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Daily Bleed for November 9th

Imagine it. A radio playing
& everyone here was crazy.
I liked it & danced in a circle.
Music pours over the sense
& in a funny way
music sees more than I.
I mean it remembers better;
remembers the first night here.
It was the strangled cold of November;
even the stars were strapped in the sky
& that moon too bright
forking through the bars to stick me
with a singing in the head.
I have forgotten all the rest.

— excerpt,
— Anne Sexton

Daily Bleed, counted & recounted,


Welsh Poet, drunk, high-liver, lifestyle libertarian.




1771 -- Robert Dale Owen, utopian, lives, Glasgow,
Scotland. American social reformer & politician.

1832 -- Émile Gaboriau, French novelist who became
known as the father of the roman policier
("detective novel"), lives.

1880 -- France: Louise Michel, freed by amnesty after nine years
in prison, is met in Gare Saint-Lazare by an enormous crowd
cheering her with cries of,

"Vive Louise Michel,
vive la Commune,
A bas les assassins!"

1918 -- Germany: Berlin workers march on Reichstag &
brings down the government to a halt. Philip Scheidermann
declares a German Republic.

1921 -- England: Metropolitan Police Commissioner,
Sir William Harwood, poisoned by arsenic-filled chocolates.

Didna read today's Bleed, or he would no it's "No Cookies" Day.

1928 -- Poet Anne Sexton lives, Newton, Massachusetts.

1928 -- Uruguay: At 4 am, in Montevideo, 300 stalwarts from
the police force & the army encircle the house at 41-J.J. Rousseau
Street, trapping anarchist illegalists inside. Those sent to prison
escape thanks to a tunnel built by comrades.

1938 -- Germany: Kristallnacht, "Crystal Night," a night of
Nazi terror against Jews, marking the beginning of the
Holocaust with the killing of 91 Jews & the deportation of
30,000 to concentration camps.

1939 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader J. Edgar Hoover
orders creation of an FBI list of possible political detainees — it
ultimately includes Communists, labor leaders, journalists, poets,
writers critical of the FBI & some members of Congress.

1939 -- US: Novelist Thomas Mann speaks in NYC;
the address is later published as "This Peace".

1939 -- Got Yours Yet?: Nobel for physics awarded
to Ernest O. Lawrence (cyclotron).

1943 -- US: Today, after Igal Roodenko's
strike has reached the 12th day,
he was arrested...

1953 -- Welsh poet Dylan Thomas dies, age 39,
following a six-day coma brought on by drinking 18
straight whiskeys in a New York tavern. At the
funeral parlor, a friend looking down at the body
with its rouged face & garish suit, carnation in
buttonhole, says: "He would never have been seen
dead in it."

"I hold a beast, an angel, & a
madman in me, & my enquiry is as to
their working, & my problem is their
subjugation & victory, downthrow &
upheaval, & my effort is their

1961 -- Interview with Asger Jorn in the Danish journal
"Aften-Posten" on the foundation of the Scandinavian
Institute of Comparative Vandalism in Silkeborg.

Also today in München, Flugblatt, a tract in German
by Sturm, Fischer, Zimmer, Kunzelmann & Prem
denounces the seizure of all six issues of the journal
"Spur" & the indictment of the Spurists — countersigned
by another 31 individuals, mostly Situationists.
Indictment of Uwe Lausen, a minor at the time, for
contempt of court.

1963 -- US: Polish Refugees Liberated?
End of poll taxes in Texass.

1970 -- US: Nixon White House promulgates an
economic-warfare plan against Chile.

1979 -- US: Computer error causes six-minute
"nuclear war alert". US Air Defense Command
computer reports that Russia is attacking.

1982 -- US: Zonker Harris receives one vote for
the governorship in Illinois.

"Reader, suppose you were an idiot. &
suppose you were a member of Congress.

But I repeat myself. "

— Mark Twain: Manuscript note, c.1882.

1982 -- US: (Bad)Acting President Reagan is asked if
he'll be visiting the new Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

"I can't tell until somebody tells me," he says,
"I never know where I'm going."


1984 -- Nicaragua: US peace activists sail shrimp
boat into Port of Corinto to confront US warships
threatening Nicaragua.

1985 -- Carpetbagger?: Toasting Princess Diana on
her first visit to the US, Acting President Reagan
refers to her as "Princess David."

Better yet, observes a BBC

"President Reagan greeted the Prince
& Princess wearing a plaid jacket that was remarkably
similar to the carpet at Balmoral Castle."

1988 -- US: John Cage's reading 'On Anarchism'
at the Cooper Union in New York.

1989 -- Germany: Berlin Wall comes tumbling down,
signaling end of half-century-long Cold War. Wall opens
in response to nonviolent action.

2001 -- US: Masterbatus Interuptus? Star Wars test rocket has
to be destroyed seconds after launch when controllers lose
contact with it, Kodiak, Alaska. The bears are not amused.

2002 -- Italy: 500,000 people in Firenze protest the Bush-Cheney
war on Iraq.


The hand that signed the paper felled a city;
Five sovereign fingers taxed the breath,
Doubled the globe of dead & halved a country;
These five kings did a king to death.

The mighty hand leads to a sloping shoulder,
The finger joints are cramped with chalk;
A goose's quill has put an end to murder
That put an end to talk.

The hand that signed the treaty bred a fever,
& famine grew, & locusts came;
Great is the hand the holds dominion over
Man by a scribbled name.

The five kings count the dead but do not soften
The crusted wound nor pat the brow;
A hand rules pity as a hand rules heaven;
Hands have no tears to flow.

— Dylan Thomas


— anti-ReCount 2000-40000, more or less

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