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Daily Bleed for August 21st

How well they flew together side by side
    the Stars & Stripes my red & white & blue
    & my Black Flag the sovereignty of no
    man or law!

          — Paul Goodman, in Noam Chomsky,
               For Reasons of State

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"Warhellrider," "Joyrider." Rock musician & outsider artist.

Ath, Belgium: FESTIVAL OF GOLIATH. Parade of giants.


1621 -- Roll Your Own?: One widow & eleven maidens consigned
to the Virginia colony are ordered to be sold at the rate of 120
pounds of tobacco for each.

       Secondhand smoke is not a problem.
       If children don't like to be in a smoky room, they'll
       leave. (As for infants,) ... at some point, they crawl.

       — Charles Harper, chairman, RJR Tobacco Company

1680 -- New World: Spanish survivors of the Pueblo
Indian revolt abandon Santa Fe, flee to El Paso, leaving to native
peoples an area that will become known as New Mexico.

        "All around, blood soaked the
             yellowing sandstone"

1752 -- France: Jacques Roux (1752-1794) lives

            "So you would use us for bumfodder?
                   Not for Long!"

           — Address of the Sansculottes of the
            Rue Mouffetard to  the Convention,
            9 December  1792

1851 -- US: New Orleans mob sacks the Spanish consulate when
word comes that 51 Americans who set out from the city to 'liberate'
Cuba were captured & executed. The Spanish consul is forced to
seek protection in the city jail.

1888 -- William S. Burroughs awarded patent for adding machine.

1893 -- Emma Goldman again leads a march of a 1,000 people to
Union Square, where...she repeats her belief that workers have
a right to take bread if they are hungry...

1894 -- US: Emma Goldman speaks on "The Right of Free Speech",
in the land of the free, at a mass meeting called by the American Labor
Union in Newark.

                Emma always kept a book with her
                so she'd have something to read in jail.

1904 -- US: William "Count" Basie lives.
One of the most influential forces in jazz.

1913 -- Ireland: Nearly 200 men & boys in the parcels office
of the Tramway Company receive the following notice:

    "As the directors understand that you are a member
    of the Irish Transport Union, whose methods are
    disorganising the trade & business of the city, they
    do not further require your services..."

1927 -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis refuses to hear
request for stay of execution in the case of the anarchists
Sacco & Vanzetti...

1930 -- Goliardo Fiaschi (1930-2000), Italian anti-fascist &
anarchist guerrilla in Spain, bookstore owner, lives.

1935 --  Czechoslovakia: German writer Heinrich Mann becomes
a citizen. Attacks on militarism, nationalism, & the authoritarian
social structure of German society, led to his exile in 1933 by the
Nazis. His younger brother, novelist Thomas, was also forced to flee.

1941 --  Bette Davis movie "The Little Foxes", based on Lillian
Hellman's play involving the corrupt machinations of a wealthy
Southern family, opens, NY.

        Lillian was a brusque & abrasive babe, & she had her
        haters & her admirers. Among her admirers was J. Edgar
        Hoover & his FBI, witch-hunting congressional committees,
        the army, State Department & CIA who maintained files on

        Her FBI file notes that she was a sponsor of a dastardly
        group: the League of Women Shoppers!

1944 -- France: Over 4,000 Spaniards take part in the Maquis
uprising in Paris that begins today.

   Many of these were veterans of the 26th Division
   (Durruti Column) who had entered the French
   army from the prison camps in 1939 & gone on
   to fight in North Africa.

1944 -- France: Eugène Dieudonne (1884-1944) dies.
Individualist, illegalist anarchist & member of the Bonnot Gang.

1961 --  First US edition of Thomas Mann's
The Story of  a Novel is published by Knopf.

1965 -- Anti-Vietnam war protesters stage a sit-in in Vancouver, B.C.

1967 --  Greece: Mikis Theodorakis, poet, & its greatest living
composer is arrested. Jailed, banished to Zatouna. Arrested
numerous times during & since WWII by right wing governments,
& beaten & tortured, this is not a new experience.

1968 -- US: Dean Johnson, shot dead by Chicago police.

   You will remember Chicago: city that does not know it has been
   described by Norman Mailer
   slag city, city dropped on the Middle West like a stone
   in the armpit of dying Lake Michigan
   on the plains of darkest America...

               — excerpt, Todd Gitlin, Chicago: Remember?

1971 -- Black liberation activist George Jackson, 29, & five
others are assassinated by prison guards.

   Daily Bleed Saint 2005-2008
   Prison organizer, Black Panther Party Field Marshal Martyr.

1976 --  France(?): The First French-European Punk Rock
Festival, without the Sex Pistols, who are not invited.

1989 --  Czechoslovakia: Police beat & arrest protesters
for the crime of shouting "Freedom!".

1991 -- Russia: Mass demonstrations overcome
attempted coup, Moscow.

              American rightwingers believe the overthrow of
              the communist regime is a Commie Trick.

1998 -- Korea: Second East Asia Peace & Human Rights Academic
Conference held in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the
Cheju April 3rd Massacre

   The conference tries to bring world attention to the horrific
   genocide of 30,000 innocent civilians (1948-949), by the South
   Korean army, police, & the US military.

   Some crimes are too terrible to be forgotten, especially when a
   self-righteous America wraps itself in it's flag & dares to
   characterize others as evil.

2003 -- Wesley Willis (b.1963) dies. Busker, musician & artist
from Chicago. Gained a sizeable cult following in the 1990s
after releasing several hundred songs of unique but simple music,
with emphasis on his humorous, bizarre, & frequently obscene
lyrics. In addition to his large body of solo work, Willis
fronted the punk rock band the Wesley Willis Fiasco.

2017 -- See You there!: Next total solar eclipse visible from North


             ...the pleasure of killing
            is in danger of being lost from there being little
            or nothing left to kill, & partly, let us hope, from
            a dim glimmering recognition of the rights of
            animals & their kinship to ourselves.

               — John Muir (1838-1914),
               pacifist, tramp, farmer, poet


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