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Daily Bleed for November 1st

"To those who have hunger, give bread.

to those who have bread,

give a hunger for Justice.

— Latin American table prayer

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Palestinian activist, scholar, literary critic




And very important to remember...

NOVEMBER is . . .
Slaughter Month, National Moral Indignation

2nd Week
Red Flannel Days (Michigan),
National Eating Disorders Week
3rd Week
Operating Room Nurse Week
National Leftover Awareness Week


1530 -- Etienne de La Boetie lives...The Politics of Obedience:
Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
is published poshumously,
by Montaigne, & is considered an early precursor of anarchism.
Around 1833 Emerson wrote his poem, "Étienne de la Boèce".
Tolstoy used extracts from the Discourse in three of his books.
Gustav Landauer made the Discourse central to his book,
Die Revolution

"That which controls you has only two eyes,
has only two hands, has only one body &
but one thing which the least of men in all the
cities has, but more than you all, it is the
advantage which you give him to destroy you... "

1604 -- William Shakespeare's tragedy "Othello" first
presented. Considered the best of English writers, bard none.

1871 -- Stephen Crane lives, New Jersey.
Poet, novelist (The Red Badge of Courage), war

Daily Bleed Saint 2005-2008
Superb writer of American antiwar fiction,
chronicles of the underclass,
aphoristic poetry.

1872 -- US: Susan B. Anthony & sisters arrested
for registering to vote.

1889 -- England: Philip Noel-Baker,
disarmament advocate, lives.

"I would no more teach children military
training than I would teach them arson,
robbery, or assassination."
— Eugene Debs

1896 -- Boys Suddenly Enjoy Studying In the Library?: First
bare woman's breast (Zulu) appears in "National Geographic

1897 -- Brotherhood of the Cooperative Commonwealth,
called Equality Colony, founded (now Blanchard, Washington.)

1907 -- Pataphysician, proto-surrealist Alfred Jarry
dies (a suicide?) of alcoholism & tuberculosis in
Paris. Poet/playwright Alfred Jarry (Ubu Roi).

Daily Bleed Alternate Saint 2005-2008

The original legend centered about his attire (a cyclist's
costume with pistols), his habits (drink practiced as
discipline), his lodging & his daily fare (fish caught at
will anywhere in the Seine). This midget Jarry, eccentric
to the point of mania & lucid to the point of hallucination,
became the focal point of both outrage & awe during the
riot which accompanied the 1896 opening of Ubu Roi.

1913-- Corto Maltese, tied to a crate & cast adrift in mid-ocean
yesterday by his mutinous crew, is rescued in the South Pacific.

1919 -- US: More than 400,000 miners across the
country go on strike.

This fall insurgent miners take over the United
Mine Workers (UMW) convention in
Cleveland — even though union officials tried
to exclude rebellious locals.

Federal troops enter the minefields of Utah, Washington,
New Mexico, Oklahoma & Pennsylvania.

1920 -- Eugene O'Neill play "The Emperor Jones" premiers, NY.

1920 -- Russia: Workers' control over factories is established.

1922 -- Russia: Mollie Steimer & photographer Senya Fleshin
arrested & imprisoned for propagating anarchism — that is,
"aiding criminal elements". See Paul Avrich's Anarchist Portraits.

1922 -- Alfonso Henriques de Lima Barreto dies. Major
Brazilian novelist & social critic, he wrote for the labor &
anarquista press. Author of the classic Triste Fim de Policarpo.

1935 -- Palestine: Activist, literary scholar Edward Said
lives, Jerusalem.

1938 -- Beginning date of Malcolm Lowry
novel Under the Volcano.

1939 -- US: 40th anniversary of New York's Yiddish
weekly, the "Freie Arbeiter Stimme" (Free Voice of Labor).

1951 -- US: First atomic explosion witnessed by troops
(as an experiment), New Mexico.

"The best defense against the atom
bomb is not to be there when it goes off..."

British Army Journal 1949

1952 -- First Hydrogen Bomb explodes at Eniwetok
Atoll in the Pacific.

1952 -- "La Luminosa Torre," by Andre Breton,
appears in "Le Libertaire."

Golpea nuestros corazones
en desbandada, en harapos
¡Anarquia! ¡Oh, portadora de luz!
¡Expulsa la noche! ¡Aniquila los gusanos!
Y levanta al cielo, aunque sea
con nuestros tumulos
¡La luminosa torre que sobre el mar domine!

1965 -- US: Philosopher King J. Edgar Hoover opines
that war demonstrators "represent a minority, for the most
part composed of halfway citizens who are neither
morally, mentally, nor emotionally mature."

1972 -- Ezra Pound, American modernist poet, fascist
sympathizer who produced radio broadcasts for
Mussolini during WWII, dies, Venice, Italy.

1979 -- My Welfare Payment is How Much?!:

US federal government announces $1.5 billion
loan-guarantee plan to aid the nation's third
largest automaker, Chrysler Corporation, which
reported a loss of $460.6 million for the third quarter.
(This will be a pittance compared to the corporate pork-barrel
following the terrorist attacks of September 2001).

1980 -- El Salvador: US-trained & supported army disappears
62 young people aged 14-22. Doing God & America's work in
one stroke.

1990 -- Old Bush likens Saddam to Hitler. The names & faces
change, the game remains the same.

1998 -- Over 2,000 people gather in Santiago's public
cemetery on Day of Dead to pay tribute to Pinochet's
victims, while thousands more watch the march &
cheer them on. Carrying flowers, the mourners
chant: "The blood of the victims is not negotiable!"

Oh! voilà du
joli, Père
Ubu, vous
estes un fort
grand voyou.
Que ne vous
Mère Ubu!

— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less, more now than
then but then less than, or equal to, if not more, then before

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