Monday, December 26, 2011

Web Pop Up Warns You to Stop Shopping at Amazon

By Edward Nawotka
Amazon, Huh? is a new extension for Google’s Chrome browser that “warns” you when you’re about to shop at Amazon. The pop-up challenges you each time you open
When’s the last time Amazon brought one of your favorite writers in to read from her work — for free?
When’s the last time Amazon recommended a book based on your actual interests, not a bunch of data they’ve fashioned into a half-assed consumer profile of you?
Sure, you might save a couple of bucks on this order, but what’s that compared to supporting local businesses, maintaining a local tax base, and buying your books from somebody who actually cares about books?
Come to a real bookstore instead:
The extension was created by the owner of Marcus Bookstores, a small chain in San Francisco and Oakland.
Feel free to install it on the web browsers of those colleagues who are too smug about how much money they save shopping at Amazon. Then again, if they’re shopping online they are probably also savvy enough to know how to install it. Never mind…

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