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Daily Bleed for March 4th

Felt hate speed the blood stream & fear curl the
nerves. . .

— Kenneth Rexroth, "From the Paris Commune
to the Kronstadt Rebellion" (1936), excerpt
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African modernist, poet supreme of the Malagasy Republic.





1634 -- New World: First tavern in America opens, Boston.

1848 -- George Sand & Frederic Chopin meet for the last time.

1852 -- Nikolay Gogol dies in Moscow, 42, believing himself damned.
His creative theory is summed up in these words "I must present the
face of life & not discuss life."

1882 -- Russia: Joseph Spivak lives. Lifelong anarchist who
emigrated to the US & during WWI was actively involved around
the country in anti-militarist campaigns with Emma Goldman &
Alexander Berkman. Involved in founding the (still active)
Libertarian Book Club in New York in 1927.

1901 -- African modernist poet Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo (1901-1937)
lives, Tananarive, Madagascar.

1910 -- US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW = "I Will Win")
begins free speech fight, Spokane, Washington (which they do win).

1937 -- US: UAW workers sit-down victory in Flint, Michigan.

1939 -- US: Har Dayal (also spelled Hardayal, or Hardyal) (1884-1939) dies,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Indian revolutionary & scholar dedicated to
the removal of British influence in India.

1954 -- Russian lyric poet, essayist, & political dissident,
Irina Ratushinskaya, lives, Odessa, Ukraine.

While in prison for her advocacy of human rights, she wrote some
250 poems, first scratching them into bars of soap & then, after
memorizing them, washing them away. Stikhi (Poems, 1984) was
published while she is imprisoned.

1963 -- American poet William Carlos Williams dies.

His little red wagon fatally rusted, there will be
no more late night notes on his refrigerator door.

1966 -- London newspaper publishes
interview with John Lennon of the Beatles:

"Christianity will go. It will vanish & shrink.
I needn't argue that. I'm right & will be proved
right. We're more popular than Jesus right now."

This quote causes a storm of protest & a worldwide
series of Beatles record burnings.

1974 -- Argentina: Acting in collusion & at the behest of striking
lead workers, the urban guerrilla People's Revolutionary Army
kidnap one of the INSUD plant managers. As a result, & in just
22 days, the strikers win compensation for lead poisoning & a
reduction of the working day to six hours.

2006 -- France: Celebration of the centenary of the Congress
of Amiens (8-13 October 1906), with a conference entitled
"Revolutionary Syndicalism, the Charter of Amiens ("Charte
d’Amiens") & workers' autonomy", at the Bourse du Travail
in Saint Denis (Rue Bobby Sands).


The whole world is in jail &
we're plotting this incredible jailbreak.

— Hugh Romney, aka Wavy Gravy


— anti-Jail 1997-2011 more or less

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