Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Bleed for January 10th

The perfume
of flowers! A haw

drops such odour
it stops me

in the wall
of its fall. Love



the night. We walk
in it

On a path jonquils

the air. Love

— Charles Olson, "The Perfume/Of Flowers!..."

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Spanish revolutionist, theorist, anarchist educator, martyr.

NEW YEAR'S DAY: For the Amerindian Iroquois who
celebrate with a 'Feast of Dreams'.



1743 -- Poet/playwright Richard Savage arrested in Bristol for
a debt of 8 pounds, owed to a coffee-house. Serves as inspiration
for Starbucks.

1776 -- Thomas Paine, American revolutionist, issues
Common Sense (anonymously).

1859 -- Spanish educator, anarchist, Francisco Ferrer lives.
Hated & hounded by the Catholic Church & the government,
murdered in a ditch by Spanish police in 1909.

1860 -- US: Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts,
suddenly collapses, trapping 900 workers, mostly Irish women.

1870 -- US: Beloved & Respected President Grant proposes
annexing the Dominican Republic — to protect US interests.
Must be the rum.

1880 -- American Emperor Norton I, America's greatest
leader ever, is buried today at Masonic Cemetery in Frisco.
The funeral cortege is two miles long, 10,000-30,000
people turning out to pay homage & celebrate.

1880 -- Tintin & his dog Snowy, characters created
by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé (Georges Remi),
appear for the first time, in "Vingtième Siècle."

1883 -- England: In defense of communal landforms, squatters
at Glendale, Isle of Skye, rout the police detachment who
very mistakenly attempt to remove them.

1887 -- Poet Robinson Jeffers lives.

Jeffers calls for a poetry of
'dangerous images' to
'reclaim substance & sense, &
psychological reality.'

1904 -- US: Bookbinders Union, No. 147, founded.

1914 -- US: Labor organizer/folk singer Joe Hill, coiner
of the phrase "pie in the sky", allegedly kills two men
during a grocery store hold-up. Executed for the crime
amid much controversy regards his being framed.

1919 -- Germany: Arrest of the author, publisher,
anarchist Erich Mühsam & 11 other radicals.

1920 -- Democracy in Action in the Land of the Free?: By a vote
of 328-6, the House of Representatives refuse to seat Victor
Berger, duly elected Representative from Wisconsin, because he
is a Socialist who vigorously opposes US participation in
World War I. In America we call this "democracy" — with a big "D".

1929 -- Mexico: Julio Antonio Mella is assassinated by
order of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Cuban
dictator Gerardo Machado.

Mella, an expatriate student, has been a marked man ever
since his fiery speeches rocked Havana's students.

Mella denounced the dictatorship & mocked the decrepitude
of the Cuban University, a factory of professionals with the
mentality of a colonial convent.

One night Mella is strolling arm in arm with his companion,
photographer Tina Modotti, when the murderers shoot him

Tina returns home & sees Mella's empty shoes waiting for
her under the bed.

Until a few hours ago, this woman was so happy she was
jealous of herself.

1933 -- Spain:
Anarchist Uprising in Spain

Rioting, bombings & gun fighting continue throughout the
country as the Revolution spreads to the southern cities.
Anarchists & Syndicalists besiege Barcelona.

1957 -- Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American woman to win
the Nobel Prize for Literature (1945), dies.

1961 -- Ace of Spades? The creator of the hard-boiled detective
Sam Spade, Dashiell Hammett, dies after a long battle with
cancer, & with the rightwing witchhunters & HUAC.

Sometime Daily Bleed Saint, Dec 12.

1961 -- US: First black students enroll at University of
Georgia (or yesterday?), Athens, Georgia, leading to white
riots tomorrow.

By the year 2001 the wise educators of the
University have improved things vastly. In a
state with an African American population of
20%, the esteemed University now boasts a
whopping 6% African American enrollment.

1968 -- Vietnam: The 10,000th US airplane is lost over Vietnam.
What a wonderful waste of tax money; beats feeding & sheltering
the poor, all those welfare cheats, or frittering it away on education
& health care.

1970 -- Poet Charles Olson dies. Advocate of "Projective Verse,"
rector of Black Mountain College, bringing in poets such as
Robert Creeley & Robert Duncan to teach.

1976 -- Last spoonful for bluesman Howlin' Wolf.
Smokestack...Evil...That Spoonful...spoonful... spoonful...

2008 -- China: Free plastic bags, estimated at three billion
per day currently handed out, are banned. Now what will the
cockroaches eat?

" way all men are born equal is
in being born at least a little bit
crazy, some being born more equal
than others."

— Norman Maclean


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, no more or no less, more or lessly

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