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Daily Bleed for Halloween!

Hi there bleed, this can't go on,
I'm getting no work done,
please take me off your list
for fear of losing my job,

— M[...] in New Zealand.

(Bleedin sad bureaucrat, working for some Senator,
got her priorities all mixed up — ed.)

Daily Bleed, brim full, a veritable boiling cauldron,

"Ask her to wait a moment —
I am almost done."

— Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855),
while working, when informed that his
wife is dying

American labor, oral historian, "common man" proponent.

Alternate Saint:
Founded famed pirate utopia "Libertaria" in Madagascar.

Ghost of Chance ...returns us to territory familiar from
Burroughs' 'Cities of the Red Night' trilogy. We are in
'Libertaria', a utopian colony of ex-pirates set up 'on the
west coast of Madagascar'. Here 'Captain Mission' has
established a community of free spirits: 'There would be
no capital punishment, no slavery, no imprisonment for
debt, & no interference with religion or sexuality.'

HALLOWEEN. Pagan festival of fall during which the
dead can be communicated with & set to rest.
Appropriated, but not totally demolished, by the churches.

"The original reason for disguise tonight, it
being Mischief Night, was to prevent lonely spirits recognizing
you & snatching you away to their between-the-worlds home;
& it was an additional bonus that the costumes allowed you to
lead a mini-riot without being recognized ..."


ALL SAINT'S EVE. Human sacrifice became cakes
left out for the dead, thrown into the fire in the morning.
In Brittany all wore black, etc.

Struggle between old & new years.


1870 -- Louise Michel, anarchiste, takes part in a massive
demonstration supporting the Paris Commune in front of
the Town hall.

1873 -- US: Oto chiefs, including Medicine Horse &
Stand-By, come to Washington D.C. to ask
for permission to hold one last buffalo hunt;
they are denied.

1881 -- Brazil: Edgard Leuenroth lives (1881-1968), São Paulo.
Important & influential figure in both the labor & anarquista
movements. The most important research archive in Latin
America is named after him (Archivo Edgard Leuenroth).

1894 -- France: In Paris, the "Procès des trente"
(Trial of the Thirty), which began August 6, comes to a close.

1905 -- US: The producer & players of Bernard Shaw's play,
"Mrs. Warren's Profession," are arrested, NY.

1913 -- Historians Will & Ariel Durant, ages 27 & 15,
are married at New York's City Hall.

In 1912 the youthful Will Durant headed the libertarian
Modern School, which became one of the most
important centers of the Radical movement in New York.

Civilization is a stream with banks. The stream is
sometimes filled with blood from people killing,
stealing, shouting and doing the things historians
usually record, while on the banks, unnoticed,
people build homes, make love, raise children,
sing songs, write poetry and even whittle statues.
The story of civilization is the story of what
happened on the banks. Historians are pessimists
because they ignore the banks for the river.

—Will Durant (1885–1981)

1913 -- Corto Maltese, working for the mysterious crime boss
"the Monk" in the South Pacific, has his crew mutiny (he was
certainly unlucky in his crews!) & he was cast adrift in
mid-ocean, tied to a crate. (He is rescued by Rasputin

1921 -- James Joyce writes the last words
of his novel Ulysses.

1921 -- Beginning date of the Poundian calendar,
designed by poet Ezra Pound. Inspires Pound Cake.

1922 -- Italy: Benito Mussolini (Il Duce)
becomes premier. Head office of the anarchico paper
"Umanita Nova" is again ransacked by Duce's fascists.

1922 -- Karl Capek play "The World We Live In"
(The Insect Comedy) opens in NY.

1925 -- Australia: Radio station 2KY begins broadcasting
in Sydney; it later becomes the world's first labor-owned
radio station.

1926 -- Italy: Mussolini escapes assassination attempt
by 15-year-old anarchicho Anteo Zamboni. Lynched by
the fascistes. Just last month Gino Lucetti also botched
an attempt ("Bullets pass, Mussolini stays").

1926 -- No Pain, No Gain?: Magician Ehrich Weiss.
(Harry Houdini) dies after a punch to his tummy...

"I'm buried alive; I hang by a thread
& people pay money to see if I'm dead.
Like mama once said, 'That's the show biz.'
It's sad; it's strange,
Times change & change & change . . .

"I'm only a sham. Well, that's my appeal.
The people need sham 'cause the world is too real.
I know how they feel."

— 'Harry Houdini', Ragtime

1929 -- US: A little boy explodes some firecrackers on La Salle
Street in Chicago & rumors quickly spread that gangsters who
have lost heavily on the stock market are shooting up the street.
Squad cars of police arrive to find a very bewildered little kid.

"This old town should have burned down in 1929
That's when we stood in line
Waiting for our soup
Swallowing our pride."

— Janis Ian & Jon Vezner

1941 -- The destroyer Reuben James,
is torpedoed by a German submarine. 96 perish.

There's Harold Hammer Beasley, a first rate man at sea
From Hinton, West Virginia, he had his first degree.
There's Jim Franklin Benson, a good machinist's mate
Come up from North Carolina, to sail the Reuben James.

Dennis Howard Daniel, Glen Jones & Howard Vore
Hartwell Byrd & Raymond Cook, Ed Musselwhite & more
Remember Leonard Keever, Gene Evans & Donald Kapp
Who gave their all to fight about this famous fighting ship.

1947 -- US: Bertolt Brecht, having fled Nazi Germany,
now flees the US during the American witchhunts.

1955 -- François-Henri Jolivet (1875-1955) dies.
French working poet, anarchiste & pacifist, songster.

Encouraged by Edith Piaf, Jolivet continued appearing
in the cabarets of Montmartre until the end of his life.

1966 -- Ken Kesey's Acid Test Graduation.

1981 -- England: Six-month occupation of nuclear
power site ends, Luxulyan, Cornwall.

1997 -- US: Hallowe'en "Hell House" (presented by bible-thumpers)
opens for teens in Vacaville, California. Displays include a gay
man dead of AIDS, a teenage "grunge" suicide & bloody mock abortion.

2002 -- US: Hey! Saddam! Pentagon says it conducted sarin
nerve-gas experiments in Hawaii's rain forest in 1967.

2006 -- Folk-Legacy celebrates it's 45th anniversary!

The corporation, not deliberately,
established on a folkloristic date!

— Bleedster Sandy Paton

2008 -- US: American oral historian, labor journalist Studs
Terkel dies, Chicago, Illinois.


"Now, now my good man, this is no
time for making enemies."

— Voltaire (1694-1778) on his deathbed,
in response to a priest asking that he renounce Satan


— anti-copyRite 1997-until Halloween, more or less, out on the Back 40,
in the Usual

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