisement
placed by 144 draft resisters.

1967 -- US: Boxing great Muhammad Ali convicted for refusing
induction in US Army. Stripped of his World(sic) Boxing title.

1968 -- Brazil: Violent protests in Rio de Janeiro against
alienating culture; confrontations with police result in 22 injuries.

1968 -- US: Over 50,000 demonstrators participate in the Poor
People's Campaign Solidarity Day March in Washington, D.C.

1981 -- Senya Fleshin (alternate spellings, Fléchine, Fleshine)
dies in Cuernavaca, Mexico, a few months after the death of his
lifelong companion Mollie Steimer.

1982 -- 1,000 islanders occupy key islands in protest against
French nuclear tests, Kwajalein Atoll, South Pacific.

1987 -- Ben & Jerry Ice Cream & the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia
announce a new ice-cream flavor, Cherry Garcia.

1988 -- Haitian civilian government overthrown by US-backed
military coup.

1988 -- Germany: Separate But Equal? Michael Jackson plays a
concert for East Berliners, with the Berlin Wall in between
(to protect them from untoward advances).

1998 -- Much Older & Wiser Now?: Baby Zeno makes the Big Time,
Brussels, Belgium. Youngest subscriber to the Daily Bleed.
Oh, how time flies...

1999 -- Christine? Author Stephen King is hit & seriously
injured by a van.

2000 -- Snake Eyes? Germany: Court rules parents cannot give
a child 13 first names.


The Rosenbergs...

Most horrifying of the FBI's role is portrayed
in their final questioning of Julius just before
his execution when they asked,

"Was your wife cognizant of your activities?"

Ethel was about to be executed as a full-fledged
partner in Julius' crime. They doubt her participation
now, only minutes before her execution?

Many saw the trial as a mockery & an attempt to scare
Americans sympathetic to the Communist Party. During
the trial the need to connect communism with the charge
of espionage was done excessively, the prosecutors using
primitive bias as substitute proof for motive. President
Eisenhower argued:

"The executions were necessary to refute the known
convictions of Communist leaders all over the world
that free governments ... are notoriously weak & fearful
& that consequently subversion & other kinds of activity
can be conducted against them with no real fear of
dire punishment."


— @nti-copyRite 9010

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