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Daily Bleed for November 27th

Someone basic as a fuse
in the cellar of a tenement darkened by lightning,
one who makes sure water comes out of the faucets,
maintains the necessary order of things at the highest
level of discreet invisibility like simplicity itself,
is often the indigenous immigrant at the root

of what makes the whole show continue,
the human janitor, who must not be slashed
like a throwaway book by the cut-crazy backstabbers
of the people, the he or she who is the real
governor of the state of things
still possibly human.

— Jack Hirschman, from "Something Basic"
(For Local 87 AFL-CIO)

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Historian of indigenous cultures, video artist, beatnik,
drop-out. (Just try & do a search for links on
"Harry Smith" — HemoMeister)



1726 -- Jonathan Swift gleefully writes to Alexander
Pope of initial reactions to the newly published
Gulliver's Travels, noting an Irish bishop called the
satire "full of improbable lies."

1832 -- South Carolina Convention calls for armed
resistance, if necessary, against the US government.

1841 -- Jean Renaud lives, Jura. Anarcho-syndicalist,
member of the Lyons Revolutionary Federation.

Setting off a bomb on October 22, 1882 at the
restaurant Bellecour, he received two prison sentences...

Suspecting the weather nicer in Geneva, he went
thataway for a short period...

1884 -- US: The black flag appears in first known display
by anarchists in America, at a demonstration in Chicago.

1885 -- Earliest photograph of a shower

1900 -- US troops coax information from Filipino town
president by forcing salt water down his throat from
100-gallon tank. Then they burn the town to the
ground. To "protect US interests," part of the genocide
not mentioned in American history books.

1909 -- American journalist James Agee (Let Us Now
Praise Famous Men
; A Death in the Family) lives,
Knoxville, Tennessee:

"I lived there, so successfully disguised
to myself as a child."

Compassionate American chronicler of poverty, despair.

1920 -- Russia: Leon Trotsky (aka "The Red Butcher") orders an
attack on Makhno's headquarters. Yesterday Makhno's commanders
were executed after being lured to a meeting with Trotsky
under a flag of truce. The Cheka simultaneously arrests members of the
Nabat Confederation in Kharkov & raids anarchist clubs & organizations
throughout Russia.

"Your flags black in the wind, black for our sorrow,
red for our blood."

— excerpt from the song "Makhnovchtchina"

1920 -- Spain: Andrés Nin & José Canela attacked by "pistoleros"
in Barcelona. Nin is unscathed but Canela dies.

Part of the government's bloody campaign to destroy the CNT.
The bosses' goon squads, directed by Barcelona Governor
Martinez Anido murdered & jailed hundreds of union militants,
fully protected by the civil & military authorities...

1936 -- England: The Royal Screw? It is revealed that George V's
doctor hastened his death so that it would appear in the morning
rather than the evening papers.

1942 -- Jimi Hendrix lives! Seattle, Washington.

1953 -- Eugene O'Neill, dramatist & radical, dies.

1965 -- Ken Kesey's first acid test takes place.

1969 -- 700 US Army medics stationed in Pleiku stage
a fast to protest the Vietnam War.

1970 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI (Fumbling Bumbling
Idiots) warns of terrorist plot by the Catholic priests
Daniel & Philip Berrigan brothers & others.

1978 -- San Francisco Mayor George Moscone & City
Supervisor Harvey Milk, a gay-rights activist, shot to
death by former supervisor Dan White who argues (successfully)
the Twinkies he ate made him do it.

1988 -- Netherlands: Activists paint anti-military graffiti on
war planes due for delivery to Turkey.

1991 -- Visionary videographer Harry Smith dies,
Chelsea Hotel, New York City. Early childhood was
spent in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Anacortes
& Bellingham. By the age of 15 Harry had spent time
recording many Indian songs & rituals, & was
compiling a dictionary of several Puget Sound dialects.
Studied anthropology at the University of Washington for
five semesters between 1942 & 1944. Experienced marijuana
& dropped out of college.

2000 -- US: Detroit Almanac: About the Fifth Estate, November
27, 2000:

The oldest survivor of the hundreds of underground
papers started nationwide in the 1960s is Detroit's
Fifth Estate.

In its 35th anniversary issue, the paper describes itself
as the longest-running English-language anarchist
journal in U.S. history.

2004: Italy: An initiative passed in Livorno recognizing
"Virgilio Antonelli 1904 - 2004: A Livornese anarchist
fighter against fascism..." (title of the initiative). An Italian
partisan guerrilla during WWII, distinguishing himself in the
liberating of hostages & prisoners.


"We need
help, the Poet

— Ed Dorn


— anti-Improbable Lies, 3000 or thereabouts
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