Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Henry Miller!

1891 -- Sex novelist Henry Miller lives.

        "Everything that happened to me happened
         too late.... It was even so with my birth. 
         Slated for Christmas, I was a half hour too late."

  Fifty percent of the people in this country don't vote.
  They simply don't want to be implicated in organized
  society. With, in most cases, a kind of animal instinct, 
  they know that they cannot really do anything about it,
  that the participation offered them is a hoax. & even if
  it weren't, they know that if they don't participate, they
  aren't implicated, at least not voluntarily. It is for these 
  people, the submerged fifty percent, that Miller speaks.

  — Kenneth Rexroth, "The Reality of Henry Miller,"
  Bird in the Bush.

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