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Daily Bleed 8.23.10

You know...we don't just always post some blah, blah, blah shit on here. Everyone once in a while we have important things to say about the world...and stuff; just not today. So, without further ado...

Between the freeway & the gray conning
   towers of the ballpark, miles
   of mostly vacant lots, once
   a neighborhood of small
   two-storey houses

   — Philip Levine, excerpt,
       A Walk with Tom Jefferson

Daily Bleed in full:



 Ridiculous speeches, feasting & dancing.


 1500 -- Christopher Columbus, accused of mistreating the
 natives of Haiti, is arrested & sent back to Spain in chains.

     Plunder continued to take precedence over
     conversion, but the Catholics continued to
     be embarrassed...

     — Fredy Perlman,
         The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism

 1757 -- England: The first riot against the Militia Act occurs at
 Washingborough, Lincs, from where it spreads rapidly to Beds
 & Notts. Waste Nott, Want Nott...Very, Very Kinky stuff...

 1799 -- William Blake writes to John Trusler: "You say that I want
 somebody to elucidate my ideas. But you ought to know that what is
 grand is necessarily obscure to weak men."

 1871 -- Germany: Alfred Sanftleben (aka "Slovak") lives.
 Militant anarchist.

 1900 -- Folk, protest singer Malvina Reynolds lives... Was refused her
 diploma by Lowell High School because her parents were opposed to
 US participation in World War I.

 1901 -- Boer prisoners are executed, in the movie "Breaker Morant."
Anglo-Australian folk hero, Morant — horseman, drover & poet — was
court martialed & executed in South Africa in 1902. Scapegoat of the
British Empire, subject of numerous poems, novels & histories.

 1903 -- Muhammad Yamin lives. Indonesian writer & politician,
 member of the leftist Murba Party. One of the pioneers of modern
 poetry in Indonesia.

 1907 -- The arrest of Mexican anarchists Ricardo Flores
 Magon, Villarreal & Rivera by US  authorities...

 1911 -- Ishi — last member of his stone-age
 tribe — discovered in California.
 1916 -- Germany: Military court in Berlin
 sentences Marxist Karl Liebknecht to four years.

 1917 -- Riot occurs in Houston, Texass, when the 24th Infantry
 seeks revenge on the city's white police after the brutal beating
 of two of the regiment's soldiers.

 1918 -- Mollie Steimer arrested for distributing leaflets against
 the landing of American troops in  Soviet Russia...
       The Abrams case, as it became known, constitutes a
       landmark in  the repression of civil liberties in the US.
       It was the first important prosecution under the Espionage
       Act. It is cited in all standard histories, as one of the
       most flagrant violations of constitutional rights
       during the Red Scare

 1927 -- Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Italian-born
 anarchist labor militants, executed in the electric chair.

        Judge Webster Thayer, during the
        Sacco-Vanzetti trial, was heard to boast while
        playing golf,

        "Did you see what I did to those anarchistic bastards?"

 They are subjects of many songs, poems & books.

 1932: US: The Seattle Library Board, all fired up, fires married women.
 1933 -- US: Vigilantes, patriots all, assault 200 migrant workers
 in Yakima, Washington.

 1936 -- Thomas Mann completes his novel Joseph in Egypt.

 1939 -- Germany/USSR: Pen Pals?: Hitler-Napoleon Non-Aggression
 Pact signed in preparation for Germany's September visit to Poland.

 1943 -- US: Workers strike the Brewster fighter plant at Warminster, Pa.
 for four days. The head of the local union is quoted as saying,

      "If I had brothers at the front line who needed the 10 or 12 planes
      that were sacrificed in the strike, I'd let them die... to preserve
      our way of life".

 1946 -- Humphrey Bogart movie "The Big Sleep" opens.
 Based on the novel of the same name by Raymond Chandler.

 1946 -- US: Three white men are fined $10 in Collins, Miss. for
 the attempted rape of  three young black women at gunpoint.

 1958 -- Shell Game?:  Communist China begins an artillery blockade
 of Quemoy (-Sept.). A compromise is subsequently worked out, whereby
 China can shell the islands on odd dates & the KMT can resupply them
 on even dates.

 1962 -- US: JFK's administration approves a
 massive sabotage effort against Cuba.

 1968 -- Yippies sponsor the "Festival of Life" at the Democratic
 Convention & get national headlines by nominating Pigasus the Pig
 for President.

 1974 -- John Lennon reports seeing a UFO in NYC.
                             Just another day in the Big Apple...

 1977 -- US: Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis proclaims
 "Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti Day" on the 50th anniversary
 of their death.

 1977 -- Germany: Marxist philosopher Rudolf Bahro
 is imprisoned in East Germany.

      Released in 1979, went to West Germany, aligned with "Deep
      Ecology" & Green Party movements, calling for  new synthesis
      of a revolutionary cultural movement to dismantle the industrial
      system (the "exterminist megamachine") & reconstruct human
      society & cultural reproduction on a communitarian basis.

      Called an "ecoanarchist theorist", Bahro's vision was extra-
      parliamentary,  that is, Greens should focus their organizing
      outside of parliament.

 1989 -- R.D. Laing, radical anti-psychiatrist, dies.

 1996 -- 'Today the net worth of the world's 358 richest people is
 equal to the combined income of the poorest 45 per cent of the
 world's population — 2.3 billion people.'

     — James Gustave Speth, administrator UN Development Programme
 1998 -- US: Seattle Hempfest; includes Artis the Spoonman.
 An estimated 35,000 people, according to the Seattle Police
 Department, came to Myrtle Edwards Park to display their
 affection for the popular garden weed.

 2001 -- US: French Toast? Thierry Devaux, a Frenchman
 using a motor-driven parachute, is arrested after becoming
 snagged on the Statue of Liberty.
2009 -- US: Seattle's Morningtown Pizza & Subs 40th Anniversary picnic,
Carkeek Park, all day long. Who brought the pizza oven?

 — anti-45% 2010

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