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Daily Bleed for March 2nd

Remember now there were others before this;
Now when the unwanted hours rise up,
And the sun rises red in unknown quarters,
And the constellations change places,
And cloudless thunder erases the furrows,
And moonlight stains and the stars grow hot. . .

— Kenneth Rexroth, "From the Paris Commune
to the Kronstadt Rebellion" (1936),

Bleed web page,

Turkish activist, engineer, Gaza flotilla martyr.


1820 -- Multatuli lives. Pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker.
One of Netherlands´ greatest writers. His most
important novel, Max Havelaar, depicts the Dutch exploitation
of the Javanese.
Former Daily Bleed Saint,
Dutch writer, anarchist, anti-colonialist.

1851 -- During this month the Russian anarchist, Mikhail
Bakunin, after first being jailed in Prague, is sent then to
Olmütz where he is sentenced to hang.

1882 -- England: Near Ms.? Robert Maclean attempts to
assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor.

1883 -- Responding to the criticism that his poetry lacks
meter, H. G. Wells declares:

"Meters are used for gas,

not the outpourings

of the human heart."

1900 -- Radical composer Kurt Weill lives, Dessau, Germany.

1904 -- US: Kid's anarchist Dr. Seuss lives, Springfield, Massachusetts.

1919 -- USSR: Founding of the Third International, front
group founded & dominated by the Russian Bolsheviks who
also took on the title of Communist Party.

"We claim that there is an internal
contradiction in the term 'revolutionary party'.
Such a party cannot be revolutionary.
It is no more revolutionary than the creators of
the Third Reich."

— Anton Pannekoek, 1941, Ultra Left Council
communist & Marxist

1921 -- Russia: The Kronstadt Provisional Revolutionary
Committee forms. The Kronstadt Soviet was due to be renewed,
& 16,000 workers showed up. The mass assembly adopted the
Petropavlovsk resolution -- opposed only by two Bolsheviks,
Kalinin & Kouzmin, who voted against it.

"Kronstadt is of great historic significance.
It sounded the death knell of Bolshevism with its
Party dictatorship, mad centralisation, Tcheka
terrorism & bureaucratic castes... It exploded the
Bolshevik myth of the Communist State being the
"Workers' & Peasants' Government".

— Alexander Berkman, The Kronstadt Rebellion
(Berlin: Der Syndikalist, 1922), pp. 41-42.

1942 -- US: Acting under Executive Order 9066, Lt. General
John DeWitt proclaims all Japanese-Americans will be
required to move away from the West Coast, & recommends,
for "their own good", they should do so voluntarily.

Called off on March 27 after fewer than 5,000 people
(out of over 110,000) had left the area. Other, more
devastating measures, are taken against American
Japanese this month.

1944 -- Lou Reed lives!

"I'm banging on my drum & having lots
of fun fun fun."
— Lou

1949 -- Activist, Gaza flotilla martyr Ibrahim Bilgen lives,
Batman, Turkey.

1964 -- US: Actor Marlon Brando & Bob Satiacum are arrested
at a "fish-in" at Frank's Landing, Washington, in support of Native
American fishing rights.

1974 -- Spain: Salvador Puig Antich, 24, dies, executed at Model
de Barcelone despite international protests. A young anarchist
militant in the guerrilla MIL (Mouvement Ibérique de Libération)
fighting the yoke of Francoism.

Campanades a morts
per les tres boques closes,
ai d'aquell trobador
que oblidés les tres notes!

— excerpt, "Campanades a morts,"
by songster/poet Lluis Llach

1982 -- Philip K. Dick dies, Santa Ana, California, American
science fiction writer par excellence. Author of Flow My Tears
the Policeman Said, Crack in Space, Man in the High Castle, Do
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Time Out of Joint, etc.

1983 -- Nicaragua: Get a P.O. Box? A massive crowd
chants & heckles Pope John Paul II, forcing him to
abandon his outdoor address.

1989 -- Over 1,000 of Salman Rushdie's fellow writers
around the world signed a statement which appears today
in 62 newspapers & journals in 22 countries. They
unequivocally support Rushdie's right to freedom
of expression & repudiate the death threat by rightwing
religious quacks.

In the past year after the death threat issued by the late
Ayatollah Khomeini, Rushdie was forced into hiding,
his publisher subjected to a campaign of intimidation,
& at least a dozen bookshops attacked.

1992 -- Bosnia: Rally against ethnic barricades, Sarajevo.

1995 -- Somalia: Last United Nations "peacekeepers"
leave. Skedaddle....

2003 -- Concord, contra costa county:
anarchist chess in the park
1. e4-g6! ... Matey!

After carefully considering the Battambang Opening,
Borg Defense, Dresden (Firestorm) Variation,
Chicago Gambit (aka Irish Gambit Accepted),
King's Head Variation (Off With It!),
Paris Opening (Commune Variation)
Polish Opening (No Joke!), Rousseau Gambit, & the
Gothic Defense

.....Black(& Red) refuses to resign!


He'd been let down so often
His brow was on the floor
But then they found
A small hole in the ground
& let him down some more.

— David Thewlis, "Descent"


— anti-LetDownSomeMore, 2011 & last year too, Beat Me Daddy,
12 to the Bar, gently, more or less

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