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Daily Bleed for November 7th

HEDGEHOG He ambles along like a walking pin cushion, Stops & curls up like a chestnut burr. He's not worried because he's so little. Nobody is going to slap him around. — Chu Chen Po (9th century). Translated from the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth

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Stylish French existentialist, explorer of the human irrational.

Alternate Saint:
Mystical Shawnee prophet, twin brother of Tecumseh,
forged a pan-Indian united front against US aggression.



1891 -- Spain: Santiago Salvador Franch tosses two bombs into
the audience at Teatre Liceu opera house during a performance
of the opera William Tell, killing 22 people.

The violence of the anarchists did not
always land at the feet of tyrants...

1893 -- Spain: Orsini tosses two bombs into a Barcelona
opera house to avenge the execution of Pauli Pallas...
20 dead & several casualties. A state of siege is declared
in the city & hundreds of anarchists arrested & tortured
by the army.

1912 -- Ernest Riebe's "Mr. Block," IWW comic strip,
makes its first appearance.

One of the best-loved features in the Wobbly press, &
his comic book was a hot seller for years.

Joe Hill wrote a "Mr. Block" song, & Riebe brought out
two more Mr. Block comic books, a Mr. Block play, &
Mr. Block postcards. Other IWW artists introduced
Block into their own cartoons.

Throughout the 1980s, Riebe's work was prominently
featured in Carlos Cortez's cross-country Wobbly Art
Show. Historians Joyce Kornbluh, Dave Roediger &
Sal Salerno have reproduced Mr. Block cartoons in
their pathbreaking studies of the Wobbly counterculture.

1913 -- Albert Camus lives, Algeria. Wrote "The Stranger,"
"The Myth of Sisyphus," gets Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957.
In 1959, he started the review "Freedom", in support of conscientious

Wrote for numerous libertarian publications.
Camus' relationship to anarchism considered at:

"L'histoire d'aujourd'hui nous force à dire que
la révolte est l'une des dimensions essentielles de

'Whoever today speaks of human existence in terms of power,
efficiency, and "historical tasks" is an actual or potential assassin."

1917 -- Russia: The Bolshevik coup leaves the Communist
Party as the new landlord-occupant of the Winter Palace.

1918 -- "Red Bavaria" Revolution. Workers revolt. The Bavarian
monarchy is overthrown & a Republic is declared by the Socialist
Kurt Eisner, who becomes its president.

It involved a number of writers, poets & artists, including
anarchists Erich Mühsam, Gustav Landauer, Ernst Toller,
Ret Marut (B. Traven), & others, in the development of
Workers' Councils & self-managed co-operatives.

Extreme libertarian socialists such as the
poet/playwrights Erich Mühsam & Ernst Toller, & Ret
Marut (the novelist B. Traven), gave the Soviet a distinct
anarchist flavor. Landauer, who had spent years of isolation
working on his grand synthesis of Nietzsche, Proudhon,
Kropotkin, Stirner, Meister Eckhardt, the radical mystics,
& the Romantic volk-philosophers, knew from the start that
the Soviet was doomed; he hoped only that it would last long
enough to be understood.

— Peter Lamborn Wilson

1936 -- Francisco Pérez Mateo, an artist, dies today in the trenches
during the Spanish Revolution. A member of the Communist Party.

An exhibit in his honor was included in the Spanish Pavilion
in the International Exhibition in Paris, where Picasso's Guernica
is also shown.

1938 -- Ethel Mannin, Irish novelist & anarchist,
successfully assumes Emma Goldman's role as
SIA representative in London.

I am purely evil;
Hear the thrum
of my evil engine;
Evilly I come.
The stars are thick as flowers
In the meadows of July;
A fine night for murder
Winging through the sky.

— Ethel Mannin, 'Song of the Bomber.'

1960 -- Charles d'Avray, (1878-1960) dies. Poète et
chansonnier anarchiste.
See also Ken Knabb's informative piece,

1968 -- The Doors banned in Phoenix after Jim
Morrison tells the audience to stand up.

1971 -- American anarchist Joseph Spivak (1882-1971) dies.
Co-founder of the Libertarian Book Club in NY City.

1974 -- China: Huge wall poster, critical of the regime, is posted
on Peking Road in Canton. Entitled "Concerning Socialist
Democracy & Legal System: Dedicated to Chairman Mao
& the fourth National People's Congress", it is written by
a group of ex-Red Guards under the collective pseudonym
of Li I-che. Articles on Chinese anarchism, see

1983 -- US: City plan revealed, to improve the lives of South
Bronx residents by pasting vinyl decals — featuring cheery images
of curtains, shades, shutters & plants — on the boarded-up
windows of abandoned tenements. Says a housing official,

"Perception is reality."

2000 -- US: Despite wasting a record 3+ billion dollars
urging the American electorate to vote, only a minority
of eligible Americans are bought. Many among the
vast majority are convinced none of the candidates could
possibly represent them or are worthy of their vote.

2004 -- France: Sébastien Briat dies, crushed by a train of
radioactive waste bound for Germany. Antinuclear militant
& a 21-year-old trade unionist, Sébastien helped found a
student section of the trade union CNT-Education de Nancy.

2006 -- US:


We must discover new frontiers...
People have been standing for
centuries before a worm-eaten door, making
pinholes in it with increasing ease.
The time has come to kick it down, for it is
only on the other side that everything begins.

— Raoul Vaneigem


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less

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