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Daily Bleed for November 29th

The weight
of the Man-God
is on one foot / or the other.
They create the gleam
of this dimension,
of this single process,
of perfection.
But who is who? and WHAT?

– Michael McClure,
from Scratching the Beat Surface

Daily Bleed in full,


Australian fantasist cartoonist, art bohemian.




1831 -- Poland: Revolution!

o prospectors o Anglo Saxons
baby-faced dumplings who pacified the west
with gattling guns with bounties for hides of babes
mothers' vulvas made baseballs to their lust
o bringers of civilization heros heros
I will fight my way past you who guard the sacred
last frontier village of my dreams
with shootouts tyrannies
(he cries) who had escaped the law
or brought it with him
how vass I lost tzu get here

— Jerome Rothenberg, excerpt, "Cokboy",

1832 -- Germantown, Pennsylvania: Louisa May Alcott,
author of Work, lives. Daughter of the brilliant,
impoverished philosopher/teacher Amos Bronson
Alcott (born same day, 1799).

Daily Bleed Saint 2003-4
Not the Little Woman most people imagine.
Daughter of Bronson, founder of the utopian
Fruitlands community.

Known for her novel Little Women, she also wrote
Work, an autobiographical novel exposing the
exploitation of women workers & the evils of industrialization
in 1873.

1847 -- At a banquet in Paris commemorating the Polish
insurrection of 1830, the  Michael Bakunin
delivers a speech denouncing the Russian government
& is subsequently expelled from France.

1864 -- Sand Creek Massacre.

Contingent of Colorado Militia under J.M. Chivington
(a Methodist pastor), fell upon an unsuspecting Cheyenne
camp (ordered away from protection of Fort Lyon 4 days
before), ignored a white surrender flag and slaughtered 450
men, women & children, scalped them, cut out the women's
genitals and stuck them on poles.

A local newspaper called this

"a brilliant feat of arms"

& stated the soldiers had

"covered themselves with glory."

A chief cause of the Arapaho-Cheyenne war that
followed and far-reaching influence in the Plains
Indian wars of the next decade.

1902 -- Carlo Levi lives. Italian writer, journalist,
artist, doctor, whose first documentary novel,
Christ Stopped at Eboli

Italian anti-fascist activist, author, humanitarian.

1909 -- USSR: Novelist Maxim Gorky is expelled from
Communist Party. Later gets an airplane named after him.

1918 -- Kurt Wafner lives.
Ausgeschert aus Reih' und Glied.
Mein Leben als B├╝cherfreund und Anarchist

1919 -- US: Bogalusa Massacre...

Bleedster Gene recently introduced Bogalusa,
Louisiana Carpenters Memorial Resolution.
See Daily Bleed web page for details.

...four union organizers, and officers of Bogalusa UBC
local 2203 were murdered while they were working to
organize the Great Southern Lumber Company by
agents of the the company and the town mayor

See also Norwood, Stephen H. "Bogalusa Burning:
The War Against Biracial Unionism in the Deep
South, 1919." Journal of Southern History 63, no.3
(August 1997) and U.S. Supreme Court, WILLIAMS
v. GREAT SOUTHERN LUMBER CO., 277 U.S. 19 (1928)

1922 -- Renzo Novatore (1890-1922) is killed in an ambush by police.
Pseudonimo di Abele Ricieri Ferrari. Fu poeta, filosofo, artista e
militante anarchico individualista, fondamentalmente autodidatta.
Individualista e anticlericale.
Peter Lamborn Wilson article,

1942 -- US: WW II coffee rationing begins (1 pound every 5 weeks!!).
Americans start drooping like flies.
Starbucks closes up shop...

1944 -- US: Malcolm Little (Malcolm X) is arrested for larceny.

1947 -- German Green Party leader Petra Kelly lives.

German Green Party leader, ecologist pioneer.

1949 -- Songster Stan Rogers lives, Canada.

1959 -- Kenneth Rexroth, in his New York Times Book Review
article on Mexico City Blues, attacks Jack Kerouac and his writing.

1965 -- Take Notice?: Dale Cummings does 14,118
consecutive sit-ups.

          Just like BleedMeister on any given morning...

1966 -- In San Francisco, District Attorney John J.
Ferdon drops charges against members of
The Diggers, who staged a Halloween puppet show
at Haight and Ashbury streets.

1969 -- Australian cartoonist, artist, sculptor and novelist
Norman Lindsay dies. Often censored by the wowsers
for his big boobs and butts.

1994 -- Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa wins the
Cervantes prize.

1999 -- US: Welcome to Seattle.
Graphic by Bleedster James Koehnline

Collection of photos from the WTO protests, see the Stan Iverson
Memorial Library Image collection:

2000 -- US:

Florida ... Recount Reveals Nader Defeated
TALLAHASSEE, FL-- A third recount by Florida election
officials has "definitively determined" that Green Party
candidate Ralph Nader was defeated. "There was a very
significant 25,603-vote discrepancy between the first two
counts, with Nader losing by respective margins of
2,812,339 and 2,837,942, so we decided to conduct a
hand recount," Florida Attorney General Jim Smith

"We now know that Nader lost by precisely 2,821,278 votes."

2000 -- US: In Southern California, faculty at Claremont Colleges are
trying to get a union recognized. Subversity, a KUCI public affairs
program, this afternoon talks with an organizer of the effort to
organize faculty there for the IWW, the Industrial Workers of the
World, known as the Wobblies.

Wobbly organizer Dana Ward, a political scientist at Pitzer
College, is the featured guest. Ward hosts the Anarchy
Archives & is executive director of the International Society
of Political Psychology.

2002 -- England: British price-fixing fine levied last November
on Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly: nearly $8,000,000.


(...) this was the Government, doing things.
I saw militiamen level their rifles at a crowd of
workingmen who were trying to get other workingmen
to stay away from a shop where there was a strike
on. Government in action.

Everywhere I saw that Government is a thing made of
men, that Government has blood and bones, it is
many mouths whispering into many ears, sending
telegrams, aiming rifles, writing orders, saying
"yes" and "no."

Government dies as the men who form it die and are laid
away in their graves and the new Government that
comes after is human, made of heartbeats of blood,
ambitions, lusts, and money running through it all,
money paid and money taken, and money covered
up and spoken of with hushed voices.

A Government is just as secret and mysterious and sensitive
as any human sinner carrying a load of germs,
traditions and corpuscles handed down from
fathers and mothers away back.

— Carl Sandburg, excerpt, "GOVERNMENT" (1910)


— anti-Baby-faced dumplings, 20090064

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