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Daily Bleed for December 21st

      Mary is seven. Homer
                  Is her favorite author.
                  . . . She says, "Aren't those gods
                  Terrible? All they do is
                  Fight like those angels in Milton
                  & play tricks on the poor Greeks
                  & Trojans. I like Aias
                  & Odysseus best. They are
                  Lots better than those silly

             — Kenneth Rexroth,
                 fishing while his daughter reads


Blacklisted Texan labor leader, Hispanic rights pioneer.


CHAOS DAY. Eat wontons.

England: ST. THOMAS' DAY. A Tradition of
"Thomasing," begging gifts, door-to-door.


1790 --  US: Samuel Slater's thread-spinning factory goes into
production, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The beginning of the
Industrial Revolution in America.

    The workers at his machines are 4 to 10 years old.

1859 -- Gustave Kahn, French poet/literary theorist who
claims inventing vers libre, lives.

1872 -- US: The Battle of Lost River, the first hostilities
between the US Government & Captain Jack's band
of Modoc Indians.

1879 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Uncle Joseph Stalin, Russian dictator, lives;
murdered 11,000,000.

           We live, not feeling the country beneath us,
           Our speech inaudible ten steps away,
           But where they're up to half a conversation —
           They'll speak of the Kremlin mountain man.

           His thick fingers are fat like worms...

            — Osip Mandelstam,
                We Live, Not Feeling, 1934(?)


1899 --

  "Take me this way: a stray guest, a bird of passage,
  splashing with salt-rimed wings through a brief moment
  of your life — a rude & blundering bird, used to large
  airs & great spaces, unaccustomed to the amenities
  of confined existence."

     — Jack London to Anna Strunsky, December 21, 1899;
         first published in "The Masses," July 1917

1902 -- Black surrealist artist, musician Peetie Wheatstraw
lives. See below, 1942.

1907 -- Chile: Massacre of miners working in Iquique.

    Santa María School Slaughter of workers, women &
    children in Santa María, Iquique during a strike headed
    by anarchists. (2000 & 3600 dead)

1911 -- France: First use of get-away-car in bank robbery,
by the anarchist Bonnot Gang.
The band: http://www.mindspring.com/~acheslow/AuntMary/bonnot/bonnot.html

1916 -- Wobblies (anarchosyndicalist union, Industrial
Workers of the World) outlawed in Australia.

1916 --US: Emma Tenayuca lives. Labor militant, firebrand
leader in the Texan pecan shellers strike.

1917 -- Heinrich Boll lives, Cologne.
German novelist/playwright, social critic, wins the
Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972.

1919 -- US: At dawn, Alexander Berkman, Emma
Goldman & 247 radical aliens set sail on the S.S.
Buford ("The Soviet Ark"), deported to Russia from
the "Land of the Free."

1924 -- Germany: After five years of prison for his
participation in the Republic of the Workers Councils,
anarchist Erich Mühsam is amnestied. Thousands of
workers turn out for his release. German anarchist poet,
murdered by the Nazis at the Orianenburg concentration camp.

1925 --  Eisenstein's silent movie "The Battleship
Potemkin" premiers, Moskva.

1940 -- Mother of Invention, Fug, Frank Zappa lives.

1942 -- Black surrealist artist, musician
Peetie Wheatstraw dies. "High Sheriff of Hell."

1948 -- "The girls lined up for the annual relay of the Young
Communist League Cup."

 Miss Krapivnitskaya, the fastest of them all, was at the tape. Just
 as the starter was about to fire his gun, a man on a motorcycle
 snatched up Miss Krapivnitskaya & sped away. He turned out to
 be the coach of a rival team. But Miss Krapivnitskaya refused to

 She broke away, dashed toward the river, jumped into a boat, &
 began rowing. She reached the opposite bank & began a race
 against time to reach the track before the race began.

 Miss Krapivnitskaya lost the race, but she & her team were
 promised justice.

 "RELAY MISCHIEF": MOSCOW, International Herald Tribune

1952 -- World ends, according to the entity Sananda.
(Well, some still believe it did...)

1964 --  SciFi author Theodore Sturgeon's
"How to Forget Baseball" is published in "SI". A real fantasy.

1959 -- Spain: Antonia Maymón (b.1881) dies. Militant
activist, rationalist teacher, naturista, libertarian &
a feminist. Maymón collaborated in numerous congresses
& publications, such as "Generación Consciente", & was a
founder of the FAI.

1965 -- "The Class Struggles in Algeria," Situationist International
poster/leaflet distributed in Algeria; reprinted in Internationale
#10, Paris.

1966 -- Exclusions of Timothy Clark, Christopher Gray &
Donald Nicholson-Smith, English section. "Vient de paraître"
(Coming Soon), flyposter of détourned comics announcing
the publication of The Society of the Spectacle & The
Revolution of Everyday Life

1974 --  US: "NY Times" reports massive, illegal CIA domestic
surveillance operations against the antiwar movement under the
Nixon administration.

1978 -- France: Roger Caillois — philosopher, anthropologist,
natural scientist, renegade Surrealist — dies. With Georges Bataille
& others attempted to shift the focus of Surrealism from the dream
life of little old rich ladies to the social arena.

1992 -- Blues guitarist Albert King dies of a heart attack.

2001 --  US: Larry Mayes, 52, is released from an Indiana prison
after serving 21 years for a rape he didn't commit; he is the
100th innocent American convict freed by DNA evidence.
Justice is indeed blind.

2005 -- Italy: Paolo di Nella street in Rome, named after a fascist,
is re-named Viale Timur Kacharava, to the memory of a young
anti-fascist murdered November 13 in St. Petersburg, Russia.


                           "Sociability is as much a law of
                           nature as mutual struggle ...
                           mutual aid is as much a law of
                           animal life as mutual struggle."

           — Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid


— anti-copyRite 1997-3046

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