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Daily Bleed for December 17th

My brain was a hill country
& the moon was unequal to itself
Rivers were flowing through my head from ear to ear.

— Fouad El-Etr, "Tonight the Stars Are in Tatters"

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American radical political theorist,

Ancient Roman SATURNALIA (December 17-23).
"Unrestrained & intemperate jollity". Relaxation of
social rules, no business transacted courts closed,
wars suspended, feuds forgotten, slaves take the place
of masters. LORD OF MISRULE selected.


1660 -- Andrew Marvell petitions House of Commons to release
John Milton from prison.

1807 -- John Greenleaf Whittier lives.
Author/Abolitionist. Many of his poems
are sung as church hymns.

When the "Atlantic Monthly" gives a party to celebrate
the poet's 70th birthday, Mark Twain, in a speech,
shocks the diners by comparing Longfellow, Emerson
& Holmes, (all guests) to three drunken tramps in the

1873 -- Ford Madox Ford lives, England. Novelist,
international influence in early 20th-century literature.
See Kenneth Rexroth's More Classics Revisited.

1878 -- A meeting is held at L.L. Zamenhof's home
to celebrate the creation of Esperanto.

Esperanto, a neutral & easily learned idiom (at least
for Westerners), is designed to facilitate comprehension
& communication between peoples.

Among its early enthusiasts were many libertarians, seeing
here not only a means of countering warmongering nationalisms,
but also a way to diffuse the libertarian ideal beyond the
official statist borders.

"Esperanto is the surest & the
speediest vehicle of civilization."

— Jules Verne

1890 -- France: Pierre Lentengre lives (1890-1982) Paris.
Administrator of "La voix libertaire" (1928-1939) & active in
"The Friends of Sebastien Faure".

1893 -- Theatrical director Erwin Piscator lives
(1893-1966). Famed for ingenious
Expressionistic staging techniques, originator of epic
theatre style later developed by German playwright
Bertolt Brecht.

1903 -- American author Erskine Caldwell lives,
Coweta County, Georgia. He is particularly esteemed in
France & the former Soviet Union. He struggled with
censorship more than any other writer in his time.

1904 -- Paul Cadmus, lives to see the Fleet arrive in
port. Gay painter of sailors on liberty & suchlike.
His notorious erotic painting The Fleet's In! launched
his career as a full-time artist.

1910 -- Jean Maitron lives. French libertarian historian.
Wrote numerous works, including Histoire du mouvement
anarchiste en France (1880-1914)

El horror a la revolución

«¿Por qué temer al la guerra? Si se tiene
que morir aplastado por la tiranía
capitalista y gubernamental en tiempo de
paz, ¿por qué no morir mejor combatiendo
lo que nos aplasta? Es menos espantoso
que se derrame sangre que conquista la
libertad y el bienestar, que continúe
derramándose bajo el actual sistema
político y social en provecho de nuestros
explotadores y tiranos.»

Ricardo Flores Magón
"Regeneración," 17 de diciembre de 1910

Deconstructing Columbus
Mexican workers revise history:

1913 -- Ford Madox Ford begins writing The Good Soldier.

1919 -- South African author/teacher
Ezekiel Mphahlele lives.

1936 -- USSR: In Moscow, Pravda announces that in
Catalonia (Spain), the "cleaning" out of Trotskyites &
the anarcho-syndicalists has already started. Stalin's
agents will carry out these purges:

"As for Catalonia, the purging of Trotskyist &
anarcho-syndicalist elements has begun; this
work will be carried out with the same energy
with which it was done in the USSR."

1944 -- Abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky dies.

1951 -- Netherlands: Too UnRuly? Dutch Communist Party
members are forbidden to be civil servants.

1965 -- Largest newspaper ever Sunday NY Times
at 946 pages ($0.50) almost as big as a Daily Bleed!
but nowhere as interesting or factually correct.

1965 -- US: Ken Kesey holds his 4th Acid Test.

1966 -- Benefit for Legalization of Marijuana
(LEMAR) at California Hall. Country Joe & the Fish entertain.

1977 -- Elvis Costello & the Attractions appear on
NBC-TV "Saturday Night Live" in place of the Sex
Pistols, who can't get a visa to enter the country.

1997 -- Five Poles, including members from the Polish
Anarchist Federation (FA) kidnapped in Chechnya, while
delivering medicine, food & other supplies
from a Polish-Chechen friendship society.

1997 -- US: Blue Moon Tavern forced to move a pool table!

One of the pool tables had to be moved out
of the way because more than 100 people show
up for readings by Deaf Poets Society.

Dave, sorry it took so long to reply, but with my
faulty memory I thought it would be best to ask some
of the deaf folk what they remembered about the
first night of the Deaf Poet Society.

The best I can cobble together out of the disparate
memories is that it took place on Wednesday,
December 17, 1997.

After researching this tiny bit of information with
people who actually participated, including myself, I
now sit in awe that any history is ever written. Or,
can't stand that it is written with a straight face.

All these years I thought that Impressionism
was simply an art movement. Oh well...

— Bleedster Gus (aka Joe Schmoe)

:(Sorry, We're open!):

1999 -- US: Welcome mat for WTO in Seattle, Washington.
Ya'll come back, hear!? &, no, this image is not the Blue Moon
on Opera Nite!:

2001 -- US: Martin Glaberman (1918-2001) dies.
Influential Marxist, teacher, & militant autoworker.
Historian of wildcat strikes in the American auto
industry during WWII, poet, small press publisher,
& a specialist in Marx's Das Kapital.

2002 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Bush orders
deployment of an illegal "Star Wars" missile defense system even
though it doesn't work. Should probably contract it out to China or
Halliburton-Walmart, get the job done quick, right & cheap.


Secretary of Labor:

Sir, the workers are
revolting, they demand
shorter hours!

President Rufus T. Firefly
(Groucho Marx):

Excellent! We'll begin by
shortening the lunch hour.

— Duck Soup


— anti-Shortening, 200(1)(2)(3)(4)(5-10)(11-99)
(3000 moor or les)
who now bikes to work (speaking of Home):

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