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Daily Bleed for 9.13.10

The struggle of Man against power is the struggle
of memory against forgetting.

— Milan Kundera, The Book Of Laughter & Forgetting

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Leading American anarchist intellectual of mid-20th century.

Andalusia, Spain: VINTAGE FEAST. Parades, bullfights,
horse races, drinking & dancing until dawn.


1743 -- Can of Worms? England, Austria & Savoye-Sardinia
sign Treaty of Worms.
Don't know how long it takes them to start squabbling over
dem spoils.

1814 -- US: 'Star-Spangled Banner' written
to the tune of a drinking song. Just what our ears tell us...

1847 -- Mexico: The cadets of the Military
School face the American invaders at the
castle of Chapultepec.

"México centellea ante nuestros ojos"
[Mexico sparkles before our eyes]

Among the stones, the
winners plant the stars & stripes,
which rises from the smoke over
the huge valley.

The people, huddled together,
growl. From the roofs, it rains stones.

1848 -- Mexico: Irish of the Battalion of San Patricio
that fought next to the Mexicans against the US invaders
are executed by the gringos.

Even to this day, an Irish person in Mexico will
be told a countless number of times
about the famous 'Irish Martyrs' who defected
from the US Army & gave their lives
trying to save Mexico from US aggression
from 1846-1848.

They brand with hot irons the faces of the Irish
deserters & then hang them from the gallows.

The Irish made theirs the fate, ill fate, of the
Mexicans. Many died defending the Churubusco
monastery without ammunition.

The prisoners, their faces burned, swing
to & fro on the gallows.

— Eduardo Galeano

San Patricio meets Zapata on the way to the
cantina & over a tequila they discuss how
best to be rid of snakes.

1877 -- US: Battle of Canyon Creek, Montana,
in the Nez Perce War, is fought.

1958 -- American immigrant anarchist Rudolf Rocker dies.

1961 -- England: Bertrand Russell, aged 89, & 32 others arrested
for a major demonstration against nuclear weapons in Trafalgar
Square, London.

1962 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
John Kennedy says Soviet arms in Cuba are no threat to the US.

Fairy Tales From Camelot...check back next month when
Jack decides to recast this dull story as an exciting
morality play, as Jack & the Boys discover Niki is up to
no good & everyone begins waving their missiles!

1965 -- Russia: Andrei Sinyavsky & Yuli Daniel are
arrested for writing anti-Soviet fiction.

1971 -- Nixon's paranoia reaches a fever pitch

"Now here's the
point, Bob. Please get
me the names of the
Jews. You know, the
big Jewish
contributors to the
Democrats. Could we
please investigate
some of the

1971 -- One thousand National Guardsmen, State
Troopers, & local police storm New York State's
Attica Prison.

1981 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Secretary
of State Haig says the US has physical evidence of Communist
poison-gas use in SE Asia (a lie). Inspires a later administration
to rework the mantra: "Weapons of Mass Destruction,"
"Saddam=Terrorism," "We Bring the Middle East
Peace & Democracy"...

1992 -- The movie "A River Runs Through It", based on the
Norman Maclean book, opens at the Toronto Film Festival.

"The river was cut by the world's great flood & runs over rocks
from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless

Under the rocks are the words, & some of the words are theirs.
I am haunted by waters."

1994 -- Vatican: Pope John Paul II declares Sarajevo a symbol
of a cruel century. The Catholic Church has intimate knowledge
whereof it speaks.

2002 -- US: Five US citizens arrested near Buffalo, NY
as al-Queda terrorists.

2002 -- US: William Phillips, anti-Stalinist writer, editor, co-founder
of "Partisan Review" dies, New York City.


The poet seeks the truth & anger spins his motion.
He laughs at the great ones spinning out the lies.
& through the unforgiving streets the singer walks
the lonely beat
Raising up his voice & lays his heart out on the line.

The Poet's Cry (song for Phil Ochs)
by Len Wallace


I saw the news this morning
a tower all in in flames
I saw the ones about to die,
I didn't know their names.
I watched the screen in disbelief,
an unbelieving eye.
The questions come into my mind
for who, for what, for why?

Terror is an ugly word
for an ugly hateful hate.
Terror of the madmen
or terror of the State.
Terror from the death squads
or terror from the skies.
No matter where, no matter when
it's the innocents who die.

And the sadness grows, the sadness grows.

— excerpt, SEPTEMBER 11 (music & words by Len Wallace)
This song was written from a sense of sadness & anger with
the events of September 11.

— anti-2001-2001

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