Thursday, January 06, 2011

Daily Bleed for January 6th

"If nothing ever changed there would be
no butterflies"

Amanda 'Goldilocks' Johnson

Daily Bleed in full, updated, in real color (if
your monitor supports such wanton extravagance):

text excerpts, in true black & white of it:


Zapatista leader, military commander of
the taking of San Cristóbal, Chiapas, México on January 1, 1994.

saint of playing card makers. He was also
invoked against epilepsy – as well he
might, epilepsy being a serious handicap
for card-players.

OLD CHRISTMAS DAY. Still celebrated on Foula in the
Orkneys, & in the Gwaun valley south-east of Fishguard;
they are surviving British examples of resistance to
calendar reform & work.


1832 -- French illustrator Gustave Dore lives.

1854 -- Sherlock Holmes lives ... loves his cocaine.

1858 -- Sébastien Faure lives, Saint-Etienne, France.
Studied to be a Jesuit priest. Closely associated with
Louise Michel, he became a major figure in his own right,
& one of the best-known anarchistes in the country.

1878 -- Carl Sandburg lives.
American poet, historian, novelist & folklorist,
whose works are deeply rooted in the life of common

A labor organizer, editor of a business magazine,
published articles in the International Socialist Review
& later joined the staff of the Chicago Daily News.
His poems started to appear in Harriet Monroe's magazine
"Poetry." In 1918 he visited Sweden & was accused
upon his return of supporting the Bolsheviks in Russia
by Federal authorities. From 1945 he lived as a farmer
& writer, breeding goats & folk-singing.

"I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm
going but I'm on the way."

1883 -- Poet Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet) lives,
Bisharri, Lebanon.

1912 -- Christian anarchiste & author Jacques Ellul lives,
Bordeaux, France.

1915 -- British-American free religionist, mystic Alan Watts
lives, Chiselhurst, England. Wrote Book on the Taboo.

Daily Bleed Saint, 2002:
The original California guru, polymath, liberationist.

1916 -- US: Strike at the Youngstown Sheet & Tube plant
declared by the 8,000 workers. Tomorrow the strikers'
wives & other members of their families join in protest
outside the factories.

Company guards employ tear gas bombs & fire into the crowd;
three strikers are killed & 25 others wounded.


"Youngstown Strike" is one of Gropper's (one of the Ashcan
School of illustrators) most compelling works.
Gropper visited Youngstown during the 30s when similar strikes
were occurring, & commented on the incident in an article & a
series of descriptive action sketches published in "The Nation."

1927 -- Nicaragua: Marines re-invade to again "protect
US interests" after ending a 13-year occupation.

US Marines land, then forget to leave. US airplanes
bomb haphazardly, destroying villages.

Marines roam the forests, between abysses & high
peaks, roasted by the sun, drowned by the rain,
asphyxiated by dust, burning & killing all they find.

Even monkeys throw things at them.

Sandino's soldiers bite like jaguars & flit like birds.
When least expected they lash out in a single jaguar
leap, & before the enemy can even react are already
striking from the rear or the flanks, only to disappear
with a flap of wings.

— Eduardo Galeano, Century of the Wind, p68

1931 -- E. L. Doctorow lives. (His historical novel Ragtime,
features such fine citizens as Emma Goldman.)

1937 -- The Abraham Lincoln Brigade forms to fight fascism in
the Spanish Civil War.

"No man ever entered the earth more
honorably than those who died in Spain."

— Ernest Hemingway

1958 -- e.e. cummings wins the Bollingen Prize for Poetry.

1961 -- This month sees publication of Avantgarde ist unerwünscht!
(The Avant-Garde is Undesirable!)

1982 -- Albert Meister dies, Kyoto, Japan.
Swiss author & anarchist sociologist. Under various
pseudonyms he wrote many works on the problems of
labor associations, workers' self-management &
development in poor countries.

Founder of the international review "Community
." In a totally unrelated "field" Meister
& Jacques Vallet founded, in 1977, "Le Fou parle"
("The Insane One Speaks"), a magazine of art & humor.

2006 -- México: Zapatista leader Comandanta Ramona dies,
San Cristóbal, Chiapas.


At what moment was choice

We have let things go.

— Guy Debord

— Anti-Hacker 1997-3045

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