Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Bleed for March 18th

she digs in yr sand

she gets her claws in
& then catapults from
your arms leaves

you just small scars

— Lyn Lifshin, "Tiger Madonna"
Uzzano Number Four. Winter, 1977.

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Proto-ecologist, nomadic provider of apples.

SHEELAH'S DAY (traditional): her identity is none too clear,
& those who celebrate "are not anxious to determine who
'Sheelah' was, as they are earnest in their celebration. All
agree that her immortal memory is to be maintained by
potations of whiskey".




1871 -- France: Paris Commune begins. Starts as resistance
to occupying German troops & betrayal by big bourgeois.

1,000 women successfully blockade cannons. The
Commune is the first real experiment in worker
self-management, occurring with the sympathetic
cooperation of the petty bourgeoisie.

"The Commune was the biggest festival of the
19th century..."

— Debord, Kotanyi & Vaneigem,
"Theses on the Paris Commune", March 18,

1894 -- Egypt: The newspaper Al-Hilal reports the arrest
of a Greek worker in Alexandria for distributing
"anarchist leaflets".

The leaflets call for workers to celebrate the
anniversary of the Paris Commune.

1915 -- American novelist/playwright/crime writer Richard
Condon lives; best known for his thrillers The Manchurian
& Prizzi's Honor — both adapted to screen.

"Politics is a form of high entertainment & low comedy.
It has everything: it's melodramatic, it's sinister &
it has wonderful villains."

1917 -- Hugo Ball: "Together with Tzara I took over the rooms
of gallery Corray & yesterday we opened the gallery DADA ..."

1918 -- US: Mexican anarchist Ricardo Flores Magón is
arrested for the final time on March 18, 1918 under the
Espionage Act.

Ricardo died in prison under highly suspicious
circumstances, supposedly of a "heart attack," but at the
hands of prison guards, according to Chicano inmates who
rioted & killed his principal "murderer".

1921 -- Russia: Kronstadt fell yesterday. Thousands of sailors
& workers lie dead in the streets. Summary execution of
prisoners & hostages continues.

Today the victorious Bolsheviks are celebrating
the anniversary of the Paris Commune of 1871.

Trotsky & Zinoviev, without shame, denounce Thiers &
Gallifet for the slaughter of the Paris rebels.

1937 -- Spain: Battles in Guadalajara (March 8 through 18) end
in victory for the Republican forces (the International Brigades &
a division controlled by Cipriano Mera).

1953 -- US: In response to an investigation by Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Senator Joseph McCarthy, the
State Department bars from its overseas information libraries
the works of all authors whose loyalty to the US was "suspect."

Books by such writers as Franklin P. Adams, John
Dewey, Edna Ferber, Dashiell Hammett, Theodore White,
Edmund Wilson, & even Beloved & Respected comrade
Leader Secretary Dulles' own cousin Foster were thus
withdrawn; some were publicly burned.

1970 -- US: F***?: Country Joe McDonald is convicted for
obscenity & find $500 for leading a crowd in his infamous
Fish Cheer ("Gimme an F..!") at a concert in Massachusetts.

1972 -- US: Congressional study announces that the income gap
in the US between the richest 20% & the poorest 20% has doubled
in the past 20 years (since 1952). It gets worse under the Bush

1986 -- US: William F. Buckley Jr. suggests in the NY Times
that everyone found to have AIDS "should be tattooed in the upper
forearm to protect common-needle users, & on the buttocks, to
prevent the victimization of other homosexuals."

2003 -- US: While some bums paint the town red, Beloved Respected
Comrade "I Was Not Elected President" George Bush paints the nation
Democracy Orange.

A handy color-coded guide is provided here, developed by the
Office of Homeland Security, to help you quickly & easily
determine just how far the government wants you to bend over.

Now available in a Mall Near You: the New Rightwing Christan
program of One Market Under God: Extreme Capitalism,
Market Populism, & the End of Economic Democracy.

Buy or Die. Save a sinking economy. Privatization plus
deregulation plus globalization plus turbo-capitalism
plus never ending war equals prosperity.

Practice democracy & you too can become a card carrying
enemy of the future.

2004 -- Nummer One Son flies to Italy, for two months of college,
Spring Quarter, in Florence, before wandering around Europe for two
months this summer (Germany, France, Spain, Greece). Rotten
Bum...ain't even turned 18 yet...& much worser, he forgot to take
DadMeister with him!!

2006 -- France: Youth riots in the streets of Paris,
cop cars burn, bricks fly.


"We aren't here to rule.
We aren't here to bring chaos or anarchy.
We're here to end the reign of criminals."

— Batman

— anti-AgentOrange 1997-3000, more or less

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