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Daily Bleed for 9.27

Daily Bleed in full,


Legendary Indian Romantic, volcanic anti-imperialist.



1722 -- Samuel Adams, patriot beer brewer, lives, Boston,
Massachusetts. Signs the Declaration of Independence.

1792 -- English caricaturist/illustrator George
Cruikshank lives

1840 -- Cartoonist Thomas Nast lives,
Germany. Pal of Mark Twain. (Auntie Dave washes dishes
& tosses crust with his great great grand nephew Tom Nast
at Morningtown Pizza Collective in mid-70s.

1852 -- France: Opening of a private school directed
by anarchist Louise Michel in Audeloncourt (Haute-Marne).

1875 -- US: Striking textile workers demand bread for
starving children in Fall River, Massachusetts.

1897 -- US: Labor congress organized by Eugene Debs
in Chicago, addressed by Emma Goldman.

1906 --  Jim Thompson lives. One of the finest pulp
novelists of The Cold War era.

    "If Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett & Cornell
     Woolrich could have joined together in some ungodly
     union & produced a literary offspring, Jim Thompson
     would be it. "

                        —Washington Post

1924 -- BleedMeister,

   i offer an addendum (as opposed to a dum-dum,
   a conundrum, or redrum): bud powell.
   september 27, 1924. insane genius of the piano,
   victim of police brutality & "modern" institutional psychotherapy,
   friend of monk, one of the inventors of bebop. the only really
   important person i share a birthday with (no offense to mr. nast,
   & no, william "i meant to be
   ambiguous" empson doesn't count).

   — bleedster j valis
   <---i was doing okay until i remembered what today was...>

     In 1945, then 21, he received a beating by police after he tried
     to help his pal & mentor Monk from being harassed.

     Taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation, he wrote on the
     admittance form under occupation: “Pianist & composer of
     over 1,000 songs.”

     To which the attending doctor wrote, “delusions of grandeur”
     & put him in a straitjacket.

                               Died: August 1, 1966

1927 -- In St. Abbondio, Switzerland,
Hugo Ball, a founder of the Dada movement,
dies (or 14 September?).

             "Everybody their own

 See Saint's Gallery page,

1932 -- US: Judge Thayer’s house is bombed (presumably
for his prejudiced role in the Sacco & Vanzetti case).

1937 -- US: School for Santa Clauses opens, Albion, NY.

1940 -- France? or Spain: Cultural theorist Walter Benjamin dies.

           French authorities, anxious to
           cooperate with the Nazis, refused to let
           German exiles cross the border.

           Benjamin attempted to walk across the
           Pyrenees into Spain & was captured
           by Spanish authorities.

           Rather than face being turned over to
           the Gestapo, Benjamin chose to take
           an overdose of morphine. He died on
           27 September 1940.

           The next morning the rest of the group
           of refugees that Benjamin was
           traveling with were allowed to pass
           through into Spain.

1942 --  France: Several hundred Americans in Occupied France
are rounded up for internment in the monkey house of the Paris zoo.

1942 --  Heinrich Mann completes his novel Lidice,
while exiled from Germany, in California.

1950 -- Answering machine is invented. The
inventor could not be reached for comment by telephone
because he was busy at the moment.

1950 --  US: Movie producer Adrian Scott is sentenced to one year
in jail for refusing to tell HUAC whether he had been a Communist.

1954 -- US: Dirty Laundry? The US Senate calls for censure of
Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator "TailGunner"
Joe McCarthy.

1957 -- Despite international protests, U.K. begins
nuclear bomb test series on aboriginal land,
Maralinga, South Australia.

1996 -- Songster Bob Gibson (1931-1996) dies.

     Now he's part of the heavenly choir,
     Where all of the poor restless souls can be found,
     Ain't that a heavenly choir,
     Ain't that a helluva sound.

     — Heavenly Choir, by Bob Gibson & Shel Silverstein

1999 -- US: "America is now under martial law," one broadcast warns.

    "Shut up. Be happy. Obey all orders. Relax.
    Everything is done for you."

2000 -- Czech Republic: Prague protests renew 'Battle of Seattle'.

2002 -- US: Philippe Petit walks a tightrope over
            Broadway this afternoon, New York City.

            In 1974 he walked a wire seven times (!), for 45
            minutes, between the famed Twin Towers before
            they were brought down by terrorists:

            "I had been out there on a wire,
            dancing in the sky".


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, higher or lower or less, but not on no

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