Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sowing Struggle: Urban and rural social movements in Tlaxcala, Mexico - Tomorrow @ 6pm at Last Word Books

Presented by the Mexico Solidarity Network

As co-founder and lead organizer of CNUC,
Luz has worked tirelessly over 20 years to
protect peasant's rights and build inspiring,
community-based autonomous projects.
Luz and CNUC also accompany organized sex
workers, a bus-drivers' cooperative, and the
National Assembly of Braceros in their
struggles against corrupt governance, police
repression, and neoliberalism.
Her talk will have important lessons for
anyone interested in women╩╝s, peasant, and
labor movements.

The presentation will be in Spanish with English
translation provided by a MSN representative.
Attendance is open and free of charge.

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