Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daily Bleed for November 17th

Love is a word, another kind of open.
As the diamond comes
into a knot of flame
I am Black
because I come from the earth's inside
take my word for jewel
in the open light.

— Audre Lorde, (1934-1992) excerpt, "Coal"

For those of you trapped on this list,
we humbly offer you today's Daily Bleed,
to while away the hours.

Some of this will get by the (ill)literate,
but there are also pretty pitchers & a few scattered
references to ease-a-you-pain.

Best viewed with a monitor.
.44 caliber glock recommended for correcting computer errors.

(Also, it is rumored if you can't remember how to get off
the list, simply cut & paste excerpts from the Bleed
& email them to other lists & friends... you'll discover not only
how to get off, but where ... muy pronto!)

— BleedMeisterFun

The original anarchist-feminist,
& teacher of newly arrived immigrants.

"We are here to go, we gotta find a
way off this goddamn cop-ridden

— William S. Burroughs

1624 -- Mystic philosopher Jacob Boehme dies.
Daily Bleed Saint 1998. Protestant mystic "saw the world as
streaming in the electrolysis of love" whose radical followers
were major influences on Anabaptists & Antinomians.

Through the deep July day the leaves
Of the laurel, all the colors
Of gold, spin down through the moving
Deep laurel shade all day. They float
On the mirrored sky and forest
For a while, and then, still slowly
Spinning, sink through the crystal deep
Of the pool to its leaf gold floor. . . .
The wren broods in her moss domed nest.
A newt struggles with a white moth
Drowning in the pool. The hawks scream,
Playing together on the ceiling
Of heaven. The long hours go by.

— Kenneth Rexroth

1681 -- Shafted? John Dryden anonymously publishes political
satire attacking Earl of Shaftesbury, Absalom & Achitophel.

1858 -- Socialist planner Robert Owen dies.

1866 -- US: Voltairine de Cleyre lives, Leslie,
Michigan. Atheist & free-thinker, she taught in Philadelphia. She
made many lecture tours, including in Europe, where she met
Kropotkin, Louise Michel , Sébastien Faure & many other anarchists.
She was an ardent supporter of Ricardo Flores Magón & the
Mexican Revolution & wrote for his magazine, "Regeneracion".

1896 -- US: Sacramento, California reports first of dozens of
sightings of huge mysterious airships appearing all over US for
the next six months. Looking for an airport to land at...

1909 -- U.S. Marines invade Nicaragua. To "protect US interests"?

1919 -- Sylvia Beach opens Shakespeare & Company, first combination
English-language book shop & lending library in Paris.

1919 -- US: Violent raids of the homes of hundreds of "suspected
radicals" take place in NY City.

1942 -- US: Hobo organizer, anarchist & cultural drop-out
Dr. Ben Reitman dies.

1947 -- Victor Serge dies. Novelist, poet, historian,
& political activist.
One-time French individualist who went over to the Bolsheviks,
before they booted him. He remained sympathetic to
anarchists but was poorly treated by them.

Red granite outcrops through the red clay,
the world's first days show in the pain of living,
the street wanders off, huddled under its tottering,
houses like old women squatting in the sun
it takes up scant room between the sky & the endless
a ragged Kirgiz walks alone, mournfully pursued by the dogs'
nothing to steal, nothing to eat, lousy beggar! & even the dogs
know you're hungry ...
I met his black look from the depths of time,
he's gone past, it's the past.

— excerpt, "On the Ural River"

1958 -- Alan Freed's trial for allegedly inciting a riot after a Boston
show on May 3, 1958, set to start today, is put back until January 5,
1959. This is due to investigations into a related charge of violating
Massachusetts anti-anarchy laws.

1970 -- US: Trial of Bobby Seale & Ericka Huggins
begins (ended May 25, 1971).

1973 -- US: Free Religionist Alan Watts dies.

1986 -- France: Two women from Accion Directe shoot
Renault chairman George Besse, Paris.

1987 -- "Caribou like the pipeline. They lean up against it, have
a lot of babies, scratch on it. There's more damn caribou than you
can shake a stick at."

— Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
George Bush scoffing at environmentalists
fearing the Alaska oil pipeline will cut into
the Caribou population.

1989 -- Czechoslovakia: 10-20,000 teens try to march to Wenceslas
Square in Prague; 400 injured. More action tomorrow. Mass
demonstration leads to downfall of regime.

1995 -- US: Anarchist picnic at Golden Gate Park, Frisco,
down the street from Bound Together Books, meadow near
the Ghirardeli Rustic Shelter.

1998 -- 15th year anniversary of the birth of the EZLN.

"Zapata will continue to live as long as
people believe that they have a right to
their land & a right to govern themselves
according to their deeply held beliefs &
cultural values."

2000 -- US: Florida...overcast, another gray day,
highs in the mid-300s...the more things change,
the more they remain the same.

2002 -- Italy: Seven-time Beloved & Respected comrade Leader
PM Giulio Andreotti is convicted of murdering a journalist &
sentenced to 24 years in prison.

2006 -- Ruth Brown, American R&B singer, dies. Little Richard
wanted to be her.

2007 -- US: 20,000 protesters converge over the weekend,
including the Anti-Authoritarian Contingent Vigil & Direct Action,
at the School of the Americas (SOA, aka School of Assassins),
the world's largest training center for terrorists, Fort Benning,
Georgia. Designed to "protect US corporate & military
interests" around the world, the infamous school's 60,000+
grads practice torture, prop up US-supported dictatorships,
massacre innocent people, target & execute human rights
advocates, & protect drug lords around the world — American style.


"Make no laws whatever concerning speech & speech
will be free; so soon as you make a declaration on paper
that speech shall be free, you will have a hundred lawyers
proving that `freedom does not mean abuse, nor liberty license';
& they will define freedom out of existence.

Let the guarantee of free speech be in every man's determination
to use it, & we shall have no need of paper declarations..."

— Voltairine de Cleyre, "Anarchism & American Traditions"


— Anti-mysterious airships, 1997-2009

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