Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Watch Out Iran, Syria and Pakistan... We're Coming For You!

Netanyahu to travel to US in March --Two weeks after Mossad chief meets CIA director in Washington, Prime Minister Netanyahu set to visit US early march 05 Feb 2012 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the United States early next month to address the annual convention of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC in Washington, his bureau announced on Sunday. The Prime Minister's bureau did not give further detail on whether Netanyahu will meet American officials during his visit. Two weeks ago, Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo met in secret with CIA Director David Petraeus in Washington.

US closes embassy in Syria, UK recalls ambassador 06 Feb 2012 The United States has shut its embassy in Syria. The announcement comes amid mounting reports of lethal government attacks. The UK has followed the suit, summoning their ambassador from Damascus. UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says the British ambassador has been recalled from Syria for consultations. The UK Foreign Secretary pledged to increase pressure on the Syrian government through the UN and other bodies.

US scenario in Syria: Turkish incursion, Israeli invasion 06 Feb 2012 Informed sources have uncovered a US plot entailing a Turkish incursion and a full-scale Israeli strike to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The sources said aspects of the plan such as rejecting calls by Damascus for an Arab League meeting over the crisis in the country, recognizing of the Syrian opposition as the "legitimate" government of the country and granting them offices in Turkey to work against the Syrian government, have already been carried out. As part of the plan, Syrian embassies and consulates would be attacked in several countries and the diplomatic offices would be used as bases to inflict heavy blows on the Syrian government.

'Israeli attack will prompt Pakistani response' 05 Feb 2012 Is the world counting down to "D-Day"? After US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta estimated that Israel would attack Iran by June, and Prime Minister [sociopath] Benjamin Netanyahu warned government officials against "Iran chatter," a European diplomat based in Pakistan said that if Israel attacks, Islamabad will have no choice but to support any Iranian retaliation. The diplomat's statement raised the specter of putting a nuclear-armed Pakistan at odds with Israel, which is widely believed to have its own significant nuclear arsenal.

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