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Daily Bleed for March 20th

here are some aliens camped near us in blue denim suits

— Martians I think —

& I visit them.

— William S. Burroughs,
My Education: A Book of Dreams

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Intellectual rebel, champion of the Cuban Revolution,
patron saint of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).


When a young person's fancy turns to...............


1812 -- England: Luddites. Frame-Breaking Act made a
capital felony, criticized by Sheridan, Whitbread, Romilly
& Lord Byron, et al, opposed by Lamb, Lord Liverpool.

1828 - Playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) lives.

1852 - Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
published, provoking a wave of hatred against slavery.
The first novel to sell a million copies.

1896 - US Marines invade Nicaragua for
the first of many times.

1903 -- England: "Arbeter Fraint" begins republishing under
the administration of the Arbeter Fraint group & editorship
of Rudolf Rocker, but now as the organ of the "Federation
of Yiddish-Speaking Anarchist Groups in Great Britain &

1907 - Hugh MacLennan, novelist/essayist whose books
offer an incisive critique of Canadian life, lives,
Nova Scotia. His first novel, Barometer Rising
(1941), is based upon an actual explosion of a munitions
ship that partly destroyed the city of Halifax in 1917.

1916 -- Private Aby Harris, no. 111799, shot by firing
squad for desertion in 1916.

1921 -- Germany: On or about this date, some Roman Catholic
priests begin spreading rumors about Jehovah's Witnesses,
charging that they are financed by the Jews & are working to
overthrow the state.

1924 -- Walter Morrison lives. Scottish community activist
in Glasgow.

Morrison's pacifism grew from his army experiences in India.
During the Gandhi demonstrations in 1942, the troops were
briefed that they would be facing women & children protesters.

The 18-year-old asked what they would be expected to do if
they refused to halt. Open fire, was the curt answer. Walter
promptly stood up & said he would be the first to open fire:
he would personally shoot any soldier who turned their gun
on a woman or a child, & he would then shoot the officer who
gave the order.

His feet scarcely touched the ground on the way to the glasshouse.

1933 - Germany: Nazis open their first concentration camp in

1937 US: Detroit police evict labor strikers from the Newton
Packing Company; three hours later 150 police attack sitdowners
at a tobacco plant.

1944 -- US: Forty-three Japanese American soldiers are arrested
for refusing to participate in combat training at Fort McClellan,
Alabama. Eventually, 106 are arrested for their refusal -
undertaken to protest the treatment of their families in American
concentration camps.

1946 -- US: Tule Lake (a US concentration camp for Japanese
Americans) closes, culminating "an incredible mass evacuation
in reverse." In the month prior to the closing, some 5,000
internees had had to be moved, many of whom were elderly,
impoverished, or mentally ill & with no place to go (many had
their homes, businesses & property stolen by American
"patriots"). Of the 554 persons left there at the beginning of the
day, 450 are moved to Crystal City, 60 are released, & the rest
are "relocated."

1960 - Cuba: Big Belly Ache? Anarchist-syndicalist
workers' papers — including "Solidaridad Gastronomico"
— forced to cease publishing by Castro's commie regime.

1964 - Irish writer, bad boy, political rebel Brendan Behan
dies. Wrote Borstal Boy; The Quare Fellow; The Hostage.

1969 - John & Yoko fly to Gibraltar & get married then fly
to Amsterdam for one week "lie-in" for peace

1976 - Patricia "Tania" Hearst convicted of bank robbery.

"I wasn't with a bunch of Cub Scouts."

1983 - Australia: 150,000 (1% of the population)
demonstrate in anti-nuclear rallies.

1985 -- US: Benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985),
at Seattle's Left Bank Books. One of many fund raising
efforts to aid Stan in his fight against cancer.

1995 -- Japan: Scores die, thousands injured as an
obscure religious cult releases nerve gas into the Tokyo
subway system.

1996 -- US: 25 arrested at Department of Justice in Washington
D.C., 27 others in San Francisco, during protests demanding
freedom for Leonard Peltier.

1998 -- France: Agustin Gomez Arcos (1939-1998) dies from
cancer, Paris. Spanish anarchist dramatist/novelist.
Because of censorship he took refuge in England, then Paris,
where he wrote many novels about Franco's Spain.

Often in winter the end of the
day is like the final metaphor in
a poem celebrating death:

there is no way out.

— Agustin Gomez-Arcos,
A Bird Burned Alive, 1988

2003 -- Iraq: 24 Tomahawk missiles & four 2,000 lb "bunker buster"
bombs, with "pin point accuracy" land "on top" of Saddam Hussein.

Bush & Blair attack, in violation of international law &
the UN mandate (Iraq time); why Bush needs war crimes
impunity for Americans? Bush & Blair rationalize their
war by noting Iraq violations of UN mandates, but
conveniently fail to cite their own violations.

Unfazed, Bunker Buster Saddam appears on TV to denounce
American "crimes against Iraq & humanity".

American "intelligence" insists Saddam is not Saddam.

Meanwhile, US media & the CIA fiercely debates whether the
George Bush seemingly appearing on TV is in fact Bush, or
his stand-in double?!

2004 -- US: US: Global Day of Action Against War & Occupation.
One year ago, tens of millions around the world protested
the impending US war on Iraq & other US government acts
of aggression. This year, concerned people again
join the global day of protest.

. . . Abroad, killing thousands
of innocent civilians in
Afghanistan & Iraq;
overthrowing democratically
elected governments
(Venezuela & Haiti);
incarcerating 650+ without
legal recourse in Guantanamo;
bullying & retaliating against
governments that disagree;
reneging on fundamental international treaties . . .

. . . At home, mass roundups; diminished access to jobs,
health care, & education; unprecedented budget deficits;
threats to Social Security & Medicare; characterizing
anyone who disagrees—teachers & librarians—as
terrorists & supporters of terrorism; destroying the
environment; sending first our young people, &
increasingly our mothers, fathers & grandparents
(National Guard) to war, all while giving huge tax cuts to
the rich & corporations, & subsidizing Halliburton &
Eli Lilly with taxpayer dollars . . .

2004-- Italy: Nummer 1 Son's first day in Florence.

Hey! Sveglili buon marcio sporco per niente di bum!!
Hanno cronometrato sprecare!

2009 -- Spring has sprung, done done it again. Mazing.


"If most people were to be born twice they'd improbably
call it dying."

— e.e. cummings

— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less

"Free thought, necessarily involving freedom of speech &
press, I may tersely define thus: no opinion a law —
no opinion a crime."

— Alexander Berkman

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